Obamacare and Liberal Cruelty

I hope our kids read this …

No one has the right to sacrifice your life to save someone else’s life. No one has the right to harm your family to help someone else’s family. That’s a bedrock principle in America.

Until Obamacare. The Democrats want a different America. In the new America, you are expendable. Your life, your health, your family’s financial well-being, can be taken away if the government decides that other people’s lives, health and finances will benefit. You do not get to know about the law in advance, so you do not have the option of using your vote to stop it. This is the basic meaning of the transformational change to America that Obama and his Democrat supporters dreamed of. They are upset it hasn’t worked, but they are unrepentant about their vision, their values and their tactics.

Read the rest … Obamacare and Liberal Cruelty by Karin McQuillan


7 thoughts on “Obamacare and Liberal Cruelty

  1. I really dislike rainy days. They are so depressing, not because of the rain, I love the rain. It makes things grow, and keeps my land green; and doesn’t let it burn.{Fire – good, except when it burns my trees-before I cut the dead wood for winter fire in HEARTH}
    Any way; depressing rainy day , because liberal hypocrisy is constantly on display and I am usually too busy to note it. Today, locked in the house by weather- TV on – Hollywierd disply tube – shows about Liberal attitudes all over the place – (they call them Crime Drama or Comedy – or Sitcoms). Watching “BONES” , Anthropologist, female, who is always coldly analytical. Sees death and cruelty all the time, while helping solve crimes with the FBI. Old people, teenagers, infants, all dealt cruel and untimely death, and she stays cool and detached. But, today, some cruel and heartless man shot a tiger, AND SHE COMES UNGLUED at the INHUMANE AND CRUEL act. She rants, and tries to get at this INHUMAN felon.
    Now , I have not watched every episode of this show. I cannot say I’ve even watched most of them, but I have never seen her get emotionally attached to any case, prior to this.
    Hollywood, the media, all see animals as more important than humans. As a result, of this show today , I did a little check, and you can get more jail time for cruelty to animals, than for child molestation in several states.
    LIBERALTHINK…….Kill a baby seal= evil. Killa bay human=Oh, well! Termination of a 28 week pregnancy= not worth mention!

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