Paranoid Conspiracy Dreams, Or Signs Of An Economic Apocalypse?

AGENDAS: Is The Engineered Collapse Of America Finally At Hand?

The Warning Signs That Few Will Even Recognize – Because We Do Not Think Like Marxists

I have been trying to warn people that our monetary system is under attack, and that it is being set up for a fall by people within our own country – even our own government.  I have also tried to illustrate some of the warning signs as well as explain how it might happen.  I am going to try to add to my past work here again, but – this time – I am going to ask you to think like a Marxist revolutionary who is trying to bring about your revolution from within the system you wish to destroy.  So, try to remember everything you know about Marxism, put yourself in a Marxist revolutionary mindset and follow me.

So here you are: a dedicated Marxist looking for a way to destroy Capitalism and the U.S. system so you can rebuild things in the image of your Communist ideal.  But you do not enjoy the open support of the people and, even after decades of campaigning, and with all the help that Russia and other subversive influences could give you, the American people still have not embraced your dreams.  Sadly, you are too few to openly revolt.  So what do you do?  Well, you start by getting inside the system: the schools, the media, the government – especially the courts and the bureaucracies.  Then, you look for a way to destroy the system from the inside.

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8 thoughts on “Paranoid Conspiracy Dreams, Or Signs Of An Economic Apocalypse?

    • As worthless as our paper dollars are, at least there is a minute value in the paper, and the ink that makes them up. Bitcoins … virtual money? Like Farmville tokens?

      I am so sorry Kells, but I’ll pass.

    • Kells,

      Augger is right.
      The value of anything lies in realtion to the preception of the two exchangers of that “something” between them. If both feel that,that “something” has value, then the only thing left is an agreed upon relative value within the specific exchange. In otherwords is the Item or service exchanged worth the amount of “Something” or not…, is the asking Price too high, too low…or fair value.

      BUT ….. in our world the “percieved value” is intimately tied to other potential exchanges outside of the one being bargained for at any time. Because we all exchange that “something” almost instantaneously for something else ( even if saved or invested). So the “something” being exchanged has to have universal value outside of any Two-person exchange. INDEED…the “something” used as a medium of exchange derives much of its value from being *Universally valued*. Currency ( even foriegn currencies) have value because most everyone believes they can be used by anyone and more importantly ACCEPTED by anyone. Foreign Currencies can be converted at exchange rates acceptable by entities outside of any Two-party exchange.

      The same can be said for Money…..Silver, Gold, and money equivalents such as oil.

      The same cannot be said for items such as BitCoin……it is an entity entirely dependent upon the Two-people exchanging….without any universal acceptance as to “Value”. If two people agree that a set of Beenie Babies are sufficient payment for say Painting a house…..that is a legitimate exchange…..BUT….it has no universal value outside of that exchange and so cannot be RE-Exchanged for other Service or goods easily and objectively. Bitcoin is a bit like this. The fact that its Dollar-Value has gone up is a reflection of speculation ( which IS LEGITIMATE ). But that makes it more like a Commodity or Stock….and NOT a Currency. And in fact it doesn’t even have the “safety” of a Stock or Currency because the market is not a universal one…….It’s ( BitCoin’s) value is determined by its own market and not in relation to any exchange mechanism that can be translated into a universally agreed upon value. Thus a $1000 value one day and a $1 value the next are equally valid.

      And this is why Augger is correct.

      • Keep in mind, you silly boys; it also doesn’t have the Fed down it’s back (that’s pretty friggin huge) I mean, do they (Federal Reserve) not control the worth of money?
        I have a girlfriend who wrote an interesting article on the Bitcoin. I shall repost it here if you are curious….

  1. Please do Kells. I am curious if your girlfriend knows who ends up with the real dollars we spend on issued Bitcoins.

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