Join The Ranks Of The Insane: Claim That Poverty Can Be “Totally Eliminated”

INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: The Notion That Poverty Can be Eliminated


Where does this notion come from: the idea that poverty can be eliminated?  What form of insanity creates this sort of delusion?  And I say insanity because that is the only way to define the belief that such delusions are an achievable reality.  They are not.  By definition, poverty can never be eliminated, and I will happily explain – nay – prove this to be true.


MSNBC Host’s Radical Idea: ‘Every Non-Incarcerated Adult Citizen Gets a Monthly Check From the Government’


On Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” co-host Krystal Ball suggested that the United States implement a minimum guaranteed income for every “non-incarcerated adult citizen.” The enormous entitlement program would “eliminate poverty” completely, Ball claimed.


OK, set aside the economics and the injustice in this statement.  Those issues are irrelevant to the point at hand: that poverty cannot be “eliminated.”  Let’s just stay on track.  First, the definition of poverty:

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2 thoughts on “Join The Ranks Of The Insane: Claim That Poverty Can Be “Totally Eliminated”

  1. There is no use trying to understand the left’s logic, because the left doesn’t have or use logic. To them money comes from the gub’ment and that means it is free. They will never understand that to hand out money to one person the government must take it from another. As long as they are always on the receiving end they will be happy.

    • nco77,

      that is because the people who think that way do not understand money = labor. If they saw it that way, they might — MIGHT — understand that they are advocating slavery.

      Then again, probably not. All they see is themselves.

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