10 Things Republicans Should Adopt In 2014

Blogger Deb Tillman at practicalpoliticking.com posted a helpful list of “10 Things Republicans Should Discard in 2014”:

  1. The True-Conservative-of-the-Month-Club…
  2. Sarah Palin: ‘Nuff said.
  3. Birthers…
  4. Benghazi…let’s quietly table this until about September of 2016, if Hillary is running…
  5. Restaurants, coffee shops, and TV shows having political stances…
  6. Name-calling and infighting…
  7. Outrage out-of-context…
  8. Blaming everything on lack of prayer in schools…
  9. Single-issue voting…
  10. Founding Father obsession…

Go to her site for her full definition of these 10 items.

I can agree with several of these: I have written that we have to get away from the conservative flavor of the month club (#1), that birtherism and “natural born” efforts are quixotic (#3), that raising Duck Dynasty to the level of the Intolerable Acts (#5) and hyping every perceived sleight to the level of blood libel (#7) only dilutes our arguments.

I think she engages in a bit of hyperbole on #8 and #9 because I know no “mainstream” conservatives who believe that ALL of our issues are related to prayer in schools or “single issue” voting – these two have several things in common – religion, its role in government and the secularization of government based on one thing – Jefferson’s single letter to the Danbury Baptists on New Year’s Day in 1802, all legitimate issues and voting for a candidate who is hostile or indifferent to these issues is problematic for me, both as a Christian and as a classic liberal. So I am interested in the position of a prospective candidate with respect to these.

As far as Sarah Palin (#2), I have this to offer and it sort of goes with #10 – Palin needs to step up and lead or step back and watch – enough of the one foot in, one foot out Hokie-Pokie routine. I truly respect the Governor but the Republican Party needs a conservative leader willing to actually lead rather than give speeches at CPAC and 45 second guest hits on Fox News. I think she has the goods but she seems to lack what my granddaddy called “want to”. Until she wades in all the way, she is just a symbolic figure – which brings me to #10.

I believe that the wearing of tri-corner hats with teabags dangling off them, flying Gadsden flags or otherwise invoking the image of the Revolution hurts our message. You have to understand that our modern media does not concern itself with words, their context or meaning. They are driven by visualizations because they know that the visual has greater immediate impact than the written or spoken word…ergo in any gathering, they focus on the unusual visual image and the words get lost. The media uses these images to try to make us look silly – so, save the period costumes for the ceremonial reenactments.

I strongly believe in First Principles but I also recognize that with men like Thomas Paine (who believed in collective ownership of land) and Thomas Jefferson (who believed a constitution should have an expiration date) were working without a minimal script and no net – and by the restrictive contemporary definition, both Paine and Jefferson could be described as “progressives”.

What must be remembered is that this is not a battle of Founding Father quotes; it is a battle over principle. For that reason, I agree with #6. We have to stop the “I’m the True Conservative” penis measuring contests.

Lastly, Benghazi (#4) may not be a political winner but it is real and needs to be brought out in the open.

I prefer to dwell on the affirmative instead of the negative, so I would like to suggest things that the Republicans should adopt rather than discard in 2014:

  1. The economy: rather than talking about safety nets and government transfer payments, start focusing on educating people how a growing economy positively affects everybody and actually increased revenue to the government. Tie policies like immigration to the economy and propose that administrative law (regulations) must be submitted to a cost/benefit analysis before being allowed to be implemented. So, simplified for the anti-corporation/#OWS/big government set: no commercial activity = no tax revenue = no ability for government to borrow = no government spending = no government. If you “progressives” want funds to pay for your adventures in socialism, you better get on board with the engine that generates the cash for you.
  2. Make the case for capitalism, that personal freedom depends on economic freedom:
    1. Capitalism is the best system to spread economic well-being.
    2. Economic freedom goes hand in hand with political freedom.
    3. Don’t put the cart before the horse –get the order of events right.
    4. Capitalism is self-regulating.
    5. Distributed capitalism mitigates risk and can absorb a lot of bad decisions.
    6. Economies can’t be “managed” on a large scale – at least not by humans.
  3. Energy: support the oil boom in America. Cheap and plentiful clean energy is available to us through fracking. Approve pipelines and refineries, convert electrical generation plants to natural gas and open more public lands to exploration and production. Note that this also grows government coffers through lease payments, production royalties and taxes off the sale of the hydrocarbons.
  4. Attack Leviathan: Immediately freeze all budgets and place every agency under a mandate to cut costs by 10% per year and use the savings and the increased tax revenues from the growing economy to pay down the national debt. The program stays in place until the debt is cut to 5 trillion dollars.
  5. Stop fighting wars that you don’t intend to win. If a Republican president commits troops, we need to be there to adopt an attitude that we are going to break things and kill people until the enemies will to continue is broken…and you need to be ready to break a few milquetoast/quisling Democrats in the process if necessary.
  6. Adopt a foreign policy that includes an automatic cut off of aid to any country that goes against our interests or is unwilling to eradicate terrorists in their lands who have threatened the US or US interests in any way. Terrorism cannot be negotiated with, its adherents must be annihilated. Make sure that all countries, friend and foe, knows that if any US citizen is harmed, the full power of the United States military will be brought to bear to rectify the situation. You can keep your head if you like your head. Period.
  7. Adopt a libertarian social policy; get government out of the business of social engineering. Get government out of marriage, marriage is a religious construct, a bond between man, wife and God – for government policy institute a common civil contract and give every partnership that enters into that contract the same benefits under the law.
  8. Resolve to call a lie a lie and a liar a liar. Do not suffer misrepresentations, half-truths or context free “technically true” statements about any person, proposal or action. Go after every lie with the intent to not only refute it but to grind the credibility of its issuer into dust.
  9. Recover America’s role as the sole superpower by recognizing that the world is in chaos today for two reasons, 1) there are countries, political systems, and religions in the world that are using the chaos to damage and weaken America. It is to their benefit to keep the instability going as long as possible to do as much damage as possible and 2) American leadership is missing from the world today. Over the past 100 years, global crises were met with definitive American leadership. WWI, WWII, Korea, the defeat of communism at the Berlin Wall, being first at the scene of natural disasters, the eradication of terrorism, the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan, defense of Israel, funding and providing the majority of support for NATO and the UN and providing the lion’s share of funds for the IMF are just a few examples.
  10. Be honest. Stop trying to be someone you aren’t. You will never be able to out Democrat a Democrat…or Obama. Do take the time to explain in depth what you propose and why but don’t apologize for what you believe in. Start talking about consequences as well as actions, take things to a logical conclusion. Talk to people honestly and openly and don’t do anything in private that you would be ashamed to do in public.


So there’s my two cents worth…and get your ducks in a row like Logistics Technician Alan Ames:

26 thoughts on “10 Things Republicans Should Adopt In 2014

  1. Here is where I think the pundits and politicans go wrong on this. Yes she is right if the goal is to re-elect all the Republicans who of course helped create all our problems. But her advice is 100% wrong if your goal is to elect people who will return government to the people and take steps to end the deficit, decrease government spending (radically) and reduce the bureaucracy and regulations that are strangling our economy and our constitutional rights. This isn’t a matter of conservative purity it is a matter of outright lying to get elected. We all saw McCain in his last election walk along the Mexican border and promise to work hard if re-elected to finish the fence. Well he got re-elected and never brought up the fence again. Make no mistake McCain will knock over people to vote for amnesty when it comes up and he will continue to collaborate with the Democrats to tax and spend. These rinos are killing us and they need to go.

  2. Reblogged this on Vladimir Davidiuk and commented:
    Awesome post from The Rio Norte Line. Great to see Conservatives of all stripes and shades actually starting to think and plan, rather than react. Much more important to embrace great solutions and avoid problematic traps rather than adhering to policies and perspectives that do not serve us well at election time. Now is the time to work through all these wrinkles and differences, rather than in the midst of a campaign. Let’s hash it all out.

  3. Deb Tillman has done what your # 10 has said not to do….Out Democrat the Democrats.

    Her entire post reads like a List written for her on a Napkin by Karl Rove.

    Your #7 and #10 also seem joined at the Hip….. Adopt a Libertarian Social Policy… OK…!!…… MUCH of the Libertarian “Social Policy” mirrors the Progressive Democrat Social Policy….. So once again advocacy of Out-Democrating a Democrat.

    And since you BOTH agree with #1 ……. I guess we should all get behind Jeb Bush…..cause he’s just as much a “Conservative” as Mike Lee or Ted Cruz….
    …Orrrr………….MARCO RUBIO……Yeah that’s the ticket…..oh wait …..under this NEW list we can have John McCain Back…..This is getting Good !!!

    OK so now we know where we need to go as “Republicans”

    Support Gay marriage and Legalizing Pot ………… Ignor Rand Paul and Ron Paul….since they were just trying to “out Libertartian the Liberal Running as a Libertarian”………………… And since ALL GOP are equal in their Conservatism we have a Clean field to choose from….. Here are the New acceptable Conservatives.

    Chris Christie
    Jeb Bush
    Mitch McConnell
    John Boehner
    Eric Cantor
    Orrin Hatch
    Kelly Ayotte
    Marco Rubio
    Jeff Flake

    Why there’s just OODDLES of them …. it’s just been my Tea Party Hate that has clouded my eyes from seeing the TRUTH……. Whodda thunk We all have been so wrong………Oh yeah and let’s get rid of those Wacko Birds like Cruz ……. Sign me up Chief and please give my E-mail address to K Rove so I can help y’all put a final end to Freaks who support the Founding Fathers.

    • Wow. If I wanted you to take that wrong, I don’t think I could have done a better job. Miss the point much?

      I would argue that the libertarian social position is not the Democratic position in as much as it means that social interaction is none of the government’s business and the Democrats seek to codify deviant behavior through law, so in that, it seems that your position is much closer to that of the Democrats than mine. Homosexuality is a societal issue, not a governmental one. Democrats use government to promote it, I don’t want that to continue.

      As far as #1, I am certainly against our “Conservative of the Week” and am against every person you mentioned, so I have no idea how you see this as supporting them. I’d rather have a Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Thad McCotter than any of those.

      I’ve supported the Tea Party movement before we even knew about you, Donnie…but feel free to misread anything I write.

      • I didn’t take ANYTHING wrong Utah.

        And for what it’s worth I have never used your Monker as a Perjorative as ( SBJ and the Imam do ) and have ALWAYS been at your defence. So thanks for the reciprocal courtesy.

    • And further #5 and #7 are basically a response to the outragious attacks against traditional values that have been going on for decades. People are SICK of it and speaking out…..as they should. In response to the Left Speaking out and trying to get Rush and others Fired .

      This “List” and your endorsement of parts of it smacks of an attempt at Self-censorship. The Silence on the Conservative side because of Intimidation and name-calling…HAS DONE NOTHING but empower the Progressives these past decades.

      In fact this new speaking out is a Good and Necessary thing ………. The Left and the GOP “Moderates” / RINOs don’t Like it !!! And so they want us all to just SHUT UP again.

        • This List and your analysis of it sounds like things I have Read at * The National Republican Senatorial Committee*. Have you read them ?

          And your resomnses here sound like SBJ…… as Tillman says in # 2 ‘Nuff said.

          • Lord – the One True Patriot syndrome is back.

            Then I guess you can count me as the enemy, Don…because you believe some kind of political ideology that I do not recognize. I’m not a Republican, haven’t been for a long time – I’m a classic liberal and classic liberals believe that individual liberty is maximized when government is minimized. That is what the 10 items I offered meant to me when I wrote them. As far as agreeing with the linked post, the points of my agreement are specific and limited to what I wrote.

            You seem to favor some sort of theocratic Republic where individual behaviors are banned by government fiat, I happen to believe what the Founder wrote that “Congress shall make NO law…”

            Religion has no official place in government, God does have a important place in the people who serve in it to inform and guide their decisions and actions.

            And as far as sounding like SBJ, better look in the mirror, my friend. All I did was defend myself against your twisted reading of what I wrote.

            • If you look at what I wrote as comments, I didn’t say anything about Religion………… not a single thing.

  4. Don, we still running side by side, agree with you 100%.

    I think Utah needs to really think about what you are saying in your post–I have no problem understanding your position!

    Who the hell is Deb Tillman? Why should I care what this person says?

    • Who cares who she is? I was dealing with the ideas she posted. And I have no trouble understanding what Don wrote in reply, I just don’t understand why because nothing he accused me of was written in the post.

      I’ve had a couple people accuse me of being a Republican because of this post. I’m actually not. I am a classical liberal, actually probably closer to a Jeffersonian Whig than to any contemporary party. I tend to lean Republican out of necessity because there are no Whigs left; they became extinct about the same time as the Dodo bird. I would be a Tea Partier but for the fact that while I support these good folk, they are more of an ideological collection and less of a political party.

      At its root, classical liberalism is the belief in liberty above all else, except God. One of the clearest statements of this philosophy is in Declaration of Independence, authored by none other than Mr. Jefferson himself. The time of the Declaration was an age of monarchs, and most people of that time believed that rights came from government (as unfortunately many do today). Jefferson was a disciple of the British philosopher John Locke and argued that people have rights apart from government as part of their nature – that they came from the “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”. Further, people can form governments and dissolve them, thereby making the only legitimate purpose of government the protection of these rights.

      People who call themselves classical liberals today tend to have the basic view of rights and role of government that Jefferson and his contemporaries had and they do not tend to make any important distinction between economic liberties and civil liberties.

      On the left of the political spectrum, things are more complicated. The major difference between 19th century liberals and 20th century liberals is that the former believed in economic liberties and the latter did not. Twentieth century liberals (i.e. Democrats and/or “progressives”) believe that it is not a violation of any fundamental right for government to regulate where people work, when they work, the wages they work for, what they can buy, what they can sell, the price they can sell it for, etc. In the economic sphere, then, almost anything goes. That’s why I am a sworn blood enemy of any collectivist ideology.

  5. Dug your take on the chick’s song and dance. Dug your compilation…….except #2. I feel that it is imperative for conservatives to point out crony capitalism. By that, I refer to the govt. making decisions based on corporations’ campaign donations (as well as their eventual bailouts), as opposed to listening to their constituents (the real people). It is critical that folks know the difference. I can give examples, but I’m sure you’re well aware. Actually, lobbying opens up another can of worms. Why pay someone to talk for you? Speak your damned mind on your own! Oh, wait. Don’t get through? I hear ya. The only thing worse than the Obamacare website is trying to talk to one of your representatives in Congress (They’re far more busy and underpaid than the rest of us with all of their back-breaking hard work…………plus; they only had 239 days off!!)

    That’s my take. So, what are ya wearin?

  6. I reluctantly want to offer some explanation as to why a conservative who has voted Republican all his life (70 years old) now feels abandoned by Republicans and even many conservatives who for the most part would support this list of ten things Republicans must do. We, our government and our media, are stumbling around in the dark making mistake after mistake stumbling inexorably towards the cliff. The tea party is shouting to stop, to open yur eyes to begin to put America, the citizens and the constitution first. But the left continues it’s headlong push towards the abyss and the Rinos continue to stmble along with them pushng them on if need be. It is clear to me now that the accumulative damage by both the left and the compliant right has pushed us to the edge and we will soon push us over. The Republicans will vote for amnesty because they would rather court the illegal vote then the voters in their own party. Christy has just passed the NJ dream act NOT because it was “the right thing to do” but for pure political reasons thinkng the hispanic vote will put him over the top in a presidential election. But who will pay the price for this political expediency? Does anyone doubt that amnesty would only encourage many more milions of illegals to swarm over the borders that the left and the Rinos refuse to defend? This wil put us all in more debt, bring more violent crime and make more cities unsafe for citizens. The list of the mistakes the left and the Rinos has made is very long indeed. I see no sign that this will end or reverse itself with a big Republican win in 2014. The only difference it will make is that it will be the conservatives stabbing me in the back instead of the Democrats. So for the first time in my life I will vote Democrat if it means voting against a Republican Rino. If Christy and Clinton run I will vote for Clinton even though I think she is a radical commy bitch who intends to continue Obama’s lead and destroy our military and our economy. It may not matter, after all what is one vote? But that is why we conservatives are angry and why we can so easily be accused of having a purity test for conservatives. Yes, we want our conservatives to actually be conservatives and not simly lyng to us to get elected. If that is the test then yes we are guilty of havng a purity test.

  7. GoneWithTheWind,
    I almost totally agree with your post, but have to disagree with your voting for the radical commy bitch. I would much rather you do a “Write In” of your favorite candidate.

    There is much we (you, Don and I) accept in the Reagan Capitalist Conservative ideology. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN OUR THINKING/IDEAS! I also agree that it will take a number of years to regain the government we desire. I am a student of History, and having a number of years on you, can look back to the 40’s as proof that America can be great again!


  8. I have considered not voting in that race or as you suggest voting for an alternative candidate. But my belief at this point is that our politicians have so badly screwed us that the American experiment is over and we are now in a downward spiral that can only end badly. So I prefer to not reward those who have stabbed us in the back. Keeping in mind that the Democrats have openly expressed their intent and therefore stabbed us in the chest in full view and clear intent while the Rinos have lied to us. SO I don’t want to reward a Rino AND perhaps even more importantly I have this glimmer of hope that as things get worse a majority of Americans will wake up and rise up and throw the bums out. If that happens I want to make sure that the “bums” are in office. That is I would prefer Hillary be president when TSHTF and we all simutaneously awake from our slumber then someone who represents himself as a conservative. Yes I hear you saying that such a strategy only assures our destruction but I must reiterate that we are already in the death spiral, destruction is assured and the only hope is that at some point we rise up, perhaps employ a few guillotines and install a administration and congress that our founding fathers intended.
    What we need is a true statesman, not a politician, as president and 500 or so statesmen in congress. It is a dream, I am wasting my time even suggesting it. And recognition of that fact is why I fear all is lost. In fact we need a miracle. I don’t think it’s gonna happen so I am preparing for the worst.

  9. Impeachment is one of the few real possibilities to slow this downward spiral. But then there is Biden. But I do not think the Republicans have the balls or the desire to impeach. It goes back to my original comlaint about the Rinos; they want Obama to do his worst so they can get re-elected. They aren’t interestd in stopping him simply to save the citizens from all of the negative consequences. Screw the citizens if they let Obama’s policies play out then enough people will be negatively impacted so that they wil vote for the Republicans. It may be a good plan for re-election but it is a horrible lan for the country and the constitution.

    • I think the RINOs and “Moderate” Republicans like Chris ( The New Jersey Bloviator ) Christie ALSO want the Huge Government apparatus constructed in the last 3 Administrations to STAY intact.

      Because they want THEIR chance to use it !!……….. The NSA….the IRS as an Intimidation Agency….the Whole works. And the Establishment GOP want to get RID of Republicans trying to chip away and dismantle it….like Justin Amash, and Rand Paul and others…… it’s pretty Clear the GOPs target is almost ENTIRELY on other Republicans….and this should tell the GOP Base something !!!!!

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