Article II, Section 4

Article II, Section 4
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Treason – Check

Bribery – Check

High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Check

Investigate the investigators? GOP lawmakers urge probe of IRS scandal reviewimages

Issa is wrong headed here.  It’s absurd to ask criminals to investigate themselves and expect a truthful outcome.  Bring this mess before a grand jury, and let them sort it out.

61 thoughts on “Article II, Section 4

    • US Constitution adopted 1789
      Article II.
      Section 3.
      The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

      66 or 67 senators must vote to impeach at trial.

      At least that many are progressives. Probably closer to 95-99 are progressives. They won’t impeach their “leader” who is doing exactly what they want him to do…

    • Texas,

      Mark Levin stated something to the effect last night that Obama and Boehner put language in the recent new 1,500 page ” Spending Spree Bill ” that effectively LEGALIZES what the IRS did against TP and Conservative and Christian Groups . So that going forward Obama and Holder can now “Legally” harrass those groups ( and individuals) during the 2014 Midterms.

      Do you know of this ??

    • Is that a rhetorical question? 😉

      Because “the People” have been indoctrinated by Progressive’s that the President or a Judge must commit a “high crime or misdemeanor” before congress may impeach.

      However if one reads the plain language of the Constitution, it is clear the President may be impeached for merely not doing his duty of implementing congress’ laws or protecting the country as commander in chief.

      Ignorance, stupidity, or Evil. Take your pick. The result is the same.

      • Texas,

        I reject that. Obama HAS committed a high crime — as defined by the Constitution. I have clearly shown where Obama’s OWN INTEL has said he is giving aid to Al Qaeda. The Constitution defines this as treason, a high crime if there ever is one. And still, NOTHING is done.

        How about when Obama violated U.S. law when he took the property of the bond holders and gave it to his political union allies in the GM/Chrysler bailout? Or when he EXTORTED $2 BILLION from BP?

        No, my friend, we have evidence of high crimes in the media. What we do NOT have is anyone who wants to do anything about this in Congress…mostly because THEY WANT TO CLAIM THE SAME POWER IF/WHEN THEIR SIDE EVER REGAINS POWER!

  1. Joe, there is a reason I am railing for a grand jury to look in to the matter, and the rationale should be crystal clear.

    … name 5 politicians in Washington you can trust. I can’t.

    • Nearly all of The politicians and others in Washington are not Americans in mind or spirit as a articulated in our Declaration of Independence.

      They seek to be “The elite” in Wilson’s American Progressive beehive.

    • Augger,

      That was my point (not to attack you). If there is just 1 trustworthy politician in Congress, why hasn’t that person filed Article of Impeachment?

      Silence implies consent — especially in the face of such a clear case of duty.

      • I know you aren’t attacking me, and despite what McPhatty thinks … we can play rough (though we aren’t here).

        Bottom line is that we are both right … they are all corrupt, weak, or impotent.

      • There is at least one trustworthy politician in Washington. I personally believe there are a handful.

        If one chooses to go to Washington with the intent and hope of making a difference; would they then commit “suicide” once there? No

        Those who are good and can’t stomach the cauldron of evil, do not go to Washington.

        Only crazy people commit suicide.

        • OK, Texas, then YOU keep voting Republican until you get enough of those “good ones” who won’t commit suicide until they have a majority.

          I’ll come see how you are doing after the second coming. I figure that will be about the time your idea will finally work 🙂

          • Marl Levin agrees with you it seems…..from Last Nite’s show…

            “….On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show: Mark asks what does it mean to be a Republican these days and what does it stand for? The RINO’s don’t want to address this and would rather keep the incumbents in office rather than listen to the American people’s demands for more conservatives in office. The RINOs, similar to the neo-statist, aren’t upset with big government and are cautious about cutting it. Mark also talks about how President Obama came to be – what drove him, the ideologies that he seeks to implement, and how he came to be. Obama is a media creation – he’s trying to remake society because that’s all he knows, he based it off of Karl Marx…….. “

            • Don,

              Contrary to popular opinion, this does not make me happy. It’s just that RATIONAL people who DO want to find a way that works are all starting to come to the RATIONAL conclusion: the GOP is NOT the answer.

              Look, we can still affect change. We just have to get smarter about it. Look at what happened with Beck when he left FOX. Everyone told him he was done without some corporate network support. Has anyone bothered to look at how HUGE his footprint has become?

              There was a time in this country when — if you told an AMERICAN he/she could not do something or that it couldn’t be done — they would go out and prove the world wrong. So why are we allowing ourselves to fall for that lie here? It is a trap to think we can only win if we play their game. If we play their game, we never win — it’s THEIR game.

              So now, how do we make real change WITHOUT the establishment?

              • I think Levin is pretty close to saying the GOP is NOT the answer.

                He has said as much by saying…”The answer doesn’t lie in Washington or with Elections…washington won’t change itself”……that is why he is pushing HARD for an Article 5 Convention of States ….. because it is outside of either party ( which he’s said explicitly) and it is outside of Washington and it is in the hands of the People via their States Representatives.

                I’m not arguing this is the way of Remedy ….. only that he is pretty clear that the National Election Process has failed us.

                • I agree with him. I have been trying to catch more of his shows, and he is starting to sound more like where I wish he had been a long time ago. Levin i THE SMARTEST on talk radio — Left or Right. He also (usually) has the best grasp on the logic in these debates. He has the intellectual might to push this, now he needs the popular support.

                  This is where I am becoming more and more suspicious of Rush. He has not jumped on with Levin (and Beck). He says JUST enough to give the impression, but even then, he does it in a way that just smells like a snake oil salesman to me. I no longer trust him and it is HIS doing.

                  • I sometimes wonder if we have enough TIME to effect an Article V Convention of States.

                    It seems that the States Convention will pick up steam AFTER other events have occured… I don’t know what those might be…… but Even Levin has said his purpose was/IS to get everyone THINKING about this Constitutional Process….so that we( the Thinkers and those dedicated to the Constitution) will have some place to turn AFTER…..After what he doesn’t say. He of course would like the Process to occur sooner rather than later.

                    I just wonder what will have to happen in order for enough people to awaken and seek a Return to Constitutionality via the Constitution itself.

                    • Don,

                      I have been reading a book about how Christians have been rendered ineffective because they have misread and accepted misunderstandings about what Scripture teaches. One of his strongest attacks is that too many Christians have been convinced to ‘mark time’ because they believe the end is near. I think he is right, and there is a lesson for us there.

                      We need to start focusing on the States — HARD! If the States will not appoint people for a convention to amend the Constitution, there is one step left, because it can be done without the States or the Federal government consenting, and I doubt anyone wants to go down the path of a Constitutional Convention — yet. So, I am with Levin: we need to push and push hard for the Amendment meeting — and nullification. And we need to push even harder to make sure the people have a say in who goes to these meetings. Party people must be kept out as much as possible.

                • the national election process has been designed to fail “the people”, read Justice Scalia’s opinion I linked above…

                  • Texas,

                    I read your link above. Could you expand on WHY/ HOW the National Election process has been designed to fail “the People”.

        • “There is at least one trustworthy politician in Washington. I personally believe there are a handful.”

          I’d love to have their names. 😦

  2. So they impeach him in the House. Do you honestly believe the Senate will follow suit? Neither do they. If the House does not act when we take the Senate this year, we’ve got trouble in River City.

    • Don’t hold your breath for a Republican Senate or a Republican Senate with the balls enough to impeach El Duce.

      • I feel the backlash of the ACA will be swift and severe. Perhaps I’m wrong. As to if they have the balls to impeach, I reckon it will depend on the guys and gals we elect. (Hopefully, this race won’t see any zombies at the polls, right?)

        • “I feel the backlash of the ACA will be swift and severe.”

          It will Kells, but I fear that by that time, El Duce will have already seized power — we’ve yet again this week, witnessed another threat toward that end. How many is that now?

          Obama knows his sycophants view him as a deity as they see this progressive movement as some sort of religion. It sincerely is a religion to them Kells, and think no different. Even when you can prove them wrong with 100% certainty, it still is not possible to convert them. And then there are the extremists who are smart enough to know when he is wrong, but would rather die than admit it.

          Obama will steal the throne, to loud applause.

          • Augger, he is the POTUS. He cannot be so blind as to see what the damage of this law has done to his reputation….he removed his name from it for cryin out loud. He has his dir-hard psychophants……but, not enough. That’s what I think.

                • One of these times (and it’s a discussion for another thread) we need to discuss the differences between the military leaders of today, and those of the Civil War, how a dictator rids himself of oppositional military leaders, and Obama’s recent purge of our military leaders.

                • Kells,

                  Augger is DEAD ON! THIS military – the one OBAMA has made — will follow him. It will NOT protect the Constitution. The military has been politicized, and that was one of the primary reasons America has not gone the way of other dictatorships before now: because the military was loyal to the Constitution.

                  You really need to wake up, lady. Smell the coffee and look around you and see things for what they really are and mean. Look to history for help. Or ask someone who lived through the 1930’s to explain it.

                  • Kells, what I am trying to articulate here is that I feel the American people have been been sucked in to Obama’s cult of personality … a rapturing, if you will. How else can you explain the American people tolerating the insanity proffered by him directly as well as indirectly. I hate to toss this out there like this, but if you do not believe the American people have become laissez-faire to the happenings of this now omnipotent government, then you are so monolithically listening to conservative talk radio that you no longer have the pulse of the people at large. The liberal media … they are just squawking without much conviction at the things that directly affect them, but over all, they are more diametrically opposed to yours and my goals then ever before.

                    El Duce is the exactly moniker one needs to apply to Obama at this point. He’s paralleling Mussolini moreso than you could ever imagine, and if you think this contemporary military will stop him, then you better think again. Our military is not either of the two opposing forces that fought our Civil War, and I will tell you why … even though the South was opposed to the North, both the Union and Confederate armies were lead entirely by West Point graduates, most of whom knew each other, and received exactly the same training. Underneath all of the fighting remained a sincere love of America … and that leadership (not Abe Lincoln) is the absolute ONLY reason that this nation survived that war intact.

                    … Obama has but isolated our modern military from it’s leadership, and undermines it daily.

                    The stage has, and continues to be systematically put in place, and as he grows closer to consolidating his power, he becomes more embolden with his threats — like the one we saw this week.

                    This nation doesn’t have the stomach, or the ability to fight another Civil War, so you better hope that the judicial branch of the government somehow musters up enough gumption to deal with this ever growing threat, because the Republicans damn sure aren’t going to.

                • 3000 Armoured Tanks ( IED protected) and 2 Billion rounds of Hollow point ammo for the DHS ??? Why does the DHS need Tanks ???

                  The Military will just use the DHS as a Proxy Kells… really don’t see what is being set up ???

                  • I think I remember someone saying he wanted a civilian military just as well equipped/armed and as well trained as the U.S. military. The implication there is, and not answerable to anyone but HIM.

                    BTW: is anyone else aware that Hilary already built such a force of former U.S. military personnel for the State Department, and that they answer ONLY to the State Department?

                    If we were in the 1930’s, these extra-military forces would be very reminicent of the brown shirts. But since everyone has drank the kool aid of “it can’t happen here,”…IT IS HAPPNEING HERE!

          • Augger,

            I wish more people knew and understood history. The similarity between Obama and Mussolini is uncanny — even in their stance.

            Your name for Obama is dead on! I love it. 🙂

            • Sadly Joe, I don’t find it uncanny. I think history will show us there was design, and intent. See my response to Kells above. 😦

              • Augger,

                My friend, I ask you to think back over my posts the last several years and see whether or not you can remember that I made this connection a long time ago. I even posted side-by-side pictures of the two men, and quotes from each that are almost identical in wording and ARE identical in intent and meaning.

                Remember, the period of 1935-1945 is how I make my living. I am as well versed in what happened in 1930’s Italy as I am with Germany AND America. This is why I know the three were tied together then, and why I understand they are STILL tied together in ideology.

                [note to Don: this is the primary reason FDR did not act against the Holocaust. Not only was he an antisemite, but also a friend of the Eugenicists. That, Progressivism and Fascism all goose-step together.]

                • Just an addendum….. the period from 1918 through the 1920s is Crucial to understanding the How, Why and What of the rise of Italian Facsism… the early 1930s it was a Fait accompli .

                  • True. I was thinking more of the period where it was placed into action and solidified its grasp by eliminating all opposition. Still, that happened in Italy faster than the rest of Europe.

                    And to understand the whys of that, we have to go back to WW I and the period directly after it. To me, WW II was actually WW I scene II, Act II. [and the really interesting part of WW I is that it is connected to the Ottoman Empire, otherwise known as the Caliphate. Which is why the Ottoman Empire was done away with as part of the peace process after WW I.]

                    Funny how history takes on a different importance when you start connecting the dots BACKWARD, isn’t it? 🙂

                    • I know you know.
                      It’s good to use appropriate space to get INFO out to those who may not….. esp the younger readers who’ve been given Garbage instead of a proper education.

                      They will have “bullet points” and dates to Google …. then the light of discovery begins to take hold. As you know self-discovered knowledge sticks better and deeper than merely Stated facts. I think TRNL, OYL and RoadToConcord sites present Great info and links to facilitate this.

                    • And the guidance from resident sages such as yourself goes a long way toward helping the interested reader to apply what is shared here.

                      Thanks, Don :*)

          • Reminds of that scene in “Star Wars” when the emperor was granted unlimited power to cheers…
            “So this is how liberty dies, to cheers” …


      Rep Joe B files Articles of Impeachment against Obama today in the U.S. House of reps.

      Media thinks they have a great chance to do an interview and call for a press conference.

      Rep Joe B says sure, so long as it is live. Press is sure they have me, so they agree.

      First question comes, Rep Joe B just ignores it , looks at camera and says:

      “What is your problem, America? Have you become so corrupt, so rotten in your core that you no longer care about right and wrong? Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents: would you let your children get away with openly flaunting the rules of your house? If so, you are bad parent. If that bothers you, get over it. YOU are the reasont his nation is falling appart. But to those of you out there who still believe in right and wrong and the rule of law, you KNOW Obama has broken the law. Stop protecting him or you will be no better than any other people who have stood by and let their government become evil. And you will have no better answer for God than the people of those other nations had when God asked them why they let it happen.”

      Rep Joe B then looks at the media and say “THIS IS YOUR FAULT! You have failed to do your jobs. The People blame you as much as the criminals in that building behind me” (gestures to the Capital building behind him).

      Then Rep Joe B puts his Marine warrior face on and looks at the reporters and in a harsh but subdued voice he says:


      Rep Joe B then turns and walks away.

      Media thinks they made Rep Joe B look like a fool and act on this belief.

      People rally behid Joe B because they KNOW the truth when they hear it. Also, people finally start to REALL turn on media because they just jumped into the trap Rep Joe B laid for them.

      Any more questions, Kells? It’s call having the courage of your convictions. It is called duty. It is called honor.

        • Not today, no. But until someone is willing to make this case, we will get NOWHERE!

          Kells, our cowards in office _– ALL of them, even Cruz — need to understand something. We have to breach the defenses of our enemies (tyrants). When you breach the enemy’s gates, the first people in generally do not make it, but they must still go or the whole assault fails. Unless and until someone is willing to jump on the wire, we will get nowhere. You fool yourself if you believe otherwise.

          • Don’t diss Cruz! He’s the only one with the balls to say something for hours on end about Obamacare, become publically excoriated and hated by all of America, to only now being somewhat redeemed because the media lambasts the truth tellers.

            • Cruz? Is he a representative? NO! If he was, I would dis him too — if he refused to file Articles of Impeachment..

              But, if he tries to run for President, I cannot support him. He is not a natural born citizen. And yeah, yeah, I already know what everyone is going to tell me, but the truth is in the freakin’ words, themselves. Natural born, as in naturally born – not naturalized.

              Unless you guys want to give the Progressives their way and say the necessary and proper clause means what THEY say it means; or the Courts’ their way and agree with the separation and the 2nd Amendment being a State right. But if you do not want to go there, then you have to apply the same reasoning to the Natural Born language or you are no better than the people you claim to oppose and I’ll have nothing to do with either of you.

          • Joe, agreed.

            The system is such, that those of us who live by the code of;
            “Honor, duty, family, & country…” Can never be elected, until after the collapse our progressives are working “double time” towards.

            Giving security clearances to members of “the Muslim brotherhood” after giving them position on the department of homeland security and the state dept. is enough for impeachment.

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