The Giddy Days of Hopenchange

Ahhhh, the giddy days of Hopenchange. The seas stopped rising, the globe stopped warming, the world loved us again and we were a post-racial society free to speak truth to power and talk about stuff with Oprah without worrying whether we were black, brown or white.

We were the one’s we were waiting for.

Good times, good times…

16 thoughts on “The Giddy Days of Hopenchange

  1. Oprah…..the Uber-Liberal talking about how People “Have to Die”….

    Notice it is ALWAYS Socialists….Liberals…..who are Fascists…..who call for other People’s Deaths….

    Big Gov’t Liberals/Facsists/ Socialists…….. Always Violent…..alwayscalling for the Death of those who differ from them.

  2. How Oprah could make zillions of dollars and still be so stupid is amazing. She said that there are places where black people are still terrorized…………. I would say that there are easily just as many if not more places where white people are terrorized. I travel a lot and I continually find areas in big cities where I figure it would be very likely that I would be killed or I would have to kill some black gangster in order to make it out of the area. She is a typical liberal idiot that doesn’t have a clue what is happening in America.

  3. Here’s some Homies obviously inspired by Oprah and Holder and Obama’s racebaiting.

    The Press is complicit by calling obvious deadly assault a Game……. The snickering guy at the begininng and end say it all.

    • Don: If you haven’t encountered WHITE GIRL BLEED A LOT, you may want to peruse it for insight into this disturbing trend. Black-on-White mob violence has been an accelerating trend in this country for the last five years. WGBAL documents incident after incident of Black gangs preying on White individuals and couples, never one-on-one or group-on-group, and does so with a disgusting series of video that can be accessed from bar codes in the book. The Black mob violence has been heavily suppressed by the Holder-mob and the complicit national media, but it is real and it is growing. In my view the effort to create laws violating the 2nd Amendment has been an effort to reduce Americans’ ability to defend ourselves against the predators now roaming freely in our nation. So has the prosecution of citizens who have legally defended themselves against attacks by these sub-humans. I’ve had my own occasional encounters on the subway in NY, but as these predators prey on the weakest and most vulnerable, I now stand on subway trains and that seems to reduce my appeal as a target. Unfortunately, most women and men are not 6’4″ and 240-lbs, and no one should have to live with this kind of fear whatever their size or ability to defend themselves. But I don’t expect to see this issue in the national media anytime soon, since I view it as a systematic attempt to reduce American citizens from the independent, self reliant people that is our history to the government-dependent sheep that now inhabit much of Europe. I don’t yet know what to do about this issue, other than to deal with it on a personal level, but recognition of the problem is a necessary first step. CDE

      • Thanks Charles,

        I’ve seen it referenced but have looked directly at it. I have been following the National Trend of (1) Black on White…Black on Hispanic Crime……and (2) the Main Stream Press’s complicity in egging on this violence….for instance calling Deadly assault, and intent to harm/Murder….a “Game”…….But calling Self-defence against it …”racism”.

        It appears Lev Bronstein’s 1928 call to foment racial violence against whites as a Political Tactic is in full sway by the Media and their owners….and the Obama Administration.

        • Perhaps a way to deal with it might be….Organizing locally, in Cities by groups who document and then coordinate with others Nationally…..then a public display to Politicians asking why this National Trend is being ignored.

          • That was a very disturbing video, Don. I suppose what is frightening to me is that these “knockouts” come out of left field. I carry the stun thingy, but I would’ve been taken down because I would not have expected someone to attack me for no reason. I don’t understand why these boys don’t just take up boxing…..These shenanigans won’t end well. The time will come when the bully is bagged….

        • Don…WGBA is a book well worth reading in the hard copy version. Embedded in the text are links to video clips documenting each of the multiple incidents of Black mob violence against Whites and Hispanics all around the US since 2008. The story, and its suppression by the Obama Administration and the sycophantic American media, is incredible its its violence and its blatant racism. Given the Holder DOJ’s unwillingness to defend the most basic civil rights of White and Hispanic American citizens, the recent Articles of Impeachment passed by the House of Representatives against Mr. Holder should be pursued with all possible alacrity. Eric Holder has disqualified himself to hold the office of Attorney General of the US due to his failure to enforce the basic civil rights protections of the US Constitution for specific, racially defined groups within our nation. It is not unfair to view Eric Holder as the Bull Conor of the Obama Administration. Enough with these racist bastards. CDE

  4. All I can say Kells……………..Concealed carry and keep your hands on it if you think there is any chance this could happen. Several women I know have bought the bra holster and can have a weapon in there hands in way less than 2 seconds.
    “The time will come when the bully is bagged….” Do you remember Trayvon Martin, OWEbozo’s son?

    • The stun thingy is perfectly legal to carry in FL. But that video showed this surprise punch from out of left field. I don’t think I would’ve seen that coming. Unlike Charles, I am only 5’5″. I suppose my girth could be somewhat intimidating. Gah! Ya know what would really make a fortune??!! Some really powerful fart spray! Just imagine how you could clear the area of your presence! Dang!! I’m a genius! (Talk about a knockout…..)

        • Kells et al: This situation will need to be addressed systemically, since it is a widespread national problem that is being suppressed by the media, and not addressed by the DOJ. Effectively, mobs of African American young people, men and women, are attacking, beating, torturing, raping and depriving White American citizens of our basic civil rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are the types of Ku Klux Klan crimes that led President Grant to send in Generals Sherman and Sheridan and the US military to restore the basic rights of the newly-freed African American slaves who were being terrorized by the southern Democrats and their friends in the Klan and the White Citizen’s Councils. Today, the Democrats in control of Washington are failing to protect the civil rights of our White citizens, and the scale of the Black mob violence is approaching what happened during Reconstruction in the South. Again, the Democrat Party is trying to conceal the violence being systematically visited on White Americans and is denying the undeniable frequency and severity of these attacks. And again, the American media is cooperating with Obama and Holder to suppress the extent and seriousness of this issue.

          On a personal level, having grown up in Philadelphia when ethnic gangs were quite common, there are a series of common sense behavioral steps that can and should be taken to reduce one’s likelihood of attack. The easiest is constant awareness of one’s surroundings and analyzing on a real-time basis where an attack could come from at any time. I have not walked on the sidewalk of a deserted street since I was 13-years-old, since being trapped between parked cars and a building is a highly vulnerable position. Avoiding empty streets or parking areas generally is also a good idea, since crowds are often a deterrent to violence. Known areas of attacks should also be avoided, since criminals and racially violent mobs prefer to attack in areas they know well. That means coming to terms with the politically incorrect reality that poor, African American neighborhoods are dangerous places where most Whites should never go, and certainly never go without large numbers of companions and for a specific purpose, other than to buy drugs.

          Beyond increasing one’s awareness of one’s surroundings, being able to defend oneself for at least a short time is critical. While it is easy in most areas to obtain basic self defense training, it is unrealistic for most people, and especially for most women, to think it will be possible to resist an attack from more than one assailant without a weapon. It is always important to defend oneself, however, since the current gangs are not interested in robbing their victims, but rather in destroying them, and begging for mercy will not likely work. The Black mob assailants are also not brave or heroic, and strong resistance will likely prove more effective than surrender. The better solution is to be prepared by being armed and able to protect oneself. If I lived in a concealed carry state, both my wife and I would have weapons with take-down power, and we would know how to use them. While nothing can be said with certainty in this area, I think it is quite consistent with the American values of self reliance and personal responsibility, and of course the 2nd Amendment, that American citizens should be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones and that the American government should support us in exercising that right.

          I hope the pattern of Black-on-White mob violence will be dealt with more effectively as the stonewall that has been maintained by the Obama Department of Justice and its media cheerleaders breaks down. In the meantime my intention is to defend myself and my family to the best of my ability. I encourage my RNL friends to consider adopting the same approach. CDE

      • Kells, the teach did see it coming. Watch him cower as the boy crosses another young man to get to that teacher. The female hit from behind … never saw that coming. Hedge your bets as best as you can. Carry.

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