Obama Versus The Family

There have been many times in my life that I have turned to my family for help and many times I have returned that kindness. My family is a connected unit that at one time spanned all the way from great-grandparents to great-grandchildren before the wheels of time started to change that structure. My family is filled with long lived two-parent households, with with my brother and my in-laws, all married for over 25 years – my wife and I are the oldest and have been married for 32 years, my maternal grandparents were married for over 70 years.

There were some over on FaceBook who took issue with my citation of John Galt’s quote yesterday (“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”) but our family is an example of how people can find unity in self-reliance. We have always cared for and helped each other but none of us expect the other to do so for our benefit. I was always told to “mind my knitting and keep putting one foot in front of the other” – in other words, to keep my focus on my task and keep pushing forward.

We are now scattered all over the country – and at one time, the world but the love and cohesion of family abides.

This family structure is not chance, it is choice. People have told me how “fortunate” I am to have this as if it is luck. It is not, it is a career choice as much as a job is. I love my wife but speaking for her, she has to put forth an effort to put up with a strong willed and opinionated bastard like me. My career quest has taken us all over the world, much of the time dragging three children with us. It has been fun and rewarding, but it has been far from easy – yet we make it work, as do our parents and our brothers and sisters do – because we are committed to each other.

I refuse to believe that this is impossible to attain for other families, black, inner-city, or white and suburban. Absent of this structure and without family to help in times of difficulty, “progressives” and statists believe that it is the government’s duty to fill the societal role of the missing family structure.

This does not work – no program, gubmint cheese or monthly check can take the place of a mother, a father and caring grandparents and the psychological and financial support these people represent.

Why does Obama not focus on the destruction of the nuclear family?

Because as they like to claim, it is all about the children. Two true believers in communism, Marx and Lenin inform us as to why. Fellow blogger, Joe Bakanovic noted these – Karl Marx said:

“The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense.“

Vladimir Lenin stated:

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.“

Could it be that Obama is happy that the government is currently replacing the family? Are Democrats happy to accept the crime, the economic damage and the personal toll of rending the social fabric of America in two in exchange for reigning as kings over a ruined kingdom?

You are welcome to your own conclusions but the facts seem to indicate that the are.

Here is James Pethokoukis, via Instapundit:

Or maybe Obama simply doesn’t believe there is anything government can do to reverse the decline of the two-parent family where it’s struggling the most. As social scientist Lane Kenworthy writes in his new book, Social Democratic America, the “best bet with respect to family decline … is to offset the adverse impacts.” Kenworthy goes to advocate a broad and bold progressive agenda including universal early education and one-year paid parental leave. Kenworthy: “I believe our array of social programs will increasingly come to resemble those of the Nordic countries. It is in this sense that I say America’s future is a social democratic one.” Interestingly, Kenworthy thinks too much emphasis is placed on income inequality and taxing the 1% rather than raising living standards at the bottom via social programs financed through a value-added tax.

16 thoughts on “Obama Versus The Family

  1. “Could it be that Obama is happy that the government is currently replacing the family? ”

    Of course the answer is yes, and I can add “replacing the churches”.

    I have no doubt that if the govt got out of the “gimme” business and significantly reduced taxes to reflect this savings, the tax savers and their churches would take care of ALL the REAL needy Americans. I am not talking about helping those stealing govt gimme dollars or non-Americans here doing the same.

        • Faschisti, I couldn’t find where he made that speech….not that I don’t think he did, I just wanted to read it in its entirety.

          Of course this administration is continuing the tradition of breaking up the family; it’s logical. If you consider it, aside from God, who is our backbone? By systematically removing both of these elements, we now lose our individuality and pray to a new master which we are taught in schools to love. No thanks. I’ll stick to God and my family. I do believe the boys will all attest that Mr. Kells is a saint (no, they’ve never met him.)

          • That quote isn’t real, folks – it came from a site that clearly notes that it publishes satirical material.


            Here is the disclaimer:

            The original content on this blog is largely satirical.

            “I ceased in the year 1764 to believe that one can convince one’s opponents with arguments printed in books. It is not to do that, therefore, that I have taken up my pen, but merely so as to annoy them, and to bestow strength and courage on those on our own side, and to make it known to the others that they have not convinced us.” – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.

            It is in the spirit of the above quote that I write. Who am I you may ask? My name is Erik Thorson. I created this blog for my own personal amusement.

            Copyright © 2013 Diversity Chronicle All Rights Reserved.


              • Don’t apologize! This pope has made some very questionable statements. The more frustrating aspect is that I searched the web readin speeches only to have M. pop in to say he read the site’s disclaimer. Sometimes, I just wanna spank these boys….hard. (Especially Mr. I’m-so-full-of-myself Thorson. Time to play mit mein maus.)

              • Cool.

                A Liberal / Progressive would NEVER admit error nor ever apologize. You are a real-life example of the Stark difference between them and Conservatives.

                    • Keepin’ it classy, I see, Dusty. Joe and Utah must be so proud that they brought you back.

                      Funny how you saw fit to take a shot at my parents here, in response to my pointing out a simple fact to someone else, but couldn’t even answer my question on your own post. Of course, now that you boys have started deleting peoples’ comments, I suppose you can write anything you want without fear of being called on it.

                    • Obviously to everyone except you, the the slam was to you not your parents.
                      You are truly a perfect example of what is wrong with our education system, and I wonder why we still use that word to describe what you do.

                    • Dusty, most people would recognize “parents have to apologize for their error” as a reference to an “error” by “parents,” even if you’re trying to back away from it now.

                      No surprise, though, coming from a coward who would go back and delete comments demonstrating your errors in a previous post. (For anyone who cares about an explanation, see the comments here — unless they’ve been deleted 🙂 : https://therionorteline.com/2013/12/31/2013-in-review/)

  2. These words from Utah say it all …

    “This family structure is not chance, it is choice…………..It has been fun and rewarding, but it has been far from easy – yet we make it work, as do our parents and our brothers and sisters do – because we are committed to each other.”

    We MAKE it work……….. We all choose to make it work or Not. The lack of directed Choice, Work and Committment is lacking in so many areas of American Culture today. By the same token….those three attributes are the way to our salvation and sanity.

  3. “Are Democrats happy to accept the crime, the economic damage and the personal toll of rending the social fabric of America in two in exchange for reigning as kings over a ruined kingdom?”


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