The Bible on Wealth

Many people like to cite the Bible to support their attack on wealth, but I wonder, how many of them actually know and understand what Scripture ACTUALLY has to say about wealth?

TRUTH: Scripture Does NOT Condemn Wealth, But It Does Condemn Greed


As I am sure many do this at this time, I have been reflecting on the year that just passed and I found myself thinking about the ‘war on the rich.’  I have been trying harder to read the Bible for myself, and to seek God’s guidance and His wisdom so I can properly understand His word so I can better live it in my daily life.  I want to want the things that God wants; the things He wants for me – for each of us.  So, naturally, I started to look at what Scripture has to say about wealth.  What I discovered Scripture actually says about the issue is far from what the world would have people think it says.


There are many passages about wealth in Scripture, and you can find them by simply doing a search for them on line.  But there is one passage that clearly states the Scriptural view on wealth, and it comes from Christ, Himself:


“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

Read the rest, it may surprise you…

29 thoughts on “The Bible on Wealth

    • Certainly nothing Graduated or Progressive as we have today. And as long as the rate stays below 17 % ( TOTAL …Fed….State…Soc Sec …Medicare….New ObamaCare taxes….)

      BUT…. Obamacare should be Repealed and there is no Constitutional authority for an Income Tax….NONE. Repeal of the 16th Amendment and Abolishing the Fed. Without these a Fair Tax will be no more Fair than what we have today …. it will just morph in to a percentage to equal the 75% in France today, except for everyone.

        • Actually I agree with you … that was Don trying to be “Moderate”.

          Being “Moderate” It just doesn’t work does it ? ( 1 ) 8 to 10 % more likely. but I believe even more in ( 2 ) Repeal the 16 th Amendment and go back to Constitution….which fordids any Capitation or Income Tax….in fact ( Texas will know this best) but the States were to collect taxes and then give to the Fed.s if I’m not mistaken.

          Article 1 Section 9 .. ” No capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid unless in Proportion to the Census or enumeration herein before to be taken.”

          Article 1 Section 2 ” Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers.”

          • Don,

            Yep, but better still. For years, the FEDERAL govt. ran off import taxes and tariffs. That was another check. If the FEDERAL government wanted more money, it had to promote the economy. As usual, that changed when the forces of destruction started to feed directly off the labor of the people.

        • ???? You believe what to be higher ?

          The proposed “Fair” tax ? What if it was Decreed that everyone shall pay 56 % equally …. that is Fair ???

            • Just answer the question Kells … no need to be coy. We tell you numbers here …. return the favor. If you believe the Tax Rate under the “Fair Tax” to be higher than 17 % in the proposals….. then say so.

              For what it’s worth I agree with Ben Franklin and Joe and Dusty that 17 % is far too high. If the “Fair Tax” is higher still….than it’s a Dead issue for me …. because it’s 6 of 1 at that point .

              I believe the Income Tax to be immoral and Constitutionally unfounded anyway. Whatever scheme is being pushed.

              • Don,

                The founders would have said you CANNOT Amend the COnstitution to institute an individual tax, as to do so is to erase the Natural Right to property. You see, if you do not pay your taxes, they take your property — which means it is not your property at all. Jefferson rescues us here as he clearly — and correctly — explains that anything which can be take from you cannot be a right. The same for that which you cannot use or exercise. So taxing a person’s income not only lays government claim of ownership to a person’s property, but also to him, through his labor.

                • Absolutely….as in Section 9 I copied in my comment above…. “No Capitation or other Direct Tax…”

                  A direct tax is a tax assessed directly to an individual. The Constitution prohibited the central government from having the authority to place a direct federal income tax on individuals. It’s there for all to just read.

                  It is amazing to what extent the Progressives were able to Warp the Constitution in 1913 !

                  • Don,

                    They succeeded in twisting the Constitution because they succeeded in divorcing it from the Declaration. Tie them together again — as the founders intended them to remain — and all this “secular govt” and “living document” stuff goes out the window.

              • Unfortunately, the fair tax is the same. The difference is that everyone is paying it, and you’re eliminating the govt. bureaucracies. I do believe the savings could inspire a noble congress to lower the taxes or repeal the tax act that you mentioned.

                • Kells,

                  You are fooling yourself. Unless and until the people of this nation repent and return to God and God’s laws, nothing will change. Pass the fair tax, and they will simply raise the tax rates. Greed will ALWAYS find a way to spend more than it makes. Government not only is not immune from this failing of human nature, it leads the way in its practice.

                  • It will only be stopped by a people in charge of their govt. If everyone is paying the same, I believe they will be more inclined to paying attention rather than watching the boob-tube and collecting a check.

                    • Kells,

                      “A people” ARE in charge of this government. Either the people of this nation change their hearts and seek God’s will, or things will not only stay the same, they WILL get worse. Tyranny is the end game of EVERY nation that has turned from God.

                    • Kells,

                      What Joe says is True…”We ” ARE in charge of the Goober-mint already. This is what Mark Levin is getting at with the Article 5 Convention of States ( NOT a Constitutional convention !) ….. acting directly on the powers invested in us as the Constitution states.

                      We all need to start talking like this … telling whoever we can….and Encouraging Movements in Each of our states.

                      One of ther Amendments Levin proposes IS the repael of the 17th Amendment another directly addresses TAXES limited to 15 % ( Too high IMO) . BUT ….the idea is afoote and the Process is well described and Constitutional.

                    • With half the people paying for the other half, I would hardly call that a people in charge of their govt.!

                      Don, that’s going to be difficult when you have men (and women) who are very drunk with power. The Fair Tax is a baby step in the right direction… opinion.

                    • I don’t think so Kells.

                      The word “Fair” implys a political movement that has shown itslef to be about just the opposite.

                      Further if they set the rate at say 20% ( who’s to say that is “Fair”)…..then they can just raise the rate to 52% or some such….and claim it’s Fair” too……Just like redistributive tax policy today is partly justified on giving “welfare” to “The People”.

                      I’m afraid the “Fair Tax” is a foot in the door of another kind…………….the more I look at things the more I see remedy in the Original Constitution…..NOT its interpretations…….not its warping into a living Document. We ALREADY have this power……we need to take it back.

                      And I FULLY understand how difficult it will be.

                    • Don, I agree with you, but I also know reality. In order that we cut the tax margin, we would have to cut entitlement programs. At this point, it is a way of life for half of the US citizens. We could cut military (oh, wait! This doofus has already done that.) I tell you, I really do feel the Fair Tax is a baby step to awakening people. The next step could progress from there. (Yes, I’m thinking like a progessive, but it worked for them…….and I’m pretty good at games.)

                    • Pass the fair tax and 50% will be the “fair” rate in a couple years. No, Don is correct. We need to end the entitlement mentality and starve the beast we have created.

  1. 17% is too much, but I doubt that the pols would ever go lower that that, if it ever was changed from what we have now. If EVERYONE actually paid 10% of their true complete income, without any deductions, it should be plenty enough to cover the costs of our govt. If someone making minimum wage (about $17,000/year) had to pay $1700 in order to get to use all the same govt paid for entities that someone making a mill and paying $100,000 yearly, I see it as fair.

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