50 Years Of Welfare FAIL

My greatest issue with Obamacare and social/welfare programs like them is not whether I think that they will be good or bad for America. My issue is whether or not these programs SHOULD be done. At all.

I think most conservatives/classic liberals like me would agree, there are some things that the government does do that are good for citizens – after all we are not anarchists. Where I differ from our frenemies on the left is when the power of the Constitution is extended beyond those enumerated to allow the federal government to play in a sandbox they should not be playing in. Our country is built upon a Constitution that specifically places the power to determine the future in the hands of the individual, not in some corporate, collectivist, arbitrary authority like the federal government.

The reason that we have had so much conflict over these past many years is that we have controverted and perverted the simple directives of this document to create permission to act where there is none. Our county cannot become collectivist or Marxist – or any form of a coerced communistic state – without the destruction of the very basis of our freedom, the Constitution of the United States of America. Today it is the only thing standing between us and a rapid descent toward the American version of Stalinist tyranny…and yes, that is a slight exercise in hyperbole – but only slight. If you are over the age of thirty, look back over your life and see just how much has truly changed in this country.

If government intervention was truly productive it should be evident by now as government has constantly grown – but we still have poverty, we still have crime, we still have illegal immigration.

Since we have been at it for 50 years, spent billions of dollars and the New York Times is halfway honest enough to call it a “mixed bag“, can we call the “war” on poverty a failure now?

In my lexicon, there are two kinds of poverty – absolute and relative. Absolute poverty is simply defined as a daily battle for survival – I liken this to the poverty in the slums of New Delhi or the outskirts of Bangkok where people live in leaky, one room tin shacks and survive on a bowl of rice a day. Relative poverty is what we have in the US, where poverty is measured as a percentage of the income level – this allows us to classify people who possess items that are not essential to survival (i.e. mobile phones, TV’s, cars and Playstations) as “poor” and is not true poverty. Efforts to “alleviate” relative poverty are nothing more than attempts to provide a certain guaranteed standard of living, not to assure survival.

The solution to absolute poverty is an educated (not indoctrinated) citizenry possessing real and valuable skills and in a growing, expanding capitalist economy, not government handouts. There is no solution to relative poverty because as the national income rises, so does the “poverty line”.

Absolute poverty does not exist in America and relative poverty is not an issue except when it is used by populists and “progressives” to justify class envy in pursuit of creation of a collectivist state.

As the chart below shows, using data from the US Census, the greatest rate of decline in poverty actually occurred in the years BEFORE the “War on Poverty” was declared – after we started “fighting”, it became a stalemate. What does that say about the wisdom and effectiveness of governmental poverty relief programs?


I would propose that the increase in overweening government has not been worth the cost and has worsened many problems it sought to resolve and has created problems where there were none, A collectivist government cannot solve the individual problems of 312 million people without harming a percentage of them…and if some must be disadvantaged to advantage others, damage is done to the liberty of all.

The obligations that the “progressives” (Republican and Democrat) have created to support their deviations from the limits of the Constitution places every American in a de facto state of indentured servitude to the federal government. Seventeen trillion in debt has seen to that. Productive citizens will pay for this in burdensome taxes, the unproductive will pay through a “Sophie’s choice” of “if I get an entry level job, I will lose all benefits”, a choice that many will make in favor of not getting that job. Both will pay the cost in lost liberty.

As proof that all things old are new again, I offer this quote from a letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams of 7 July 1775:

“Your Description of the Distresses of the worthy Inhabitants of Boston, and the other Sea Port Towns, is enough to melt an Heart of stone. Our Consolation must be this, my dear, that Cities may be rebuilt, and a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property: But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.“

“Liberty once lost is lost forever.” Words to remember.

28 thoughts on “50 Years Of Welfare FAIL

  1. I can count the number of things I think the FEDERAL govt should be involved in on one hand.
    Militarily defend us…… does half ass
    Control immigration. …..does terribly
    Oversee interstate highway system………….???
    Prevent one state from ruling over another state
    Minor control of a few things like the national aviation system
    That’s about all I can come up with at this time.

  2. Natural Law is God’s Law. God’s revealed law tells us to work, and to provide for our families — especially those living under our own roof. God’s law tells us to be good stewards of what He gives us, to save and invest and not to squander what we have. It teaches us to care for those who truly have NEED, but to do everything we can NOT to place a burden on others so that they must care for us. God’s law teaches that the worker is worth his wage (this means all who do honest business), but it also teaches us not to seek fast gain — especially gain that is acquired by any means counter to God’s law. Finally, God’s law clearly tells us not to covet what others have — even the rich. And it tells us not to steal — including theft through the government.

    Sadly, today, as a society, we reject all of this and tell ourselves the exact opposite. In fact, we tell ourselves we who oppose God’s law are the “good,” and those who seek to keep it are the “greedy.” And THIS is why our nation suffers today — and will continue to suffer unless and until we REMEMBER our covenant with God (the one that formed this nation), REPENT of our sins and seek His forgiveness and favor again. ANYTHING less will result in more of what we’ve had since we kicked God out of the public square (coincidentally, the stagnation in poverty happened just about that time — and about the same time abortion spiked, teen pregnancy spiked, divorce, crime and STD’s and that our school testing scores started to drop).

    • Don’t know if this was Thomas Paine who quoted this but….

      “Rightteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”.
      “When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked bears rule, the people mourn.”

      With the continued slide into a Taker society, stealing from the Producers….and an abusive entitlement Class and an Elite class that spews forth Hate-speech as easily as they breath…..America is fast becoming a Banana Republic with a European / Socialist paint-job.

      • Don,

        It is worse than that. Those who covet and seek to use government to steal from their neighbor and those who are encouraging them to do so for the sake of their personal gain/power have all conspired to try and force a new definition of “good” on us where the thieves are thought righteous and the righteous are thought greedy and thieves.

        Once again, it is Isaiah 5:20-21

    • Actually, Karl – we have Carter and his disastrous 4 years to thank for that – the rise in poverty, not the teen pregnancy thing.

    • Karl,

      Look up the definition of ‘since.’

      Then go look up the sociology studies of these issues. They found many of the current ‘leveling trends’ we see are most likely the result of having killed off so many people through abortion. So, with the resurgence in Christianity in some parts of the nation, the trend you think refutes me is most likely a sign of push-back. I notice you did not mention the rise of “True Love Waits” programs in our schools. I also notice you did not mention all the freakin’ birth control given out by those schools.

      As usual, casual connections seem to be proof to shallow thinkers where they are not.

      For those who care, the spikes are real:


      • Are you against birth control? You’re no fun. The graphs you show are hilarious. They are all pre-1990’s and demonstrate a marked increase during the Reagan years.

        Anyways, irreligiousness is becoming more popular with the younger generations.
        I doubt the Christian “love waits” programs and Christian “resurgence” is having an effect on the younger generations.
        Younger Millennials 34%
        Older Millennials 30%
        GenXers 21%
        Boomers 15%
        Silent 9%
        Greatest 5%
        Yeah, that’s right the more irreligious younger generations are less likely to get pregnant during the teen years.
        Also the teen pregnancy statistics take into account abortions, that is why there is also a seperate live-birth-to-teenagers statistics.

        • Karl,

          The figures are from the 90’s because the link is to a story/book printed in the 90’s.

          Second, again, do you understand the definition of the word “start?’ It does not matter if this happened under Reagan. That is a fallacy (red herring). The event that matters happened in the 1960’s, and co-insided with the COMMUNIST-BACKED push to destroy the religious foundation of this nation (i.e. counter-culture movement).

          But you go ahead and keep telling us how I am wrong. The more people see how your entire world view rests on irrational reasoning, the more the RATIONAL will understand why the world you want fails every time it is tried.

          • What irrational reasoning is Marxism based on?
            I’ll point out the irrational reasoning in yours.
            Existence of god.
            Claiming to speak for a supreme deity.
            Equating social practices with the laws of nature. E.g private property is like gravity.
            Total avoidance of the existence of monopolies in free-markets.
            Being idealist. Meaning you think people are basically gods and can have anything they want if the wish it or want it. Basically the self-help scam known as ‘the secret.’ E,g “The poor are poor because they want to be poor, look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, anyone can be rich.” While ignoring the low quality education, the price of poverty (you don’t have the money to make computers in your garage if you are helping your mom buy a rebuilt engine for a late-model car, and paying for your brother’s hospital bills.)

            • What irrational reasoning, Karl? Well, that last comment is an excellent example. You say I believe in God and then claim I believe people are gods. THAT is one of several examples just in your last post. You are filled with this sort of self-centered reasoning, and that is why I say it is irrational (that, and you violate the rules of logic and right reasoning as a practice)

              • In Fact it is the Marxists who believe that people are Gods……..But only SOME people. Those at the Top of the Party Matrix……………
                Marxism is just re-hashed and dusted off Feudalism … substituting Ologarchy for Aristocracy……..With thugs like Karl put in place to keep everyone else ( read..” the people ” ).. in line.

                It’s just as simple as that …. History is your / our guide. Just investigate yourself, and don’t depend on Socialist / Marxist Progaganda as kind of authority.

                • @Don
                  please present evidence of Marxist text that say party members are above the masses. Marxism is about popular democracy, if it were about establishing an oligarchy, the rightist wouldn’t be constantly yelling about ‘tyranny of the majority”

                  • There is no such thing a “rightist”….that is a Marxist term. Because Marxism doesn’t talk about people….except as a Mass used to coerce and/or Kill those who don’t adhere to Marxism’s ideas. Marxism hates the individual and so classes him or her.

                    The Masses” are separated into various (Marxist DEFINED ) groups and categories … Divide and Conquer …one of the oldest games in the Book…..In fact this is what Obama and Holder and all the rest of the Democrat Machine are doing now ….. True to Valerie Jarrett’s admitted Marxist allegiences.

                    Thus when right-minded and Liberty loving people warn about the “Tyranny of the majority” it is with this very fact in mind…..using mass envy and emotion to change a Constitutional Republic into a “Democracy’…like the Democratic Republic of Germany” ( East Germany). The Marxist elite simply use the Mob to force their way ( Acorn is a perfect example). I only WISH more actually Yelling about it !

                    The Doctrine is very clear that Marxism is a process brought about by a Class (of SELF-Deceibed…and SELF-Identified) “Intellectual” elites to Rule by Party mechanisms. And over time ( at the Elites “Time and Place” of choosing) the power will be “given” to more of “the People”. This is what was and is written…..and what was and IS practiced….except the power has NEVER left the New “Marxist” Oligarchy and their Croney Capitalist Friends ( think Aeroflot….the “Soviet ” Airline there are hundreds of examples)…… yes indeedy the Corporate structures and the New Aristocracy of Marxist Oligarchs do ineed share power…….. US and International Bank Bailouts anyone ???

                    Marxism is Lenin is Cramsci is Stain is Pol Pot is Hugo Chavez and on ad finitum into the list of Violent murderous elitists……….. Which current world leader said recently….” I’m really good at Killing” ?

                    Marxism is a fantasy…a fairy Tale ( except with a Nasty ending) ….. because at its essence Collectivism absolutely Hates the Individual.

                  • This is your contradiction,
                    “You say I believe in God”
                    well do you?
                    “then claim I believe people are gods”
                    I typed this
                    “Meaning you think people are basically gods and can have anything they want if the wish it or want it. Basically the self-help scam known as ‘the secret.’ E,g “The poor are poor because they want to be poor, look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, anyone can be rich.”
                    Well, do you believe the idealist, reality ignoring narrative?

                    First answer these two questions.
                    Then ponder whether there can be an omniscient all-powerful deity and free-will for non-deities?
                    If gods are all-knowing, do they not already know if you will buy a donut or croissant for breakfast? How can there be free-will if the actions of your will are already known?

                    • Karl,

                      I am going to do my best to answer your question, but I want you to understand this first: I speak with a kind and patient voice. I am not attacking you, but trying — as best I can — to correct the error in your thinking.

                      OK, yes, I believe in God. He is self-evident. You are here, and that is all the evidence you should need, too. If you look to this world, you will not find anything that comes from nothing. So you are forced to accept that the universe is either infinitely old, or there is a Creator. Well, philosophy, logic and mathematics proved long ago that the universe cannot be infinitely old, and modern astrophysics has concluded the universe had a finite beginning. Thus — according to logic/reason — there MUST be a Creator.

                      Next, I have never claimed that people are gods. That is what people who think and reason such as yourself believe — whether you realize it or not. You think man can be perfected, and that he can perfect himself. Aside from the fact that the ‘perfect’ here is totally subjective, and that you are arguing for something you cannot point to anywhere in the universe (i.e. perfection in nature), the fact that you can envision perfection strongly points to the Creator you deny.

                      Next, I have never said the poor are poor because they “want” to be poor; I have said the poor are poor because they refuse to do those things that have been proven to lift one out of poverty. These are two different arguments. One is straw man (a fallacy) and the other is simply a statement of objective reality. You are asserting fallacies, and I am merely trying to explain to you that these things simply ARE.

                      Finally, how can there be an all-powerful God and you still have free will? Easy: God is all powerful! Karl, if He is all-powerful, then — by definition — He CAN create a world where you have free will, yet His will remains sovereign.

                      Think of it this way: life is a ceiling tile, with all those bumps and groves in it that help quiet the room. Your will is a thin stream of water. If I pour your will onto life, you can choose to go in any or many different directions as you follow those bumps and groves (pretend they represent obstacles of life). Now, pretend the ceiling tile is tilted to one side. This is God’s will. Again I pour your will (the water) onto life (the tile) and again, you could go in many different directions. You might even go up hill for a short distance. But — eventually — your will is going to go where God wants it to go.

                      Now, this is not a perfect illustration, but it doesn’t have to be. It is intended only to help you understand how both can be true at the same time. In the end, God is all-powerful, so He can achieve this in an infinite number of ways. All that matters is we CAN envision how it can be done which makes God self-evident all over again.

                    • @Joe
                      “I have said the poor are poor because they refuse to do those things that have been proven to lift one out of poverty.”
                      If they refuse to do something it means they are exercising free-will(in your opinion, I do not believe in free-will) which means they are choosing to be poor.

                      About God and its will tilting the world in its favor or desire. If god is all knowing it knows where the water will flow exactly.

                      Some accuse atheism of robbing humanity of purpose. I think we are more purposeless if we were created by a god for no known reason. Maybe as pets possibly? Why did god create humanity? Was it bored, was it lonely?

                      I see our existence in a better light, if we think of ourselves as autonomous organism who sprang from a cold dead universe by a massive universal mistake. The universe is very anti-life. And we, life, are its adversary. It is better to think of ourselves as a species hellbent on survival against our environment, rather the playthings of god.

                    • “I don’t believe in free will.”

                      Yes you do, Karl. You believe people are exploited. If there is no free will, then how can they be exploited? They can’t be. But you do not understand this because you do not understand the basic rules of logic.

                      Yes, God would know where the water flows, but YOU DO NOT! And that is the key here. To YOU, it is free will, and that is ALL that matters. You need to stretch your mind, but you can’t because you refuse to see past yourself.

                      Atheism DOES rob humanity of its purpose. What is the purpose of an amoeba? Atheism puts man on the same level as the amoeba. But God did NOT make us for no purpose; He made us to worship and glorify Him. You may not like this, and you can reject it (because He gave you free will), but that is why you will deserve condemnation. And it is not for you to question God. That is worse than the pot questioning the command of the potter. What is the pot to question the potter?

                      You see our existence in darkness, not light. You rightly say th4e universe is anti-life, yet you STILL deny the self-evidence in that assertion. If the universe is anti-life 0– and it is — then how/why are you here?

                      It comes down to this, Karl: the darkness does not understand the light. You do not understand the light because you belong to that darkness. BTW: I actually pray for you.

                    • Like I said before. Exploited is an economic term and does not apply morally or ethically. people can absolutely be exploited without free-will. People can consent to exploitation, look at all the female porn actresses, but not for too long, hehehe.

                      the illusion of free-will does not mean free-will exists in reality. Unless you are one of these reality is subjective types.

                      “But God did NOT make us for no purpose; He made us to worship and glorify Him.”
                      This is truly terrifying an all-mighty all-knowing being created humans just “worship and glorify.” So we are just toys for it. Toys that praise.
                      Why did god create amoeba, and tapeworms and ticks? Do they also exists to glorify and worship him?
                      When you sum up the purpose of all of human existence with the words “made us to worship and glorify Him.” That truly make us seem like insignificant décor in the universe. I ask you how is that a greater purpose than survival and improvement of the species?

                      ” If the universe is anti-life 0– and it is — then how/why are you here?”
                      because we haven’t been hit by a quasar, black hole, meteorite, super volcano. I wish you could have asked that question to the dinosaurs. Why don’t you ask all the people who died in the mega tsunami?

                    • Karl,

                      There can be NO economic terms if there is no free will. Where is the “economy” in the zebra eating grass and the lion eating the zebra? There is none: there is only what is. No free will; no economy. No economy; no exploitation.

                      Again, you build EVERYTHING on you and your desires and then try to rationalize it as altruism. It isn’t.

                      Free will DOES exist in reality. If it did not, then how do you explain Marx vs. Locke? (I know you won’t get that, either, but others may.)


                      I see now that I am and have been casting my pearls before the swine. I will do my best to resist this temptation in the future. But I will tell you this — and with a heavy and saddened heart: there WILL come a time when you will regret all of this — and you will do so for eternity. Just remember, when that time comes, you chose it — even when others tried to save you from yourself, you chose it.

  3. So, I guess I can deduce from the immediate urge to change the subject that you agree with the premise of the post, that the poverty rate was falling faster before the War on Poverty than after?

  4. Karl is good for laughs. We should pay him for his comedy. Then he might not be so bitter for being stuck in a low paying job situation in bum-f**k Tenn.

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