Sound of Music’s Warning: The NAZI’s are Coming! The NAZI’s are Here!


TRUTH: Warning To Modern Society In “Sound Of Music” Totally Missed

I have a confession to make: until last night, I had never seen “The Sound of Music.”  My wife taped the recent live performance of this musical and I finally agreed to watch it with her last night.  I had heard the criticism about the lead not comparing to the original and all the normal complaining that normally circulates around remakes of beloved classics, so I was not sure I should be watching this version as opposed to the original. I went into watching it with this frame of mind.  However, as the show progressed, I was soon struck by something more important: people have totally missed the warning in this play!  It speaks to us, today, and it demonstrates that the warning from its day is still as relevant today – and no one seems to see it or care.  No wonder history is repeating!

I have often been attacked for pointing out that modern America is traveling a parallel path to that of 1930’s Germany, but “The Sound of Music” couldn’t make it any clearer that I am correct.  Not only are we traveling it, we are very close to the point in history in which this play is set.  Just substitute the Captain’s character for any conservative, TEA Party member or – more importantly – Christian and the story could be about the headlines in our news right now.  Just as the NAZI’s expected the Captain to do as they told him and behave as they told him or he would pay the price, so it is with anyone who disagrees with the current regime – only, instead of calling it the NAZI Party, we call it political correctness.

So, put yourself in that frame of mind – that those who disagree with the PC narrative must be made to pay the price – then read the following headlines and ask yourself whether or not you understand that we are living in “The Sound of Music:”

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2 thoughts on “Sound of Music’s Warning: The NAZI’s are Coming! The NAZI’s are Here!

  1. The left Demands that we bow to their INTOLERANCE of anybody’s view but theirs. They are in fact Facist.

    America better heed these words from a european who knew and lived it … :

    “Tolerance becomes a crimes, when applied to evil “.
    Thomas Mann

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