Voting Republican in 2016 IS Voting 3rd Party!

I’ll keep this as short and sweet as possible – especially since I know it is going to draw a lot of heat.  I have been arguing that we need to end Parties.  I have been telling those who will listen that the majority in this nation actually agrees, and they do not agree with either the R’s or the D’s.  I have said the time is ripe to return to something closer to what the founders expected, and throughout all of it, I have been lectured about the supposed evils of third Parties.  If you belong to that camp, hear me clearly:

If you vote Republican in 2016, YOU ARE VOTING FOR A THIRD PARTY!


The polls have vindicated me, and affirmed that my argument is and has been valid all along.  Now, either join me or admit (at least to yourself) that you are really more concerned with your Party than the nation or any real principles or ideals.

And before anyone offers the old argument about needing to consolidate power to achieve political goals, understand that, in making such an argument, you are advocating for the very heart and soul of authoritative ideology (i.e. Progressivism).  All you need to do is focus the power that already exists in the collection of like-minded individuals.  The TEA Party has already shown the way and demonstrated that it works.  Now learn from what we are seeing or cling to the old paradigm that was built to keep you in your place:


12 thoughts on “Voting Republican in 2016 IS Voting 3rd Party!

  1. The Polls really haven’t vindicated anything.

    Those calling themselves “Independent” split themselves about Even between the GOP- Elephant and the usual Jack-Ass Party….. That’s what the Elections tell us….and THAT is where the rubber meets the Road…..THAT’s what matters.

    Obama got 66 million votes Romney got 62 million ( which was more than McCain BTW )……if we count about 2-3 million fraudulent Obama Votes the actual REAL field was even narrower.

    ANNND…… The Cuccinelli diaster in Virginia teaches us the the So-caled “Libertarians” are actually stealth Liberal Voters …. I can’t emphasize this enough ….. the GOP, Classical Liberals and actual Conservatives HAVE to lokk at and RE_look at that Virginia race………….. I think IT holds the answer to Conservative wins. The lesson is in how the “3rd Party ” was used to leverage a Democrat/Progressive WIN. Without the Libertarian Sham….. Cuccinelli would’ve won handily, because as it is the Communist/Democrat only won by about 2.4 %.

    The OTHER point is that this is just FOX pushing the Amnesty Vote through using “independents” as a wedge issue for their viewrs…. FOX is just trying to justify AMNESTY for their Chamber of Commerce and RINO Croney Capitalist Corporate friends……………. I’m surprised so few see this Shell Game being played.

    FOX has built itself a Reputation as a “Conservative” alternative to the Socialist Main Media…..and for many years it was true…..but the game has changed ( not surprising with a Major owner being a Gulf-state mulim arab ). Their Slant inthe past 2 years has become more and more “Progressive” and RINO-friendly………… What’s the old saying….”Control your opposition “..??…………… We are being played by FOX.

    • Don,

      Keep acting on that and I have a bad feeling the GOP will be the one who is shocked this election season. The people you guys are counting on to keep voting for you are DONE with you. Count me among them. NEVER AGAIN! You have fooled us as many times as the Democrats. I see no difference anymore — NONE!

        • Don,

          I may, because HISTORY has shown me I have little reason to expect anything different from a Republican majority than that of a Democrat. The GOP has opposed the notion of limited government since Teddy Roosevelt. Just look at how they treated Reagan. So why would a rational person think they can change that now — especially since control of the Party is still firmly in the hands of the Progressive leadership?

          • Well……At least you have finally SAID it…… i suspected as much quite a while ago. Simply because your attack on “Republican” has been unrelenting…. with almost no attacks on Democrats.

            You attack ( for good reasons ) the “Progressives” and ally their position with Democrats to be sure. But over time your posts have omitted the term Democrats as associative with the Progressives. And more and more have come to rhetorically equate Progressives with Republicans. ( And yes I know the history….I was one of if not the first here to highlight Judge Napolitano’s new book in fact ).

            I do like your attemptthough, at associating my rather directed comment as “irrational hyperbole” by in fact using the SUCCESS Reagan had…….. :- ).

            Not withstanding , Reagan is being treated shabbily and with Lies by the very RINOs we both abhor.

            I say Again…………. The Virginia race ia a KEY.

            • Don,

              EVERYONE that does not kiss the ring of the GOP is a democrat plant in you eyes. Step outside yourself and look inward. You “might” catch a glimpse of it.

              I attack the GOP because there are people left inside it who can be reached. The majority of those in the Democrat Party are hopelessly lost. But to imply this means I embrace the Democrats… Well, Don, YOU are one of those who have PRAISED my efforts to expose the Progressive ideology. And now, here you are testifying against yourself. I cannot be both anti-progressive and anti-limited government. So it comes down to what I have been trying to get you to see: what you call “conservative” is NOT the same thing. It is just the GOP in charge of the apparatus of govt. under the guise of limited government. And before you object, allow me to present my evidence:

              THE GOP SINCE TEDDY ROOSEVELT! (remember, Reagan DID double spending and govt. reach).

              And Don, this is not necessarily an attack on Reagan. It is simply the truth. The numbers show it. Just as the reason I attack the GOP is because that is where the Progressive movement came from — Teddy Roosevelt. The Progressive germ was NEVER purged from the GOP, so do not pretend that I have excused the Democrats. What I am doing is attacking the Progressive poison wherever I find it, AND I FIND IT IN THE GOP! That it is in the Democrat Party is a given, so I don’t see the need to point out the obvious — especially among an audience that should already know it. It’s why the founders did not constantly explain where our rights come from; because they thought it was self-evident, so other rational people did not need to be reminded of that which they already know.

              • There’s an old saying Joe …. Be careful what you wish for….you just might get it.

                You ask for no one to support the GOP…. and with enough chipping away without Good alternatives you just might get it….and then the End to the Republic and at least a 100 years of Socialist Rule with Re-distribution and the end of the Bill of Rights etc….

                By not giving EQUAL time to Democrat / Libertarian Progressives you ARE in fact excusing them to a degree . Perception and Optics dictate that………. but I know you know that because the “Optics” you are trying to effect are those against the GOP……….. and one of your refrains is that those of us who do support the TP and Call ourselves Conservative and supporters of the Originalist version of the Constitution and B of Rs are actually somehow supporters of the RINOs, if we do not abandon the GOP completely.

                But reality is that such is not the case. And you still have not addressed the issues of my first comment…..election results….FOX news agendas etc..

                I know myself well enough to know unequivically that I am not a Democrat nor an Establishment RINO.

                • Don,

                  FOX may have commissioned the poll, but it was not FOX who conducted it. Also, the results are not really in question as there have been other indications to suggest this is what has been happening for a while. So it does not matter about FOX’s agenda (though I find it funny that the ‘supposedly’ conservative FOX News is now getting tossed under the bus, too 🙂 )

                  Nor does it matter that you think I am wishing for something. I have voted Republican in the past — because people like you talked me into doing something I KNEW was not going to yield the result that was promised. It hasn’t — not in my life time. So here you are, one more time, telling me that if I want to stay a virgin, I have to keep fornicating.

                  Don, how many times do we have to send people we think or even KNOW are “good” on the issues to DC under a GOP banner only to see them turn into a RINO before we stop telling ourselves we can get our virginity back by offering ourselves as prostitutes to the temple of the GOP?

                  I am for liberty — period. I am not for Party. Nor am I for giving my political power to organizations that have proven — through their actions — that they are NOT for liberty but for their own power. It is that simple.

      • kells: You tell ‘m. I’m worn out on explaining that the Faux Libertarian in the Virginia Governor’s race was an Obama plant. But that became clear before the election was even held!!! CDE

        • As you say it DID become clear ( known) that the Libertarian was espousing PURE LIBERAL policies.

          And YET …. it didn’t MATTER….that is the whole point. The Libertarian Voter, the Libertarian Base, so to speak, VOTED FOR HIM ANYWAY !!!

          You Certainly don’t need to explain this to Conservatives Charles…..I ASSURE YOU….we get it and GOT it. The Rubber meets the Road take-away from this is that the Libertarians ( the Voters) are and/or Vote Exactly like Liberals.

          And THAT is what all Conservatives have to keep in mind about EVERY election going forward in 2014, the “Libertarians” are there to foil the Conservatives …. that is their primary Function and Goal at this time.

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