Let ’em Eat Cake

I say that we should allow the new “progressive” mayor of New York, Kaiser Warren Wilhelm ( Bill de Blasio) to take NYC full on collectivist – but they have to make do with the productive capacity within their collective as defined by the city limits, no help from outside other than that they can buy, barter or trade.

There is a reason that Marx looked to a borderless, global communist state as the ultimate end and triumph of his philosophy (which he saw as a bridge between socialism and communism).

It is because communism is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever invented.

It counts on taking productivity from productive members lower on the hierarchical totem pole and shifting them to others. Communism is not an economic system that creates incentives for production; it is simply a framework for satisfying the redistributive urges of the ruling class. As a result, it necessarily begets totalitarianism of the need to command all resources for redistribution.

So, in Marx’s theoretical framework, everybody must sign on because the total productive output of all societies must be owned by the state in order for this redistribution to take place.

I’ve long said that communism is a failure because it is not scalable beyond smaller groups, it fails simply because the span of control is too great. As long as there is one capitalist out there who does not follow the “program”, the totalitarian dreams of the communist can be thwarted. This is why they believe capitalism must be destroyed, not because it isn’t the best economic engine, because it is a roadblock to total economic and political control.

There is absolutely no way short of totalitarian rule that a country as geographically vast and with a population as demographically and culturally diverse as the United States can be controlled by a central entity.

It is becoming apparent that my scalability thesis is being proven as the adoption of communist/collectivist central controls are testing the limits of traditional American rugged individualism and it is putting our Republic on the same path to rigid central control that produces intractable and insoluble problems. The resulting tyranny will lead to eventual self-destruction, the same as other large scale communist systems have self-destructed.

The useful idiots in America today 1) want communism but they don’t want to pay for it – they don’t believe their lives will change, only yours will,  2) they don’t know what it costs because their form of American “boutique” communism is paid for by someone else – some evil capitalist somewhere paying the bulk of the taxes and 3) they don’t understand the true oppressive nature of communism because our Constitution still protects them from it, it doesn’t protect them from their own stupidity but it does still prevent tyrannical oppression.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right.

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