GOP Charges Toward Oblivion

The GOP is rushing head-long into suicide:

GOP Rep. Launches PAC to ‘Find Like-Minded Republicans’ Who Don’t Support Ideas of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) has reportedly launched a political action committee that he says will allow him to “find like-minded Republicans” who do not support some of the ideas of conservative lawmakers like Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

 “It’s a vehicle that will enable me to go around the country to try to find like-minded Republicans who do not support a government shutdown, who do not support Ted Cruz’s whole idea of a government shutdown, of Rand Paul being isolationist,” he told the publication.

Haven’t these idiots seen this story yet?  Don’t they understand what it means – especially if they put forth candidates who ‘disagree with’ (i.e. oppose) Cruz?

Survey: Ted Cruz Named Third Most Influential Person of 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz has been named the third most influential person among Americans in 2013 by a new Rasmussen Reports survey.

Let’s go back to Rep King for a minute.  He is reported to have said:

King, who is reportedly considering a presidential run in 2016, told Politico the American Leadership Now PAC intends to highlight Republicans who are “moderate” on domestic issues and tough on foreign policy.

Social moderates who support tough foreign policy (i.e. nationalism)???  Do you know what this is actually called?  This is the very definition of FASCISM!

Yeah, if this is what the GOP wants to become, they can count me out.  There is no working from within a Party such as this.  You do not try to ‘change’ Hitler by joining the NAZI Party.  If you doubt me, ask the casualties of Kristallnacht how that works out.  And yes, I am going to keep using references to 1930’s Germany – because they are dead-on accurate and applicable.

20 thoughts on “GOP Charges Toward Oblivion

  1. We ran 2 semi-republican, and in no way conservative , candidates for president , and got beat. Yet, they can’t see that a third try would be disastrous. Perhaps we need to do what the weather underground did: destroy the party, to gain control of it. That is how the radical left took over the Democrat Party and made it the Marxocrat Party.
    Maybe we need to do something similar to get a T-publican party.

  2. The Republicans are more about saving their collective asses than they are about defending either the US Constitution or the freedoms of the people they “represent”. I say don’t just let them sail in to oblivion … rather push them along in to oblivion. The sooner they are gone, the sooner we can work on something more relevant than the hapless (censored) Republicans.

  3. Peter King is representative of the Problem…..he is emblematic of it !

    His *American Leadership Now PAC* is joined at the Hip with *Karl Rove’s American Crossroads PAC*…..both of whom’s sole existence is to cause Destruction. They are are trying to destroy the GrassRoots citizen.s movement embodied in the Tea Party and Conservative groups…….that is the reason for their existance. Not the 17 Trillion in Debt. Not the Lawless NON-elected Gov’t Agencies, not the Spying NSA, not the Gestapo like tactics of the IRS imtimidating Citizens and Groups trying to return to Constitutionality.

    NO….their very purpose is to continus and augment the Ideological WAR within the GOP. They are simply trying to UNDO Reagan….and their allies are the Democrat Left. Instead of yelling foul at Obama calling out the Riot Police against the Vets going to their Monuments in DC….the Pro-Amnesty Crowd … McCain, Marco Rubio, L Graham, J Flake, Paul Ryan, Canter and Bob Goodlatte ……said NOTHING !

    So I agree ….PUSH them (the GOP ) into oblivion……be PRO-Active about it……Support the Tea Party and perhaps convince it that it needs to Coalesce into a National force in order to battle what has become TWO Destructive forces…..The Democrat Party and the GOP !

  4. Don,
    Dittos! You have articulated my thoughts 100%. We had an inclusive Republican Party with President Reagan and then with Newt Gingrich. Although a TEAParty supporter, (The TEAParty IS the Republican party?) I have to consider myself a Republican at least to next November election results.

    • Edward,

      I beg to differ. The TEA Party is NOT the Republican Party, and claims such as that weaken the movement — not strengthen it. By asserting the TEA Party is Republican, you push away the 30-40% of those who consider themselves Independent and even Democrats that would otherwise stand with the TEA Party.

      What’s more, LEADERSHIP defines a Party — not the members. Thus, what you see coming from the GOP right now IS the GOP. And they are also demonstrating what I tried to explain a while back: you must be VERY careful about the term “conservative.” They are using it correctly: because they seek to “conserve” their status quot.

    • High 5 Edward….

      Some of what Joe says is true indeed…..But you and I are in agreement about November ( with the Caveat that We ( you and I and other like-minded Conservatives must…MUST…vote the candiddate NOT the Party necessarily ).

      As an example….Here is Texas we are seeing yet another Bush character slither from their seemingly endless compound ……in the form of YET ANOTHER George Bush….this time George P Bush.( For Texas Land Commissioner as his intro into Politics)…. I have seen people putting up Campaign signs for him instead of Christmas decorations if you can beleive that….Folks I KNOW are Christian BTW.

      I WILL NOT vote for this RINO Fraud !!….period. It’s over for me…… This Bush/Clinton/Kennedy dynasty thing HAS to stop. We fought a war over having an aristocracy….against another George if I’m not mistaken.. :- ).

      The Core of what used to be the Conservative element of the GOP…the Reagan/Goldwater GOP that is… are the Tea Party now….along some Reagan Democrats I think ………. So in that sense you are right….But the Tea Party has been good to NOT associate with the GOP. Because the GOP under Frauds like Paul Ryan and McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Ayotte , Rubio, Canter ad nauseum in perfect Collusion with the Marxist Democrats ( they call it Compromise) are leading America to Financial and Social Destruction.

      What will be left Politically should not be tainted with what will be seen as the Traitortous and Treasonous self-promotion and enrichment of the entire Political/Croney Capitalist ( Marxist) class.

      • Don, I do not know of this cake, but I should like to as I’m very fond of eggnog. OKAY! Spiked eggnog! (I was screaming at my inner child.) See, you spend the first two years of your life teachin em to walk and talk and the rest of your life tellin em to sit down and shut up!

        • It’s kind-of-a Jerry Lewis type of thing…… To Know EggNog Cake is to Love EggNog cake.

          WRT the Youguns…..Just make sure you hide the Rum from ‘ em…..or the Nogs no good.

        • I cannot say much for eggnog or cake….but if you want to try something in the bourbon family….Jim Beam Honey is somethin I find almost as good as my own corn squeezins.

          • You know Ralph …. I was Inspired by you actually.
            I am here in Tejas and so while out and about i picked up a Bottle of…..*Texas Shine*…whiskey distilled from corn. Bottled in Carrollton Texas……I was surprised how smooth it is….a bit like Vodka, but no bite. I quess I was expecting something like the “Moon-Shine” you always hear tell about.

          • You just reminded me of a show I did where the girl brought Bourbon balls for the cast before curtain. She is from New Orleans, and these were some strong balls….it was an interesting performance that night….

  5. Don,
    I can’t add a thought to your post…we are running along side each other today!

    Glad I got a comment out of Joe, it’s been a while since I did this, I am a very strong supporter of The TEAParty Express and SaraPAC, but I am also still a registered Republican. Ted Cruz and the Republicans I support consider me on their side.

    Thanks, Kells, hope we each are able to proceed in this fantastic endeavor!

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