Hating Wal-Mart

I don’t normally link to moonbat websites but when I do, Democracy Now provides interesting lunatic fodder:

As Black Friday approaches, Wal-Mart workers and activists are planning another round of protests and strikes at the nation’s largest employer on the biggest shopping day of the year. The Black Friday protests come at a time of heightened scrutiny for the company. It made headlines last week when a photo surfaced online of a sign made by workers at one of its stores in Ohio. The sign was taped to a table and read: “Please Donate Food Items Here, so Associates in Need Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner.” Wal-Mart says the food drive shows the company tries to help its workers. But critics say it reveals the low wages Wal-Mart pays them.

Employment in any economy is tiered and stratified by three things, macroeconomic growth, capability/ability of the individual worker and supply and demand of the worker population. Just as there are different jobs of different value inside a company, there are different jobs of different values (pay) in the external, macroeconomic sense.

A favorite whipping boy of the left is Wal-Mart. They love to note how Wal-Mart can “afford” to pay more without noting how much benefit low income people get from the lower prices that Wal-Mart supplies to the market with mercenary zeal…but the other question they don’t ask is this – why are people not moving on from the lower paying jobs to higher paying jobs in other companies in the national economy

Wal-Mart does not hold their employees as slaves. What they do is to provide 2.2 million full time jobs, the greater percentage of which require the most minimum of skills and as such have the greatest population of workers competing for them. The recession has pushed many higher skilled people into these jobs – but just because you have a Ph.D. in Astrophysics, that does not change the value of the work in the aisles of Wal-Mart. If they are stuck with a career as a shelf stocker, the likelihood is that 1) they are not skilled enough to be in demand or 2) the broader economy is not expanding at a rate fast enough to create jobs.

Wal-Mart is not supposed to create high paying jobs at will or at the command of a gang of Democrat petit communists – that is not the role of an individual company in a national economy, that is the role of the economy itself to create the upward mobility through increased demand. When supply can’t meet demand, prices (wages) rise.

The law of supply and demand is like the law of gravity, it always applies and it always applies to everybody.

The left’s ire at Wal-Mart would be better targeted at the “progressive” Democrat policies rooted in an ideology that crashed our economy by creating a crisis. This being a crisis derived from a communist ideology, one that proposed people should not be prohibited from owning a house simply because they can’t afford one and the ensuing crony capitalist/corporatist/fascist “remedies”. We treated the illness with the same virus that made our economy sick in the first place.

Going after Wal-Mart is like treating a sucking chest wound by applying leeches.

10 thoughts on “Hating Wal-Mart

  1. I actually can’t say that I closely know anyone that continually works at Wal-Mart, but I have a sister-in-law and 2 acquaintances that work at Sam’s. I have heard all 3 say how they LOVE their job and are very satisfied with the amount they make doing it. I have also had a few nieces and nephews that were Wal-Mart workers before they got hooked up in their chosen professions and I never recall them bitching about not getting paid enough for what they did.

    • I’ve got two friends that work there, and they love it. I have grown to love the Wal-Mart because of its pricing. The only dangers at the Wal-Mart are the demolition-derby riding shoppers.

      From what I understand, Wal-Mart did not pass Go and collect $200. (In other words, they are not exempt from Obamacare.) As a result, it appears many have had to find work that covers their insurance. This I heard by word of mouth, so I don’t know if that’s true. I wouldn’t be surprised. Hobby Lobby’s still battling in court……

  2. I know two people who work at Walmart. Both are, or were, correctional officer sergeants. Both went to work at Walmart part-time, one some twenty years ago when they opened their first store in Marianna, and one 3 or 4 years ago. The first sergeant, the one who had been there 20 yrs part-time, had 25 yrs with the state and simply got tired of DOCs BS. He cashed out his state retirement and went to work for Walmart full time. The other is also now a correctional officer sergeant. She told me two days ago that she is about to cash her state retirement and go to work for Walmart full time as well. They both had rather work at Walmart than the state.

  3. Good Article !
    I don’t hate Wal-Mart at ALL !

    ( I do hate their parking sometimes though….that’s OK right ? )

  4. The move against Wal Mart is driven by one group – the unions. Those same unions could care less about the Wal Mart worker, all they care about is collecting union dues so the union brass can live high on the hog. For years I managed supermarkets in the northeast, and we were a non union company. Every new store we opened would be met with UFCW picketers that would stay for months, even years. The funny thing was, the picketers were not members of the union, only mimimum wage people hired to stand in front of our stores with signs. It was comical to watch these same picketers lay their signs down at the end of their shift to come inside to shop our store. Unions are the downfall of this country. They had a time when they were useful, now they are just there to stuff the pockets of the leaders and to provide muscle and money to the democrat party.

    • ^ this cracked me up, NCO! I envisioned some fella bitchin and moanin whilst carryin a sign……… until he glances at his watch. It’s then that he lays down his sign and says, “Scuse me, boys; I’ve gotta shop!”

      • Kells,

        Back at the height of the Fauxccupy Wall Street movement, I was sitting in a local Starbucks doing some reading; which was attached to the outer part of a large mall complex. Not too long after I had gotten there. A small group of people attempted to launch Occupy Bellevue (the suburb of Seattle that I live in). The gathering lasted about two hours. After generating no energy and the group not growing at all, they all came inside and lined up at the counter to order drinks! It was a comic event! Your story reminded me of that whole ordeal.

  5. So … as I read this Democracy Now article, They want to protest a Corporation that hires millions of workers, at positions that require little more than the ability to breathe, and find your way to the store; because they don’t pay them as if they were MBA grads. Have I read this correctly, or are my glasses fogged because the Marxicrats have set my hair on fire….once again?
    I have recently had to install a fire extinguisher beside the computer , to put myself out after reading this %^&*.
    That is in addition to already dunking my head in a bucket of cold water, and wrapping a (Wal-Mart) plastic bag around my head and sealing it with duct tape, before logging on.

  6. Interesting but related story. Beck explained the origins of the term “Black Friday” today. It seems the police in Philadelphia tried to use the term back in the day — in connection to Black whatever day from the stock market crash. The idea was to get people NOT to go out and shop on the day after Thanksgiving because of all the crime and other trouble connected to that day in their city. The cops thought that, by using a term connected with such a traumatic period in our history and so close to the memory of the time, they could get people to stay home. Just more word games designed to influence the sheeple…

    How ironic that workers now protest something that was named in a way designed to stop the rush to shop — especially since it was also a Progressive — FDR — who started the shopping craze for the holidays. You see, before FDR, Thanksgiving was a time of work and fasting. It also came earlier in the month. But FDR moved it so business could have more time to sell and — hopefully — that would help us recover from the depression. For a time, the press called the original, reserved Thanksgiving the “Republican Thanksgiving,” and the feasting and buying was called the “Democrat Thanksgiving.”

    My, my what we learn when we learn the history that has been kept and even taken from us 🙂

    How FDR Tried to Change Thanksgiving

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