Let’s Learn How To Speak ‘Progressive’


Explaining what Janet Napolitano means by ‘the Arc of History’

Recently, during an interview on “Meet the Press,” Janet Napolitano explained her recent change in position on gay marriage by saying ‘the arc of history has clearly arrived:’

Janet Napolitano: ‘The Arc of History Has Clearly Arrived’ for Gay Marriage

Now, to those who do not know and understand the Progressive lexicon, the term ‘arc of history’ might not make much sense.  But to those who do know and understand their language, what she said makes perfect sense.  Luckily, we can discover what this phrase means, but to do so, we have to go back to the words of the founding fathers of the Progressive movement.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Learn How To Speak ‘Progressive’

  1. They forgot one thing. The immutability of God. To arrive at their hypothesis they have to throw God under the bus.


  2. Joe,

    That’s why they are fools. Sadly, they will destroy everything that’s good in their path, including themselves, to prove it.

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