More Tyranny — this Time in Texas

TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: ‘Education’ Used as Excuse to Seize Children

Preventing people from harming others is a legitimate role of government.  However, when government tries to claim that it has the authority to force people to do or perform a certain action, then the government is no longer legitimate and has crossed over into tyranny.  Forcing people to buy health insurance just to obtain ‘legal’ status is one example.  No one is harmed if I do not buy health insurance because there is no moral imperative to care for me should I get sick or injured and cannot afford to pay for my own care.  Likewise, forcing people to go to school – let alone public schools or schools where the curriculum is controlled by the government – is yet another example of tyranny.   Here is just one story about a growing trend of government kidnapping children simply because some official does not agree with their parents’ over how to educate the children:

Texas judge orders home schooled children removed from Christian parents’ home


“According to a recent article from the Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), a CPS caseworker investigated the Tutt family’s home and concluded by saying, “There is no problem here.” However, the caseworker also remarked, “Nobody in their right mind would want to stay home all day with so many children!” and ordered Mrs. Tutt to enroll in parenting classes and take a psychological examination. Despite the fact that Mrs. Tutt showed CPS workers numerous parenting class certificates and paperwork certifying her mental health, a local judge ordered the Tutts’ seven children to be removed from the home. In November, armed constables seized the children and kept them under government custody for nearly two months.”

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