Bitcoin: An Introductory Post

My girlfriend Crystal writes a bit about the Bitcoin. The The follow-up to this article is just as interesting. Enjoy!

Control the Sheep

As a bitcoin enthusiast, I listen to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast. I’ve learned a lot about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, but by no means am I an expert. I’ve heard about the amazing products and services that people are thinking of, and millions of dollars have been flowing into the bitcoin space, by venture capitalists and those looking to start businesses that cater to this amazing currency. I’ve been meaning to write some blogs about bitcoin for a while, and a couple of people I know have recently wondered what it is, and said they’re confused.

I understand that if you’re not a “techie,” it can quickly become confusing when people who talk or blog about it start using jargon, and perhaps not fully explaining what things are and what they mean. There is also a lot of misconception and misinformation coming from the mass media, so it’s…

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9 thoughts on “Bitcoin: An Introductory Post

  1. Just don’t be the LAST person holding the Bag errrr Bits (Bytes) of “coin”……. and you should do just fine… ;- )) .

            • Crystal and Kells ……. Dolls….Listen, here is a video by Stefan Molyneux that is Pro-BitCoin.

              Just to show you I am not only researching the “silly” aspects of this Phenominum. And those who DO like the BitCoin world will get something from this.

              As Jimi Hendrix is reported to have said…” Knowledge talks, Wisdom Listens”…. So I am also attempting to Listen… :- )).
              Nevertheless Girls…..please becareful and don’t let the “bit” Byte yahs too bad.

              • Sorry….Link didn’t work.

                Go to Video # 4 By Stefan;
                “..The True Value of Bitcoin : What You really need to Know..”.

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