Obama Loves Lucy

Today I came across this interview on the FB, and I became quite enraged. Then I started listening to the brutal honesty of the woman and became more aware of the actual affliction. I hope you will take the time to listen to what has become the morality of America……..this from Texas……….has a whorehouse in it! (Sorry, I break into song occasionally.)

Here we are, then: http://www.mrconservative.com/2013/12/28210-woman-calls-in-on-obama-phone-says-she-smokes-week-and-will-never-be-off-welfare/

3 thoughts on “Obama Loves Lucy

  1. A great example of what’s wrong with America 2013. NOBODY should EVER get any govt money without doing something to earn it. I will exempt EXTREMELY handicapped people from this requirement, but I don’t include everyone with a handicap tag hanging from their rear view mirror in that grouping.

  2. The county she lives in should make her pick up litter or wash dishes at a soup kitchen for her Welfare money. Lucy should have to bring her kids with her when they are t in school so they learn how to work also. I feel sorry for Lucy’s children.

    • Trapped; you heard what she had to say on her children’s futures, right? It’s all so very promising…………and they live in Texas!! Wait a second! I know what the problem is! It could only be the Texas faction of the RNL that have caused this atrocity!……………… And Bush….how could I forget him?

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