Absolutely NO Evidence of an Attempt at Global Takeover (Sarcasm Intended :-) )

AGENDAS: How to Take Over the World

Historically speaking, do you know how republics fail?  Or what replaces them when they fall?  Do you know how the factors that lead to the failure of republics are created and then exploited such that the failure of that republic is then assured?  Do you know that there are people who have actually made it their life’s work to not only study these things, but also to implement them in the pursuit of toppling this republic, America?  Are you aware that these people are currently in control of our entertainment and news media, our schools and all levels of our government?  Would you know how to recognize them or their tactics?  And if this formula for bringing down a free republic were tried on a global scale, would you be able to recognize that?  All of this is happening right now, and do you know why most Americans don’t know anything about it?  They don’t know because they don’t know and understand history, and they don’t know and understand history because the very people I just mentioned took these subjects out of our schools so that we wouldn’t be able to recognize what they are doing to us.

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27 thoughts on “Absolutely NO Evidence of an Attempt at Global Takeover (Sarcasm Intended :-) )

  1. You are bringing down the Republic, Joe, with your lies and tenuous connect-the-dots style of desk-bound investigation. People like you who seek to divide and denigrate, who exalt selfishness and greed at the expense of the quality of life for the rest of the nation, are the real danger.
    Corruption, economic distress and disparity, and embedded, deaf-to-the-people authority addicts create a vacuum for those who would take control. Examples of all 3 can be pointed out here in the USA, but we are nowhere the tipping point.
    But the drumbeat of right-wing radio and bloggers, along Fox news, has created an artificial fear in this country, and reasoned discourse is taking a back seat to seeing who can make the worst case for America, going forward. You win, Joe, .

    • Melfamy,

      YOU are one of the kool aid drinkers. I have shown — repeatedly — and in their own words — where these people has openly said that they want to do exactly what I am claiming and that they intend to do it exactly as I describe. In fact, YOU even agreed with me about Dewey at one time — before you decided you disliked me more than the tyrants, that is.

      As for your willful ignorance, you provide your own example. You act as though FOX News is right wing. It isn’t. It never really was. It was made to look that way to bring people in so they could still be guided, but they reached a point where they went back to who they are: Leftists. I have argued that Rush is performing the same function.

      The problem is that too many like you have been so dumbed-down that you cannot see or understand the subtlety that is used on the remaining thinkers in this nation. But you don’t have to. If you cannot see it for yourself, then just READ THE SOURCES I CITE FOR YOURSELF! Then the only thing you have to do from there is BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY! You’ll find I do not have to lie, everything I claim is all there.

      Sadly, they know that you and others like you are just to lazy to do the work necessary to discover the truth. But others are not so lazy, so they depend on the willfully ignorant to defend them — AS YOU ARE DOING NOW!

      Well done, lap dog.

    • Greg,

      I was re-reading your comment to make sure I was not committing a confirmation bias, myself. I wasn’t. You say I and those like me are exalting greedy people. When did I lift up the welfare recipients who are demanding more — such as yourself. Yes, YOU, Greg, are among the greedy. Those who remember your history know you have argued for socialized medicine. That is greed. You want others to pay your way — greed. Same for retirement and what YOU think your labor is worth. You want YOUR will forced on others through the government. That is GREED! Hitler played on it, too. It is one of the main reasons he and Mussolini were able to seize power: they took from the few and gave to the many so that the many sold their souls for scarps.

      So you are the one who does not see his own culpability here. It’s not me. All I am doing is reading and reporting on what the people doing this have said they want to do and how they will do it. Posts like this help those who will hear and see how their plans manifest in the real world.

      • Joe, I paid into the system for 43 years, I have earned a SS check, jut as so many of my fellow Americans have, so kindly go gargle with razor blades.
        As for Dewey, I hated him before I realized just how extreme you were in cherry-picking quotes to make someone look bad, so I am reserving judgment on the man until I get around to checking him out myself. Because you, Joe, are not to be trusted.

        • melfamy,

          READ THE LAW! You earned/deserve NOTHING! There is NO guarantee in the SS law.

          As for Dewey: I did not ‘cherry pick’ quotes. I cite who Dewey was accurately. The man said he wanted to use the schools to create children who would conform to the States vision of who and what they should be. He saw man as his own god — and said so. He believed that — as our won god — we could create our own utopia, partially through the schools. He said so. And Dewey said the teachers were the prophets of this new religion. He said so.

          That is not ‘cherry picking;’ it is who the man said he was.

          THIS IS WHY WE NED TO KNOW HISTORY: so we do not fall for the lies of people like Melfamy, who use stupid cliche’s like ‘cherry picking’ to give the impression that people such as myself are the ones who lie. He is praying on ignorance from deep within his own ignorance.

          • You lie with impunity about Margaret Sanger, Joe. You impugn the character of George Soros, who has done more to fight communism than you could ever dream of. Thus I do not believe anything that you have to say.

            • Margaret Sanger was a racist — period! SHE ADMITS IT WITH HER OWN WORDS!!! Which is why you have never posted anything from her advocating against racism.

              George Soros is a globalist. HE SAID HE THINKS HE IS THE WORLD’S MESSIAH! HIS WORDS! The problem you have is that you do not see the different forms of the Collective within the general community of Collectivists. Soros is not fighting Communism as much as he is fighting anything that will keep HIM from being ruler of the world.

              You do not believe what I say for two reasons. One, you are ignorant — because you will not read original sources. Instead, you trust what other ignorant people say, which makes you (TWO) INDOCTRINATED and inoculated against anyone pulling you out of your self-imposed ignorance.

              If what you say is true, you would counter my EVIDENCE AND SUPPORT with words from these people that refute me. You NEVER do this. The reason is clear to those who are honest with themselves (or who know the truth, as I do). You do not do it because you can’t. You can’t because those people are who I say they are. THEY EVEN SAID SO THEMSELVES!

              • Why you engage a Liar, a proven Anti-Christian and islamic fascist apologist, a socio-path with warped opinions about “engaging” with Children is beyond me Joe.

                Sanger is on record about her Plans, her views on Social Control and her Racism. Soros has ADMITTED he is Pro Socialist aND pRO-cOMMUNIST….He’s ADMITTED ON VIDEO that he enjoyed taking his own people’s ( European Jews) clothes anf property as they were being led to the Gas Chamnbers and ovens…… he’s at times hinted that it “excited” him sexually.

                There’s no need to defend your possition from this Islamo-Fascist Freak.
                But then you DO live your faith and attempt to shine the Light on where the cock-roaches of Socialism live in Lies and hatred.

                • Don,

                  I have learned that I can’t help people like Greg. They are lost and want to remain so. But there are people reading this thread (a LOT — I cans ee the numbers). So I write for them: so that they can have some assurance that I can support what I say and Greg cannot.

                  That is why I reply to him; that, and because silence in the face of evil is evil in turn.

                • Then cite the words and source that shows how the quotations I have posted mean ANYTHING other than what the words say they mean?

                  “My goal is to become the conscience of the world.”
                  –George Soros

                  There is NO context in which these words are NOT a problem. And these are the words of a maniacal mad man:

                  “When you try to, let’s see, improve society you affect different people and different interests differently and they are not actually commensurate. So you very often have all kinds of unintended adverse consequences. So I had to experiment. And it was a learning process. The first part was this subversive activity, disrupting repressive regimes. That was a lot of fun and that’s actually what got me hooked on this whole enterprise. Seeing what worked in one country, trying it in the other country. It was kind of what developed a matrix in fact that we had, national foundations, and then we had certain specialized activities.”
                  –George Soros

                  Same goes for Sanger. I do not need to “twist” their words because the words come from twisted people. They condemn themselves…and those who defend them, as well.

                  • Soros has brought down several repressive regimes, and there is little difference between his ‘open society’ movement and your vision of a politically aware and involved society.

                    • Greg,

                      His “open society” is a global government without borders — which is COMMUNISM.

                      As for toppling governments: THAT IS NOT HIS JOB! And I was not aware that England was a “repressive regime”

                      As I said, his own words condemn him — and ALL who defend him, as well.

                    • Greg,

                      try telling that to all the ‘little people’ who lost their life’s savings when Soros destroyed the British pound — just so he could prove he could do it to himself AND make $2 BILLION + in the process.

                      Again, SOROS has condemned himself AND ALL those who defend him

                    • You sat the stupidest things, you know that? Britain was trying to have its economic cake and eat it too. Soros , along with many other speculators, saw that Britain was trying to artificially maintain a high price for the pound, causing high inflation which was the true evisceraror of the peoples’ savings. Soros did the country a favor by forcing them to face reality. And he ONLY made a million bucks.
                      So why do you lie so much, Joe?

                    • “Stupid” is the person who keeps telling me I am wrong and then NEVER offers anything to support that claim except his assertion(s). THAT is stupid.

                      As for the rest: YOU JUST DEFENDED EVIL! And evil is as evil does.

                      For those who are reading this and may not know, George Soros collapsed the British pound. In the process, he made $2 billion+ AND he cost a lot of elderly and poor their entire savings because — when he did this — their money became worth about 1/2 as much over night. Many people lost their homes and had to go back to work because of this and here is Melfamy saying this was a “favor.” Would it be a “favor” to America is China were to collapse the U.S. $ so that it was worthless? Because they can do this. Would you think China had “done us a favor?” This is what Melfamy is saying: that it is OK for China to do this to America, and that — if they do — they will be doing us a favor.

                      Wars have started over things like this. They are called crimes. And Soros is actually wanted by several countries for such crimes. It’s why he is hiding in this nation: because corrupt and evil people like Melfamy are protecting him.

                    • actually, joe is mad because Soros exploited the weak economic ability of the Conservatives, who lost favor when the currency was devalued. Soros rode the train, he wasn’t the engineer, nor was he the only passenger

                  • Joe,

                    Here is *Al’ Melfamy the unstable* equating YOU with Soros
                    ……This is just like the Radical islamo-fascists equating George Washington and the Founders with Al Qaida and their agents who gouged people’s ( NON-muslim’s) eyes out in the Shopping Mall in Africa the past month.

                    It is a rhetorical Game applied by Progressive -Communists….. it is akin to trying to OWN the Language and thus own the Direction of the discusion…… The Socialist/Totalitarians try to OWN and Equate Classical Liberal Republicanism …. with Communism… and with One World Government . And then they ultimately try to equate Liberty with Big Government totalitarianism.

                    This is Communist Propaganda that is applied in our Shcools and Universities for decades and is INCREASING under “Common Core”……whose very name is a reflection of Communism itself.

                    • Just to add….

                      There is a World if Difference between… “We the People” ……. Individuals under a Constitutional Republic.

                      And “the people” ……… The mass associated with marxist class categories…….. Controlled and “regulated” by the government.

                      “We the People”……does NOT EQUAL…….. “the people “………… They are polar opposites.

                    • Yes,

                      Melfamy displays Progressive insanity ( and Socio-pathic tendencies)…..
                      …. But the method of making Equivalance relationships between Our Founders and Communist ideology….. between Liberty and violent Terrorists, is a STRATEGY of propaganda aimed at mind-control of our youth, and a rationalization of Theft.

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