The Entitlement Mentality: How We Got Here, How We Get Out Of Here

TRUTH: The Fatal Flaw In The Notion Of ‘Fairness/Equality’ (Marxism)

An Entitlement Mentality Leads To Poverty And Serfdom/Slavery

 Our society has developed an entitlement mentality: we feel we are ‘owed’ something simply because we exist.  This sense of entitlement is the result of decades of deliberately implemented policy by people who have embraced the Marxist ideal.  They have been trying to change our society, our culture.  They call this process of directed change ‘social engineering.’ The goal is to create the ‘ideal’ society by making citizens who will embrace their ideas for how we should all live.  Sadly, these people have been wildly successful in their efforts, but there is still hope.  The lamp of liberty has not yet been extinguished, as is evidenced in this video:

You Will Probably Want to See This Video of a Millennial Blasting His Generation for Their ‘Entitlement Mindset’

A young conservative pundit released a video on Sunday aimed at challenging what he says is the “entitlement mindset of millennials.”

Read/watch the rest here…

26 thoughts on “The Entitlement Mentality: How We Got Here, How We Get Out Of Here

  1. This a Great and Timely Post !

    But I’m going to veer slightly. There is No Doubt this entitlement mentality is what has supported the Liberal Democrats and RINO Progressives for much the last 40 years, and as a result has brought the USA to the Brink of collapse. Both a Financial Collapse and a Collapse of our very Poilitical Soul and being !

    But also vitally important is that this “Entitlement Mentality” is encapsulated within the current Absolute Fraud in the White-House…..Obama epitomizes it !. And his speech today has pushed me over into the Camp that believes he should be impeached for this Obamacare Scam, for his blatant knowing Lies before the passage of ObamaCare and his continued Lying.

    • Don,

      I believe he believes this stuff, or that he can make us believe it. Either way, this means he is mentally incompetent (clinically — for real). It’s just that no one wants to admit it.

  2. Good post Joe, and I do not wish to be the Debbi-Downer, but the problem with the Free Sh*t Army is that you are the squirrel so saved a nut, and they are the herd of squirrels who is going to take your nut .. by force, if necessary, and it likely will be one day. No resource is limitless.

    The Free Sh*t Army at their core cares very little about faith.

    • I rather think the course favors the model of China or Cuba …. that is the “Stuff” usually ends up in the Hands of a very few at the Top….the Political Oligarchy. In other words a 20th and 21st Century Aristocracy.

      THIS is what the Washington Elite are after and have been after for 100 Years…… Both The Soros / Obama camp and the McCain (and ad nauseum) RINO camp as well.

      • Don,

        In practice, all socialist/communist/progressive/ etc utopias are nothing more than a lie to convince people to pay to enslave themselves for the promise of getting something from someone else. Any way you shake things out, the people peddling the “free stuff” ALWAYS end up ruling over those with their hands out — as well as those who have to be enslaved to pay for the free goodies.

        It’s all evil — period!

    • Fascisti,

      I saw. I also saw she wants to make the minimum wage $15. This will only increase unemployment, which leads to more demand for more govt. hand-outs. The cycle — once started — can only be broken when the society crashes and purges itself of those who held the collectivist ideology.

  3. Exactly, Joe. Anti-$15-an-hour advocates are already filing lawsuits against Sea-Tac (SE Seattle), and she hasn’t even been elected yet! Her supporters claim that the increase is rooted in solid “math, logic, and economics”. I have yet to see any substantial evidence to those claims. Just mere ideology. A logical thinker would easily see the faulty reasoning in their rhetoric.

    • Fascisti,

      The best thing that could happen to CA is for Atlas to shrug. Those who own small businesses should quit and go on welfare — or better yet, move to Texas and other States where they still value the entrepreneur. The only thing is, we have to post armed militias at the border to shoot those who try to follow when their slaves leave and they realize there’s no more ‘free stuff.’

  4. Joe, doesn’t it appear as if our entitlement thinking friends paradoxically want to enjoy all of the freedoms and benefits of our constitutional principles, while trying to maintain a collectivist hive-mind? It seems to like we are being “philosophically” ripped off right in front of our own eyes by original ideas that usher in progress, when in reality those ideas are perversions of original liberty based principles. Forgive my ambiguity, I’m trying to speak as generally as possible as to include the entire breadth of collectivist thought from it’s inception to now.

    • Fascisti,

      I understand what you are trying to say. To me, in my mind, it is the essence of original sin. Man is still trying to remake God’s creation to suit his desires rather than learning to accept it and learn to live within it; according to His rules. But then, that’s just the way I understand it. Others will no doubt hold a different opinion/understanding.

      • Joe, that theory would definitely fall right in line with the popular Nietzschean superhuman amongst socialist “thinkers”. I’ll agree with the original sin explanation!

    • It was A manifesto….a platform if you will of the Ilatian Fascist party circa 1920 or 1921, I don’t remember which year.
      I thought your Avatar Name was referencing that.

      To your point….there is some truth in what you are driving at…… The Kommies / socialist /Progressives view what we call “We the People” as “the masses.”…..they of course discriminate by labeling the “masses” into subclasses…..the better to divide and control.

      But you are right, There is a huge difference between democracy with a lower case “d” and with a Capital “D”. I think you are getting at this…..and most especially at the warping of the very Term “Liberty”. In other wards the American Liberty movement was Freeing “We the People” from Central Gov’t Control and Tyranny to a system which allowed “We the People” to live according to Natural Laws…..and thence go forward creating a society based on this, whose -achievements of the individuals within that Society would live as a Testament to Liberty based on Natural Rights.

      Whereas to the Progressive Collectivist ….. Liberty to them is used as a term defining CONSTANT freeing of the Masses from any and everything EXCEPT Central Gov’t……… This has taken the form of a Constant neverending battle against Traditions and Institutions such as Private Education, Private Business and Religion which are portrayed as “Oppresive”. Thus the need to “Liberate” the masses from their influence.

      • Don,

        They need that struggle. It is “the moral equivalent to war.” It is the lie they use to convince the people to willingly ‘sacrifice.’ Without something to fight, the collectivist cannot exist.

        I wonder if this is why Christ told us to love each other — even our enemies? 😉

        • Yes I agree …………. AFTER he pushed the Money Changers from the Temple !

          They are Bookends to keeping the “heart” on the right path …. walking “in the Way”.

      • Fascisti ….. that should be ITALIAN Fascist Party…..not IIatian…… too much Grappa taken on apparently… :- )) .

        • Don, forgive my ignorance! I should have known the name of that manifesto!

          My choosing this username was out of satire towards FDR! The image is the blue eagle, which was FDRs equivalent of Obama’s logo. It was a symbol of war-time socialism and ultimately a symbol of moral war equivalence, which Joe previously mentioned.

  5. I heard on the radio this morning that if a person searches the internet for ALL the freebie govt programs and signs up for them all……….. they will get more money monthly than a minimum wage employee working 40 hrs./week will get. Once this word makes the rounds thru the “entitlement mentality” crowd, it will become impossible to hire anyone at the min. wage.

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