Whenceforth Cometh the Glorious Worker’s Revolution?

Why does it seem that we are seeing a resurgence of socialism/Marxism and communism in America?

Youth and young adult unemployment.

First, let’s agree that I can use the acronym “SMAC” for these three so I don’t have to type so many letters…

The first thing that one must understand is that SMAC represents economic systems, not social or political ones. The latter two must be reordered to support SMAC but are not the beginning steps – alteration of a national economic system is the beginning point. Therefore a natural progression for the introduction of a SMAC state would start with economic stress and a demand for reordering of the economic system to create “equality”.

Revolution is a young man’s game. I say that because even old adherents of SMAC typically find security and safety in academia, non-profit organizations or the public sector. These “revolutionaries” are quite content to preach about the revolution and the glorious worker’s paradise from an academic pulpit and hold forth in symposium on the evils of capitalism that put them on the sidelines making Che tee shirts and writing alternative “peoples history” books.

The restive components of the glorious worker’s revolution are among the young and unemployed. The revolution will not be televised but it will be offered online and in multi-player form on Playstation.

I have written that one of the most insidious aspects of the Obama “recovery” is the astronomical unemployment of the under 25 demographic. Young people are not learning about jobs and the value of work; they are not experiencing any sort of work ethic and only know handouts from parents and government. We are turning out a substantial number of over-educated, under-educated youth who lack the basic behavioral disciplines to adapt to the idea that instead of future editing books at a major publishing house, they face years in a career wilderness employing rudimentary janitorial or barista skills.

According to NumbersUSA, the unemployment rate for Americans ages 16-17 is 34%. The unemployment rate for teenage Hispanic Americans is 48%, and the rate for teenage Black Americans is 60%. Given that these age groups are normally where the education about work begins, why is the administration allowing this:

A study from the Center for Immigration Studies suggests that in the United States there is a correlation between unemployment among natives and the influx of immigrants. This data shows that immigrants get the upper hand in employment over natives. Since 2009, two-thirds of the net increase in employment has gone to immigrant workers, mostly legal immigrants.

  •  Since President Obama took office, 67% of employment growth has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal).
  • There were 1.94 million more immigrants (legal and illegal) working in the third quarter of 2012 than at the start of 2009. This compares to a 938,000 increase for natives over the same time period.
  • Most of the immigrant growth in employment was the result of new immigration, from 2009 on.
  • Immigrants made employment gains across the labor market. In occupations where immigrant gains were the largest, there were 2.2 million unemployed natives.

It is simply not credible that the politicians Washington do not see this – they do. The Democrats welcome the illegals because they anticipate that they will be given amnesty and thank the Democrats with a huge, loyal voting bloc…plus the kicker is that the youth disaffection and angst plays directly into the Democrats populist/collectivist hands.  Republicans are so afraid to touch the immigration issue that this works out to be a trifecta for the left.

If left to follow its own entropy, this could the beginning of the end of a capitalist, free market economy and why this recent Rolling Stone paean to Karl Marx will make sense to many of them.

But the entropy shouldn’t be allowed to stand. Republicans should start creating logical order by making the case to the 25 and under demographic and their parents that their spot at the starting line of life is being taken from them, their employability skills are being significantly reduced and because they are,  the start of their legitimate careers are being delayed by several years. This delay is occurring even as the educational debts that were taken on by both they and their parents starts to mature. This delay has a ripple effect all the way through a person’s life – it delays marriage, children, home ownership and financial security – it often isn’t just a day for day delay because life is opportunistic and many times if we are not ready to accept the opportunity, it passes us by and may not come again.

Illegal immigration has the same emotional and reality calculus as Obamacare – there is a great deal of sympathy until people realize that they are the one at the table who has to pick up the check.

12 thoughts on “Whenceforth Cometh the Glorious Worker’s Revolution?

  1. truly third world immigration does decrease revolutionariness. third worlders will continue to tolerate banana republics as long as they think they can get away. While first worlders will have to compete, with third worlders and scapegoat third worlders rather than blame the economic system. We don’t have illegal immigration because we have a bunch of foreigner loving democrats, we have illegal immigration because capital seeks out the cheapest labor. Once again capital has trumped rule of law.

  2. Utah, as a barista, ouch!

    “The revolution will not be televised but it will be offered online and in multi-player form on Playstation.”
    Magical. How can I compete with a line like this?

    I would also submit additionally, that these young workers are preparing themselves for the work force unaccordingly with unrealistic expectation of the job market. Prime examples: (living in Seattle area, there is no shortage) Anthropology majors. 20th Century female Russian literature majors. Art majors. With all due respect to the academic rigor of those majors, what the f**k are you supposed to do with a degree like that!? The worst part is that these enlightened individuals expect six figure salaries right out of college. Anything less is grounds for “workers revolution”. How many times did we see during Fauxccupy Wall Street (because calling anything other than faux is an overstatement) blue haired and pierced college grads crying about not being able to find work in the multibillion dollar Russian literature industry? My memory must be a little fuzzy, because I don’t ever recall the creative arts driving an economy. I never saw anthropology claim credit for innovating technology. I never saw feminist thought drive forward market competition. This seems less like workers equality to me, and more like an equal share of misery and poverty for all.

    Forget a workers revolution, What SMAC needs is a smack across the head and a reality check.

    Forgive my tirade.

    • why is your handle Fascisti? What is your ideal economic-political system?
      About college degrees, if all those liberal arts degrees were engineering degrees. The degree holders would be in the same situation since the market would be saturated with engineering degree holders.

  3. Clearly my handle is a cynical shot at the progessive systems, derived from the Italian fascists. My image is a bit of fun at the expense of our first black female president…

    My ideal economic-political system is which is ever practical, not what can be described in pure college text or from the definition of a Marxist professor.

    As for degrees, I’m not saying “everybody go out and get an engineering degree”. I’m talking about the over-saturation of useless degrees, in which there is no real demand to fit these degrees into the economy. If I’m a business owner, why would I hire an anthropology major to do my bookkeeping? I’m going to look for somebody who is educated in accounting, right? If I’m Apple, why would I hire a Russian literature major to work development? At Boeing, what value does an engineering degree have versus a liberal arts degree? If I want to be an entrepreneur, am I going to major in business or art history? If one wants to work at an art museum, or do the starving artist thing, great. Get you liberal arts degree. However, don’t plan on overthrowing Wall Street and free market economy all because the arts are not economically feasible (outside of media). This is what I’m talking about. Leveraging education to fit into a competitive job market. That’s practical.

    • Every over-saturated degree is useless. The labor conditions for the working class are crap. If you do get an engineering degree, there are also thirdworlders with engineering degrees flooding the marketplace. Here is a lesson to learn there is the ‘left’ and the left. the ‘left’ is anybody who is left of Romney, mostly democrats and liberals, college kids with no work experience. Then there is the true left, people who are working class and think capitalism is failing. The difference is the fake left cares more about gay marriage than it does about the working class, the fake left seeks compromise with republicans and try to appease business interest. That is why Obama is promoting a tax reform that will lower the corporate tax rate and pushing for more free trade. the fake left is trying to make a ‘nicer’ capitalism. as if gay marriage and lower corporate tax rate plus legal marijuana and immigration reform are going to make things better for the working class.

  4. You say the labor conditions are crap, but where is all of your evidence to support your assertion? Where is your data? Where is your research? Where is your valid deductive reasoning? You can probably dig up an Infowars.com or White Out Press opinion piece that says that working conditions in Malaysia are terrible. Then you will proceed conclude that because working conditions in Malaysia are terrible, that working conditions in the United States are also terrible. Where exactly is all of the evidence that really does purport a working condition pandemic, or do you only have isolated samples to base your assertion on? That’s a fallacy. What’s true for a fraction, does not mean it’s true for a whole. You made the claim, the burden of evidence is on you, man.

    Furthermore, you attempt to give lessons while missing the whole point of my reasoning. Missing the point, fallacy #2. I’m not arguing anything in your rebuttal, so I’m not going to play your game of mental gymnastics and attempt to address every irrelevant point that you have attempted to make. Instead, I’ll challenge you with this: stay on topic, bro. We’re y not just ripping Don and Joe in a previous comment thread with the validation of James, for missing the idea of a point you were trying to make? Do you not play by your own rules, or are you now, above your own rules? Address my original thoughts or don’t reply at all…

  5. The primary question is “where does this resurgence of SMAC come from?” If you think about it, the rearing of this ugly head is a generational cycle. What do I mean? The current young generation of generation X, Y, and millennials were born at the end of the 20th century. They have very little or no memory of the horrors imposed by SMAC (I would add a P for progressivism as well) like 100 million people killed by SMACP being inflicted on people. It is up to us older Americans to teach them the truth, and do it in front of the propagandists that they worship. We must show them for the morally, intellectually, and politically corrupt despots that they really are.
    It is said that the greatest trick that the devil every played was to convince man that he doesn’t exist. The same can be said for those disciples of SMACP for they are no different. They only prey on the young because we non-believers who are older know the truth because we lived it, in a sense, or those who lived under it directly, have told us the truth. We must regain the young’s trust by destroying the opposition with facts and truth, and do it right in front of them, and IT CAN BE DONE!
    Back when Captain Planet was all the rage in the 1980’s and 90’s I sat my kids down who were enthralled with the cartoon and its message and showed them that unlike the show: America was leading the world in pollution control. Unlike the cartoon, American youth, including boys were not hot headed morons that acted on impulse because we created most of the tech controls. And we lead the world on species preservation. The kids stopped watching the show the next day and they were 7 and 8 years old.
    It is a huge job, but it’s got to be done. And it is up to us because the politicians are not going to cut their noses off in spite of their faces. It will be economically painful at first, but we need to bite the bullet if we want to keep our descendants from becoming financial slaves, and be freer and enjoy the full benefits of liberty in the country we save for them.

    • You got it – the whole point of the post was that there is a huge opportunity/danger in the 25 and under strata of America – we have to find a way to reach it.

      • I would suggest to do what I described in my post. Take what they publish and say, destroy it with truth in a non-eye glazing over way, And tell them “don’t tell me I’m wrong, show me.” And challenge their champions in public to defend themselves. DO NOT attack their Svengali’s with your own facts, question and challenge their facts.

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