Be Afraid

Yes, be very afraid! The grammar Nazis will attack you in your weakest moment. What a blogger must understand and accept is that there are those times when, well, you can’t edit. It hurts…. and the abuse you will receive is quite painful, as well. But please! Remember one thing: Stay strong fellow blogger. (The majority of us know what the hello you were trying to say.)

Ran across a spoof …….oh, crap! I meant to say, I ran across a spoof of a scene from the show, Inglourious Basterds. In the show, this scene is very depressing and frightening. Let’s face it; this is exactly how the grammar Nazis make us feel my fellow decimators of the written word!

Have courage, ye butchers of the English language; we are here for each other. Know this: the grammar Nazis will always shoot themselves…’s karma…..

3 thoughts on “Be Afraid

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