Obama speaks out on NSA: “the folks at NSA and other intelligence agencies are our neighbors and our friends.”

The new NSA Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah.(George Frey/Getty Images) hosted by the National Journal

Whew !

I’m so glad Mr. Obama has informed me I have nothing to worry about since its my neighbors and friends who are spying on me.  I’m going to sleep so much better tonight.

Are “you” joking?  That is suppose to make American’s more understanding?

  • Every credit card transaction is recorded,  (but our retailers aren’t given the name of fraudulent chargers)
  • Every text message is recorded,
  • All of our phone calls are recorded,
  • Stalin’s NKVD,
  • Hitler’s Gestapo,
  • East Germany’s Stasi,
  • Saddam Hussein’s Party Intelligence, and
  • Obama has the NSA.

Everyone!  You have nothing to worry about.  Obama has Eric Holder reviewing everything with a secret court.  A secret court.  The same secret court where the Judge explained he has no authority to independently verify anything.  Remember?  Here, I’ll help you refresh your memory  here.

That is correct.  Calm down.   Relax.  We’ll take care of everything.

The same Obama and Holder who knowingly lied to you about:

  • Benghazi, (was just a spontaneous uprising over a youtube video)
  • IRS targeting law abiding citizens . . .
  • Fast & Furious program where the feds ordered law abiding dealers to deliver guns to known drug cartel members which were found at the scenes of murdered Americans.
  • The guys who moved to dismiss the lawsuit after verdict, but before sentencing, of jackbooted Black Panthers with nightsticks who intimidated white people who attempted to vote.

oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,   I almost forgot:

“You can keep your doctor and healthcare plan if you like it.”

Read the National Journal’s article here.

Really, it’s OK,  Obama was a Constitutional Scholar, knows what is in the Constitution, and he’s protecting all of us from it.

Anyone who continues to be a Democrat, and your neighbor. . . ?  . . . Well, if you can’t figure it out . . .

8 thoughts on “Obama speaks out on NSA: “the folks at NSA and other intelligence agencies are our neighbors and our friends.”

  1. I do believe it is coming down to the people (thanks in part to social media) being the watchdogs against an unruly government. What worries me is that the true media is in the government’s pocket, and the majority of our elected officials are, as well. So when you have a majority, who does not pay attention; how in the hello do you wake them up? In essence; it is the people v. the government.

    My son’s history project was on Edward Snowden; it will be interesting to hear the feedback…

  2. I’m sure the Back-stabbing RINO Orrin Hatch is mighty Proud indeed !!!

    Levin is very remorseful about endorsing this POS for Nov 2012.

  3. Up until they went bad, the brown shirt and gestapo were neighbors and friends, too.

    What Obama does not understand is that most evil sincerely believes what it does is for the best. Evil does not realize it is evil. The darkness does not understand the light, but the light DOES understand darkness. This is the problem with people like Obama and those who follow them. It always has been and it always will be — at least as long as man is runnign things it will be.

    • Joe,
      Thank you for explaining to everyone why the examples I gave of other “police forces” is relevant.

      I have had many interactions with individuals from other countries during my career. No one else “trusts” law enforcement to take the proper actions against non authorities. This true because the military, police, etc. are used as political tools for authoritarianism’s evil acts and deeds for the dictator/oligarchy.

      Americans with an understanding of their Constitution and justice, were never able to be used in such a way;

      Until today…. With the current NSA, IRS, FBI and Justice Dept.

      We are in dark times. We the people must demand justice, not fairness, and return to the rule if law from the federal govt.

      Otherwise the rule of man will destroy this nation and the rest of the world.

      • Americans have always been too trusting of authority — precisely for the reasons you mention. Up until just recently, we’ve had no reason to distrust our military/police. But this is because the government — or people in them — was still American in nature. Now, things have changed and we are ruled by people with a decidedly European mentality (i.e. materialistic).

        I’ll keep saying this — not because I am a pessimist, but because we need to understand what we are facing — but I fear that, where the spirit of tyranny within our government is concerned, we have already crossed the Rubicon.

  4. I’m putting this up on all Posts about the NSA-FISC-Gov’t Control and Anti-4th Amendment Posts. I think people should Re-Post this story far and wide ……………. THIS is what happens to Gov’t DATA and Lists…… Gun Registration anyone ? The Question is WHAT DATABASE was the State of Maryland using for a person from another State .

    Here is an example of “Information” used to harrass Innocent people. Gun-ownership info from another State was used by the State of Maryland to harass a law-abiding Citizen.


    We live in a De Facto Police State Folks.

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