Politico Magazine is a Steaming Pile

Blake Hounshell at Politico Magazine offers 5 reasons why Benghazi won’t go anywhere.

He says it is 1) Political opportunism, 2) ideology, 3) people just don’t know who Al Qaeda is, 4) the journalism has been all over the map, and 5) whether or not it was a planned attack is a matter of interpretation.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, I disagree. I have a different set of reasons:

  1. The all-too-common strategy of plausible deniability: there is no place on the face of God’s green earth that people are better at the unending game of musical chairs. The political players in DC work their blessed little hearts out to make sure that there is always another quarter in the jukebox so their players never get caught without a chair to sit in. Nobody ever gets put out of the game as long as the music keeps playing.
  2. A shared ideology between the media and the Democrats: this produced a desire and a need among the media to protect Barack Obama (ala Candy Crowley’s outburst at Mitt Romney during the debates) and Hillary Clinton (ala the NYT’s weekend tongue bath and toe suck from David Kirkpatrick). Playing in the same sandbox with the Democrats allows the media to accept the statements from Obama and Hillary that there is no scandal here at face value and report them as such – a “these are not the droids you are looking for” Jedi mind trick – besides, if the media threw sand at Obama, he might not let them play with his toys – like rides on Air Force One, plus damn it – there was an election to win over that rat bastard, Mitt Romney. C’mon, folks…
  3. The left simply cannot bring themselves to call an enemy of America by name: We see this one all the time – it is brought about to a penchant for appeasement over confrontation, diplomacy when opening up a can of whup ass would be the better solution. Look at the Democrats ability to lose wars that have been won – Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan, a war they claimed not so long ago to be the “right” war as opposed to the “illegitimate war” in Iraq that the friends of the Bush-Satan and Darth Cheney were profiteering from. What warmongering military industrialist dipshits they were…I blame George Herbert Walker Bush for siring such an evil Chimpy McBushHitler, don’t you?
  4. The total absence of real investigative journalism: sharing an ideology with the Democrats created a paradox – how can we appear interested when we really aren’t. For months after the tragedy happened, There were only three journalists who showed any interest at all in the situation – Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge of Fox and Sharyl Attkisson of CBS. There has been none of the rigor – and vigor – of Watergate in other major outlets allowing the liberals to claim that this is “just a Fox vendetta against The Won” and dismiss it. As everybody has pointed out, nobody was killed at the hands of our enemy at the Watergate Hotel, so the lack of curiosity is telling.
  5. Saying that the attack was planned/unplanned is a matter of interpretation is pure, unadulterated bullshit (see #1, 2, 3 and 4 above): This is an outcome, not a reason. Just like the investigation of a crime, the more investigating you can do when the crime is fresh increases the potential of finding evidence that can result in solving the crime, the more this was looked into immediately after it happened would have yielded more actionable information – but as I noted, Obama, the Democrats and the media had money to raise and an election to win. The Democrat politicos and their buddies in the compliant media have stretched this one into overtime in order to let the trail go cold. It is a lot harder to find witnesses, verify testimony and collect evidence years after it happened, especially since Al Qaeda doesn’t have a good filing system – they never graduated past Quicken and they never back anything up to the cloud. More quarters for the jukebox.

These are the real reasons that Benghazi will continued to be argued for years to come and the deaths of four Americans will go unpunished. Politico Magazine is just as big a steaming pile as the website.

If you listen very closely to this article, you can still hear the jukebox playing. Hear it?

I knew that you could.

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