From Our Friend, Vlad

Thank You, President Obama

Republicans have been kind of ridiculous recently. We were crazy to try and defund Obamacare when clearly, it was going to work in every way possible, and contributed to the government shutdown that lasted over two weeks. The time has come to move past all the rancor and partisanship, and it’s time we showed some gratitude to President Obama. So, I’ve compiled a list of some examples of Obama’s leadership for which Republicans – nay, all Americans should be grateful:

You reminded us that we should never believe something that sounds too good to be true, again and again and again and again

You showed us finally and irrefutably that Liberalism is an ideology of hatred, intimidation and ultimately, failure.

You promised that we wouldn’t see a tax increase – not one dime. Well, maybe several thousand dimes

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2 thoughts on “From Our Friend, Vlad

  1. Well stated, but far from comprehensive in enumerating Our dear Leader’s high crimes and misdemeanors. While Obamacare touched the lives and budgets of many previously somnolent Americans, the theft of the 2012 election through the use of government coercion against Obama’s political opponents, may have been the most clever thing that George Soros and Valerie Jarrett have revealed so far. But the creation of a permanent government-dependent underclass that will vote for the Progressives in return for other people’s assets was also quite creative. Sadly, the show is beginning its closing run, as more Americans each day comprehend the extent of the deceit, self-dealing and narcissism that is Barack Hussein Obama, our first truly Manchurian President. CDE

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