All Hail, The Liar in Chief

King Obama is at it again ….

Obama On Executive Actions: ‘I’ve Got A Pen And I’ve Got A Phone’

What happened to this guy?

Only 1101 days before he has to act to stay in power.  We better get off our asses and realize he has no intention of leaving .

7 thoughts on “All Hail, The Liar in Chief

  1. “. . . modest encroachments on privacy involved in getting phone numbers . . .

    it was worth us doing . . .

    you can’t have 100% security and 100% privacy . . .”

    Fort Hood murderer, self described as “God’s soldier”, is classified as a workplace incident.

    After the Boston Marathon terrorist attack; an investigator accidentally relates in response to a question about a bomber’s wife, investigators were going back and listening to the phone calls between one of the bombers and his American wife to see if she knew what the (Muslim) bombers were doing. . .

    Russia’s government had notified American authorities as to the Boston bomber’s terrorist activities and nothing was done by U.S. federal Authorities.

    Wiretapping Americans has nothing to do with protecting American citizens and everything to do with protecting Federal government politicians.
    Congress was going to impeach Nixon for wiretapping 2 offices. The NSA with Obama’s consent is wiretapping every single American and Congress does nothing.

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