For Kells: Spock Explains Why Morality Is Black & White

TRUTH: Spock Demonstrates That Morality Is ALWAYS Black And White

If You Are Seeing Gray, It Is A Good Sign That You Are On The Wrong Side Of Right

I found this story through a post on The Rio Norte Line: Obamacare and Liberal Cruelty.  Let me start by pointing out that it is not “Liberal” cruelty; it is Collectivist cruelty.  There is a difference, and it is crucial that we understand it and not perpetuate political animosities that might prevent us from reaching the common ground necessary to defeat evil.  That said, the story reminds me of a scene from the Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan:

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12 thoughts on “For Kells: Spock Explains Why Morality Is Black & White

  1. I think you’re absolutely correct about where the cruelty lies …… and especially about the need to “Come together on Common Ground”.

    However the Liberal ideology today is synonomous with Collectivism generally…..and somewht violent Socialist Collectivism in many instances….especialy violence of words…but in actions too. Actions like gangs of Politically Correct “ethnic” groups engaging in the outright assault called by the Press “Knock-out Games”. The press is engaging in a violence of words with this as it did recently with Palin. The “Youth” is engaging in street terrorism by ehgaging in Exactly what there Liberal/Collectivist leaders Obama/ Holder has told them to do…….remember ??……..”Get out there and GET IN THEIR FACES “.

    ObamaCare is the Liberal/Collectivist philosophy of taking from some people by FORCE ( of so-called “law”) and re-distributing it to others…….one of its mechanisms is the IPAB rationing of care , which will lead to real “Get in their Face” deaths. Another mechanism is the FORCED high Insurance payments by the Generation X and Millenials, which will further keep them and the economy from thriving and finally from succeeding….leading ultimately to Collapse and failure.

    The people who VOTE Liberal are the ones who helped this come to pass……Not a single Republican voted for it…..not a single TRUE Conservative voted for it……………. Self-proclaimed Liberals did, Democrats did.

    At this time …. in this Place…. Liberals = Collectivists……… ObamaCare is Liberal Cruelty applied “collectively” to almost all.

    • Don,

      I respectfully disagree with the assertion that Liberal = Collectivist. A Collectivist is a Collectivist (Statist, what have you). Party is not the seat of the Spirit, the Spirit, itself, is. Many of the people you mention are not only in the Republican Party, they call themselves ‘conservative.’ I have tried to explain that for this very reason, and you — among others — have pushed back at me because you cannot see how you — as a conservative — can be at fault for what the Statists in your Party are doing. yet you cling to the Party.

      Well, if you do not see your fault in clinging to the Republican Party, then by what measure do you now accuse the Liberal of being to blame because they cling to the Democrat Party?

      So long as we think in terms of group identity, you are equally to blame as those you call ‘Liberal.’ HOWEVER, once we separate the individuals and address the SPIRIT within their ideology, THEN we can separate blame. But, when we do that, we will find many of these ‘Liberals’ you are attacking are just like you: they do not see themselves as to blame but their Party. And this is the path to finding common ground again.

      At least, this is how I have come to see this aspect of our problem. :*)

      • Joe,
        I have recently created my own word for the collectivist Democrats, calling them MARXICRATS, to differentiate them from the old school Democrats one encounters day to day in this part of the country. So in my lexicon we have Democrats, Marxicrats, Republicrats, old school Republicans (a dying breed) , Tea party type (wide brush -sorry )and libertarians and Libertarians.

        There are probably many more subdivisions, but I can’t make myself crazy making lists. This is probably too many divisions, as evidenced by the establishment Republicrats, spending more mony to defeat the Tea Party candidates than they spent to defeat the Marxicrats.
        Please feel free to use the term “Marxicrat (or Marxocrat, as you see fit) at any time, no licensing fees or royalties required.

        • Ralph,

          This is an area where I think Mark Levin can help us simplify things. It is either Liberty or Tyranny. We either conform to the constrained view of man (our nature is fixed by God) or the unconstrained view (man is his own god). And, in the end, both of those boil down to the choice given in Scripture: you either believe in Him…or you do not. And, if you believe in God, then you owe it to others to help them, but never to force them to do anything against their will. Once you start down that path, you have left God and joined hands with Satan.

      • First off I aren’t clinging to the Republican Party……..I have said that clearly here on a number of occasions.

        Second those who support Obama and ObamaCare and the Democrats ARE clinging to the Democrat Party which IS Collectivist….that is what the Democrat Party believes in, what the Base says it wants, and what is the Product of their legislation.
        Unless those who call themselves Democrats and Liberals admit to what they are supporting and reject it America will continue on this path. By not calling a Spade a Spade we do a dis-service and damage to Truth. MANY MANY GOP and Former GOPers have condemmed their party for being Progressivist and for NOT fighting FOR the Constitution. If these people can come to Truth… can “Democrats”. And if they don’t, not calling them what they are serves no practical purpose whatsoever.

  2. I have henceforth this day stopped using the terms collectivist, Marxicrat, liberal, Progressive to identify the Democrat Party because all of the afore mentioned have transmogrified into the Communist Party USA. I consider it fitting and just to propagate this identification, Communist Party USA, in all postings regarding the afore mentioned group.

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