Sadly, Obama Did NOT Break Any Laws Today

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again

Or, Making Sense Out Of The Mess We Call Obamacare

There is a lot to consider regarding today’s events surrounding the mess that has come to be known as Obamacare.  This post will not be short, and it will assume you have read my previous posts about this subject.  Even then, this is one of those issues where many of the threads in the tapestry come together, so it is not easy to make sense out of what appears to be nothing but a mess.  However, if you will give me your time, I believe I can offer some thoughts that might help you see things a bit more clearly.

This ‘mess’ is not as much a mess as you might think – at least, not if you are a Progressive whose goal is to destroy constitutional constraints, consolidate power under the executive and seize control over every aspect of the ordinary American’s life.  If that is who you are and this is your goal, Obamacare is right on track:

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12 thoughts on “Sadly, Obama Did NOT Break Any Laws Today

  1. ***I am going to post TWO Paragraphs from Joe’s Longer piece Because I think it should be *Front and Center*……and Frankly should be Discussed, passed then on by You the reader to others…and then RE-Discussed with friends and Family ( Maybe like Levin Says) at Thanksgiving !***

    “…Do you remember when Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to find out what was in the bill? That was because most of the bill had not been written! It simply said the head of the new Obamacare Agency would decide what regulations (read that laws) would be necessary to do whatever they wanted to do. And, since Health and Human Resources falls under the control of the President, Obama can dictate that Sebelius do whatever he tells her to do. In short, Congress signed away its authority to the Executive branch. So, if we are going to be honest with ourselves, Obama is doing exactly what Congress gave him the authority to do. He is also doing exactly what the bill was designed to do: destroying the health care industry while seizing control of every aspect of your life….”

    “…6 – You lose your 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendment Rights under Obamacare. Remember, religion has been mentioned as a sign of mental disorder; guns are dangerous to others and will have to be controlled to protect their health and reduce govt. cost associated with gunshot wounds; you have given your private information to the health care system “willingly,” which means the rest of the govt. no longer needs a warrant to obtain it; and you have also surrendered your right not to testify against yourself as – once again – you have “willingly” given the govt. your personal info and DNA – which the govt. is trying to claim they own!….”

      • Mark Levin and others had talked about the Slow drift through-out our History towards Central Gov’t Control.

        Maybe I will comment on this with some examples here later. But Both you and Joe are correct. How can that Be ? Because Don said so that’s how… :- )) .

        But seriously….. Joe is correct because that IS exactly what this ObamaCare Scam Law says…, “..To be Determined by the Secretary( HHS)…” ….which is a Apointment by the Executive. Which incidently MAY BE why the GOP RINOs have seemed to NOT WANT to Defund and really get rid of the Bill….because THEY will get to appoint that Secretary at some time and thus get to pass legislation OUTSIDE the Congress that (1) Let’s them take even MORE rights away from Citizens and (2) allows them and their Big Money supporters Profit……all By Executive action !!

        You are correct becvause the Law was Passed in very sleazy underhanded manor….didn’t originate in the House, Harry Reid used a proceedure NOT supposed to be used to pass major legislation(in order to Bypass the Election of Scott Brown in Mass) and was passed as NOT a Tax….then Changed by John Roberts pretty much illegally ( because if it was DEEMED a Tax it should have gone back to the House). And you are correct because the whole Tenor of the Legisklative Process have DEVOLVED into a lawless process which daily opperates to in fact Go around the Consritution….to Undermine it !!

  2. Everyone correct here… The problem I have, (you have to consider that NOTONE Republican politician voted for ObamaCare), is that the AMERICAN VOTER, voted these despicable democrats into office thinking that they (the voters), would punish the Republicans for the acts of President Bush and the Republican Congress.

    “It Really Doesn’t Matter” what lies and despicable acts the democrats present to the American Public, the VOTERS are still responsible for the degenerate politicians they elect.

    Joe has posted the crimes and deplorable actions of our current elected politicians. It’s time for US (WE THE PEOPLE) to remove (vote out) the current rotten bunch, democrats and republicans, who have constructed this current abominable government by returning them to their cozy warm seats year after year!

    • Absolutely ED…!

      And remember Only approx 66 million voted for Obama…..and approx 62 million voted for Romney….that’s out of a Population of over 320 Million. So only about 25 % voted FOR Obama !!

  3. Joe, Another thought.

    In the past Insurance Regulation has been the sole purview of the Sovereign States. Obamacare/Deathcare wrested that Tenth Amendment State Power from the Sovereign States by deeming that it was the central planners power. If that is the case then why can the State Insurance Commissioner declare that these inferior policies can be sold within the states for the next year. I thought they (the once Sovereign States)no longer had that power. And yes i know that Federal Law is supposed to supersede State Law. But our central planners have just given that power back to the States, it appears.

    • Triper57,

      The States have sold themselves to the Feds. They will do as they are told because they can’t live without the federal money. Sad, but that’s how it is. The rest is all showboating for election.

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