Nelson Mandela Was No Saint

Mandela has another legacy.

“It’s a tragedy what is happening, what Bush is doing. All Bush wants is Iraqi oil. There is no doubt that the U.S. is behaving badly. Why are they not seeking to confiscate weapons of mass destruction from their ally Israel? This is just an excuse to get Iraq’s oil. . . .

“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.”

– Nelson Mandela, Jan. 30, 2003

Stacy McCain notes that the left still believes in fairy tales:

“History is distorted beyond recognition because liberals insist that their heroes must be everyone’s heroes, and many conservatives are so intimidated by the enormous prestige of liberalism that it takes a stern contempt for mere popularity to speak unpleasant truths…

Ah, ancient history. There’s no one under 40 who really remembers the Cold War and the era of those Third World “wars of national liberation” in places like Algeria, Cuba and Vietnam. Locked into a worldwide battle for survival against communist aggression — the “long twilight struggle,” as John F. Kennedy called it — the United States supported or opposed foreign governments with a single-minded view toward defeating the Soviet menace. Under the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower, the CIA masterminded coups in Iran (1953) and Guatemala (1954), while under Kennedy, we attempted to overthrow Castro in 1961 and supported the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem in 1963. Various other such adventures, less noted in history, were undertaken in many countries — hell, Greece nearly went Red after World War II — and if U.S. foreign policy was not defined by “unspeakable atrocities,” it was certainly not always a peaceful or pleasant business.”

More on Mandela’s violent history here.

Mandela did work with F. W. de Klerk to end apartheid but his legacy is not as pure as what the world media would have you believe.

34 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela Was No Saint

  1. Nelson Mandela was not a saint he was a man. A man prepared to die for what he believed in. After 27 years behind bars he walked out and he did not call for vengeance, he called for forgiveness. Can you say the same?

    • Well, I’ve never spent 27 years in prison after being convicted of terrorism. Sure, Mandela was a man, a careful man who was able to make the transition from terrorist to leader – but that still does not change the fact that he was a committed man of the left and that terrible atrocities were committed in his name. Are you at all familiar with the term “Soweto Necklace”? That was the fun time that the ANC used to have when they forced a tire over the head/torso of an unwitting victim, dowsed it in kerosene and ignited it. A man can repent of his sins but that does not remove them from his history.

      • That was not only the ANC. Our police would go into the townships and kangaroo court justice was de rigeur. If you want to weigh up atrocities why not list those committed by the National Party government? The fact is you sit in Texas or wherever and I have lived through Apartheid. This is MY country, MY people and MY leader – so walk a mile in our shoes before you pass judgement. Nelson Mandela is no saint but he is the greatest leader we have ever had. He has not been dead 24 hours and instead of looking at what he accomplished you turn to hate. I have a sneaky suspicion this is not about Mandela at all, but about racism. If that’s the case it is not Mandela’s legacy in question at all.

        • Then you are an idiot to refuse to understand the history of your own country. Do you deny the violence that was conducted by the ANC all the way through the 90’s?

          Mandela had a history before he became president of your country. That is what is being “whitewashed” today. The fact that the majority white SA government treated him in a brutal way does not erase those facts.

          Apartheid was evil – but so was placing a tire around a person’s neck and setting it on fire.

          The first refuge of a moron is to accuse another of racism. You don’t know me, what I know or where I have been but none of that changes what the ANC did in Mandela’s name.

        • Nelson Mandela used and advocated Violence. He went to the Soviet Union for arms. He was a Marxist to the End. He was friends with Yassr Arafat.

          It’s True he later advocated for democracy ( with little d) and for government staying within the Constitution they wrote. He and de Klerk came to agreements and worked together to end Aparthied.

          BUT….He ALWAYS supported the Party ( ANC) which effectively gave license for the Marxists to take over….and his prior legacy of Violence has given license for the Blacks in South Africa to engage in hooendous murder that is ongoing and increasing. South Africa effectively sanctions Murder, Rape and theft of the Minority Population ( Whites) by the Majority ( Blacks)….. there is also vastly increased Tribal violence now.

          SA is a statist Marxist country with a Gov’t that acts like Obama administration on Steriods. Today the Democrats act exactly like Mandela did in later years….give lip service to the Constitution but support the “Party” and its members first and foremost.

          South Africa today is a complete shambles …… THIS is the true legacy of Mandela…..the Proof is in the condition of the country today and the rampant RACISM that is perpetrated evry day there by Blacks against whites.

      • Utah,

        Here is a Short video of Peter Hammond who met with President Mandela …… and has a very Different view of him than the sycophantic press does. For his efforts Mandela sicked the South African equivalent of the IRS on him for 13 years audit !!!

        I guess Obama really IS a bit like Obama…… sicking the IRS on the Tea Party and Conervative and Christian Groups. Using the Gov’t to attack those who don’t agree with you.

      • This Video Kinda reminds you a bit of the Flash mobs in American malls and especially of the Assaults by Blacks on Whites here called by the Press….”Knock-out Games” ….huh!?

  2. It is so nice you got to see on YouTube. I got to see in real life technicolour. I wonder if you a Christian? Why don’t you google atrocities committed in Christ’s name and see of you blame Christ?

    • Christ didn’t have a career as a terrorist before he became Christ, nor did he believe that the ends justify the means.

      And Mandela was not Christ, despite the hagiography.

      I don’t presume to know what you have experienced but please do not presume to lecture me about history. History is not a matter of perspective, it is a matter of facts – and the fact is that Mandela remained a leftist, making common cause with men who devastated their own countries in the name of a political ideology Mandela shared.

  3. I have never been to South Africa so I’m usually confused about what is actually happening there. My ancestors were abolitionists here in US and I marched against apartheid back in the 1970’s. I did not support apartheid in any way., nor do I know anyone who did.

    However, now it seems that Afrikaners are being victimized in SA. I recently read Ilana Mercer’s book-INTO THE CANNIBALS POT. Ms Mercer was born in SA & her father fought against apartheid.

    I’d be interested to hear what Victoria Bruce thinks about Ms Mercer, her book & what she thinks will happen now to the Afrikaners? Genocide Watch thinks the Afrikaners are in grave danger, do you agree Ms Bruce?

    It seems to me that as blacks used to be victims of hate, violence & intolerance in SA now Afrikaners have taken their place. I pray the people of SA, both black & white can find a way to live together in peace & prosperity.

      • For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think you are a racist, but then I don’t think I’m one either.

        It seems clear to me, if it’s wrong to disenfranchise people with black skin then it’s wrong to to do that to people with white skin. Folks online have told me that it’s ok to victimize Afrikaners because they supported Apartheid & ok to victimize whites in US because they supported slavery. Of course, not all US whites supported slavery and actually more whites died in the war to end slavery than ever owned slaves, but libs rarely pay too much attention to actual facts.

        My Jewish husband taught me something about “forgive & forget” a few years ago when he bought a Mercedes. I knew his Mom might have a problem with him driving a German car, but he told her that the Germans who killed & tortured the Jews were not the Germans who built his car and we all had to find a way to forgive and move forward together.

        My husband has his faults (messiest man alive) but he’s one of the nicest, most generous people I’ve ever met. I definitely married up.

        I pray God finds a way to help us heal our angry planet so we can all forgive & move forward together.

        • It is just that you can’t mention any of the bad things that people like Mandela, MLK or Malcolm X did without being called a racist. David Horowitz has taken on the Black Panthers and the myths about them that have existed since the 60’s and has been excoriated.

          Mandela’s tale is one of redemption but only of redemption by change of tactics. He still was a US and Israel hating socialist even if he did “free” South Africa.

          • And David Horowitz worked Intimately from the inside with and for the Black Panthers. He knew them well. So his revelations have to be attacked by the Left because exposure of the Truth will turn rational people against their Violence and True ideology.

          • Those who have been discriminated against, never , never want justice…..They want payback…revenge…If they’re not 10 up on they’re former oppressors, they aren’t even yet.
            Same thing is coming to U.S.

  4. Yes, R.I.P. Nelson Mandela. Let’s not remember you as the guy that got caught with enough explosives to blow up the city of Johannesburg, while you were a member of a South African terrorist group, or for your wife setting people on fire with burning tires, or for being a Marxist, or even for the disastrous economic record of your presidency. Let’s remember you for something else, whatever that may be, because doing otherwise would not be cool or politically correct.

  5. I know the history – I studied the history – I lived the history –
    I can still pay my respects. It is good to look at both sides – but we may still look at the good someone does- in the end.
    It is fair to discuss and debate – and I would agree that it gets whitewashed, yet what more does one do to try move beyond the atrocities.
    See South Africa now…I can not see her. She is dying.

    • Well given your response, I suppose your moniker is more accurate to you than you would be comfortable with. What you just did there, idiotwriter, was excuse terrorism.

      Way to go, idiot.

      • I am actually pretty comfortable being called an idiot because I know I am one. But thanks for confirming it.
        Only an idiot could endeavour to look past bad and toward good – certainly in this day and age.
        I do not believe my comment incited an insult – so I will not take it as such.
        But hate won’t solve the problems in Africa mate. Nothing will. So forgive my ignorance on what exactly the solution should be.

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  7. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the EO to fly flags at half mast. In the 80’s, I dated a boy from Harare, which was formerly Rhodesia. This boy told me horror stories of the goings on over there. It seems to have only escalated since then. Would I place all this on the back of one man? No, but I would place it on the party to which he was affiliated with.

  8. Mandela was just carrying on the old Afrikaans traditon;
    1976-Soweto students protest mandatory instruction in Afrikaans, the language of the white rulers. Protests spread throughout Soweto. In crushing it, the government kills 575 people over an eight month period, a fourth of them under age 18.
    1961–Sharpeville: Anti-apartheid protesters gather to challenge South Africa’s pass laws that prescribe where blacks can go. The police open fire and 69 people die–most of them from bullet wounds in the back.
    On 18 August 1977, Biko was arrested at a police roadblock under the Terrorism Act No 83 of 1967 and interrogated by officers of the Port Elizabeth security police including Harold Snyman and Gideon Nieuwoudt. This interrogation took place in the Police Room 619 of the Sanlam Building in Port Elizabeth. The interrogation lasted twenty-two hours and included torture and beatings resulting in a coma.[15] He suffered a major head injury while in police custody at the Walmer Police Station, in a suburb of Port Elizabeth, and was chained to a window grille for a day.

    On 11 September 1977, police loaded him in the back of a Land Rover, naked and restrained in manacles, and began the 1100 km drive to Pretoria to take him to a prison with hospital facilities. He was nearly dead owing to the previous injuries.[19] He died shortly after arrival at the Pretoria prison, on 12 September. The police claimed his death was the result of an extended hunger strike, but an autopsy revealed multiple bruises and abrasions and that he ultimately succumbed to a brain hemorrhage from the massive injuries to the head,[15] which many saw as strong evidence that he had been brutally clubbed by his captors.

    The main difference between Mandela and the bastards that ruled South Africa is that Mandela never killed anybody. As for all those calling him a commie, capitalists wouldn’t help end the horrors of apartheid, so who was left? Communism only thrives when greed and corruption or, in this case, institutionalized evil, fertilize the ground.

    • “The main difference between Mandela and the bastards that ruled South Africa is that Mandela never killed anybody.”

      All it took was the nod, right Greg? So if I point, and yours gets killed, I am not responsible? I’m all for debate my friend, but I am going to respectfully ask you for a better polemic.

      • And I think Augger,
        **Al-Malfamic the mal-adjusted mohameddan worshiper** has just written a perfect little ditty to describe the Tea Party and the Conservative movement ! … the Flame of reason will begin to catch…. :- )).

        ( of course he (as all leftists and islamo-facists do ) meant it as both a Threat and as Praise to Mandela’s Murdering Mob )

        • Don, although I appreciate the kind thought that I could have written such inspiring verse, the lines come from a song about Stephen Biko, another black South African who struggled to end an evil regime.

          September ’77
          Port Elizabeth weather fine
          It was business as usual
          In police room 619
          Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
          Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
          Yihla Moja, Yihla Moja
          -The man is dead

          When I try to sleep at night
          I can only dream in red
          The outside world is black and white
          With only one colour dead
          Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
          Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
          Yihla Moja, Yihla Moja
          -The man is dead

          You can blow out a candle
          But you can’t blow out a fire
          Once the flames begin to catch
          The wind will blow it higher
          Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
          Yihla Moja, Yihla Moja
          -The man is dead

          And the eyes of the world are
          watching now
          watching now

          -Peter Gabriel

  9. Hitler never killed anyone either so in your eyes this makes him a saint.
    During apartheid about 28,000 people were kiled in the conflict. Most of those were blacks killed by other blacks because of tribal fueds. many of those were white killed by blacks and some were blcks killed by whites. Since the end of apartheid and the glourious rule of the communist backed by Mandela 300,000 whites have been killed by blacks. The only reason you don’t know this as well as you seem to know about the 1976 protest is because the media hyped the 1976 story and buried all the bad news since the end of apartheid. Today in South Africa blacks kill 50 whites a day and rape 200 a day. THAT is the legacy of Mandela. To South Africa Mandela was their Hitler and the whites were their jews. And you find this to be acceptable?!

    • Nothing new here GoneWith…

      He has been a frequent advocate of all totolitarian violence, including mohameddan violence and is consistantly anti-semetic, anti-jewish. He is also an apologist for the Black on White violence increasing in America today.

      You are absolutely correct about the analogy between Mandela ( and Especially the ANC ) and Hiler and the National Socialist Workers Party ( NAZIs). And yet again the great defening SILENCE of the World Press about this.

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