Vampire Hunting In The Wake Of Disaster

GLIMMERS OF HOPE: Tornado Victims Threaten Vampire Of Government With Garlic

Big government needs dependency.  That is what it feeds upon.  Without it, big government withers on the vine and dies.  This is why Obamacare was designed to automatically sign people up for government welfare – even to the point of doing it against their will.  If you fall into a preset income category, when you sign up for healthcare, you are automatically enrolled in welfare, too.  This is because Statism has a ravenous appetite, and that appetite can only be fed with more dependency.  Well, according to The Blaze, at least one community that has been devastated by the recent tornados whipped out the garlic and threatened to feed it to the Statist vampire we call big government.

You’ll like this one.  Read the rest here…

One thought on “Vampire Hunting In The Wake Of Disaster

  1. Those really were Hopeful signs of the America I remember seeing some of as a kid. “No more Donations” because regular folks had already stepped up to the Plate and helped…..and turning the unnecessary and intrusive FEMA trucks away !!!

    We can take care of our neighbors and of our community ourselves thank you very much. And we CAN….It just takes making a comittment, and then making a Stand together,

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