Rolling Stone Openly Advocates Marxism

Rolling Stone openly calls Millennials to Marxism/communism. This article can be explained in one phrase: “Worker’s of the world, unite!”

It’s a new year, but one thing hasn’t changed: The economy still blows. Five years after Wall Street crashed, America’s banker-gamblers have only gotten richer, while huge swaths of the country are still drowning in personal debt, tens of millions of Americans remain unemployed – and the new jobs being created are largely low-wage, sub-contracted, part-time grunt work.

Millennials have been especially hard-hit by the downturn, which is probably why so many people in this generation (like myself) regard capitalism with a level of suspicion that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. But that egalitarian impulse isn’t often accompanied by concrete proposals about how to get out of this catastrophe. Here are a few things we might want to start fighting for, pronto, if we want to grow old in a just, fair society, rather than the economic hellhole our parents have handed us.

Lookie what they want:

1. Guaranteed Work for Everybody

2. Social Security for All

3. Take Back The Land

4. Make Everything Owned by Everybody

5. A Public Bank in Every State

If Marx was still alive, he could sue for plagiarism – this is straight out of his Communist Manifesto.

These are very dangerous times.

10 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Openly Advocates Marxism

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    • Awww, c’mom folks. Let’s try it. Maybe Karl is right and Marxism won’t kill 100 million people and guaranty national poverty this time around. Myerson sounds just like the academic apparatchik/useful idiot who can pull it off and defeat history because Marxism has just never been done “right”. When you read this, you just have to marvel at the “progressive” stupidity. This is what it would be like if you were on the beach in Hawaii and instead of soaking up solar radiation and light from the sun, it was spewing out golden rays of dumbass instead.

      “The whole point of a finance sector is supposed to be collecting the surplus that the whole economy has worked to produce, and channeling that surplus wealth toward its most socially valuable uses.”

      Uh. No.

      The whole point of a financial sector is to generate wealth and facilitate commerce, not to be the Bank of the Proletariat.


      • You act like there is no such thing as the working poor in America. As if wages were high and unemployment was low. Wealth is extremely concentrated, the rich control politics. It is funny that every death under the Mao years is attributed to Mao. If an old man has a heart attack and dies, it is Mao’s fault. If a man gets hits by a train, it is Stalin’s fault. I ask you how many Vietnamese were killed by American troops under direct orders? What about Iraqis, Afghanis. If you honestly fear socialism because of the childish propaganda, that socialism kills millions. You do so because you refuse to think critically and challenge the comfortable narrative that you have been told. That everything is great and the poor and others who suffer actually have it made and are parasites. Ayn Rand’s ideal is selfishness. For whatever reason you have stopped looking at the world and trying to make it a better place and focused on your own wealth. Then used a made up philosophy to say that if everyone was a selfish and ‘rational’ as the you the world would be a better place. While the people out there who attack the parasitic selfish ideal, are somehow evil.( I don’t believe in good and evil, these are childish words used by rightist to slander socialist, that is why I had to use them, I am describing rightist sentiments, not my own) to I have laid out again and again the economics of Marxism, and the only reply I ever receive is irrelevant bad strawman, for instance Joe’s ramble about the morality of amoeba, I have never claimed amoeba are moral agents.
        Some may think why does an amoral robot like Karl prefer socialism. Why doesn’t karl go work for wallstreet and rip-off clients and make millions?
        First of all those opportunities were never available to me. And secondly it is self preservation. If we continue the capitalist way, we will turn our forests, air and water into commodities. Most of humanity will be unable to afford breathe clean air and drink clean water. This is starting to happen. We will go extinct.
        Third, Socialism just makes sense. It makes sense that production should be managed by the collective. Let’s not make water into a new resource to be hoarded, traded and price gouged. Lets work to make it available to all in a sustainable manner. Lets make it so every time I eat a bit of tuna I am not also ingesting a bit of neurotoxic mercury. Just because it was more ‘profitable’ to dump pollution than to treat it. simply said, people before profits.

  2. Karl’s words….”I don’t believe in good and evil, these are childish words used by rightist to slander socialist, ”

    “If you honestly fear socialism because of the childish propaganda, that socialism kills millions.”

    Socialist Hate-speech boiled down to it’s essence…….. There is No good and Evil…..the facts of the 100’s of Millions of DIRECT deaths ( murders) by the Socialists just within the 20th Century is Childish Propaganda.

    If you Believe in Good….If you believe in Evil….if you believe the actual statistics of the forced Ukraine famine, the Pogroms, the Slaughter of the Kulaks, the Cutural Revolution in China, Pol Pots murder of over 2 million Cambodians….the deprevation now in Venezuela etc… are Childish.

    You see the essence of Socialism right here……Classify people by their beliefs and thinking…then eventually “Deal with them….fot the Social Good ” .

    Words like “Sustainable”….Fair” ….”For the People”…….are the Slogans of Confiscation for the Socialist Elite…the New Oligarchy….THAT is the History of Marxism / Socialism. Everywhere, every-time.

    • you missed the point entirely and repeat the same propaganda. Except now you call my criticism ‘hate speech.’ While dismissing my criticism of capitalism as “Slogans of Confiscation for the Socialist Elite.” Do you know how to debate? You debate ideas and facts, you just don’t throw out insults. It is funny how capitalist believe they are serving god, but when they produce for profit instead of the fellow human beings, they are serving capital.

      • “You debate ideas and facts, you just don’t throw out insults.”

        Your first visit to the RNL, Karl? 🙂 Careful, if you make too much sense they’ll just delete your comments.

    • Au contraire,mon frere. Karl is actually that stupid.

      History doesn’t matter to Karl, he believes in the revolutionary truth, that there only exists that set of words that serve to advance the glorious worker’s revolution – all else is bourgeois lies and “childish” beliefs.

    • Karl advocates the “Elitist oligarchy” luring the stupid and ignorant with lies of a utopia never intended to be implemented. (“You can keep your insurance & doctor”) After “you” give up your personal liberty and self determination, the trap is sprung and the reality of slavery suffocates “you” in a slow tortuous death…

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