We Were Threatened Last Night

“What a stupendous, what an incomprehensible machine is man! Who can endure toil, famine, stripes, imprisonment & death itself in vindication of his own liberty, and the next moment . . . inflict on his fellow men a bondage, one hour of which is fraught with more misery than ages of that which he rose in rebellion to oppose.”

~ Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Jean Nicholas Demeunier, January 24, 1786

In their constant insistence that GOP is purely obstructionist with the sole rationale for blocking Obama being some personal or racial motive, our friends on the left are united. Their position reveals that the Democrats and the media have a remarkable conception of governance, one where the opposing party has no right to stop what they believe to be wrong for the country, rather they are supposed to fall in line and help this president with his agenda even if, like Obamacare, that agenda was passed without a single vote from them.

Well, we don’t have to go along to get along and we do have a right and a duty to fight. It is part of America’s DNA, codified in the Declaration of Independence:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

As much as he is wont to claim that everything in Washington has happened only to him and he is unique in facing such a wall of opposition, Obama isn’t the first to face such opposition to a “progressive” trajectory. The 80th Congress was nicknamed the “Do Nothing Congress” by President Harry Truman. Many Republican members of this Congress had opposed many of the bills passed during FDR’s administration and when redistricting created a GOP majority in the 1946 elections, they tried to halt the growing state.

Conservative commentator George Will issued my favorite analysis of the President’s SOTU speech, saying, “The cow kicked Nellie in the belly in the barn. Didn’t do her any good, didn’t do her any harm.” I tend to agree with Will that the initiatives proposed were relatively unambitious but perhaps camouflaged by the milquetoast triteness of the President’s boilerplate “progressive” laundry list of a speech, there was a methodology expressed of how to further those initiatives and it was something that continued to gnaw at my intellect during the post-SOTU “there’s an hour I’ll never get back” afterglow.

Obama was like a poker player trying to bluff his way out of a losing hand. It was relatively low key and buried in retreaded rhetorical flourishes, but Obama gave up a tell last night. Last night, America saw something unique in the post-WWII iteration of presidential power.

We saw a weakened President threaten America.

The current Democrat policies are opposed for a reason. They are the same “progressive” tax, spend then borrow and spend again policies favored by governments intent on closing down cupcake businesses run by 11 year-old little girls. President Obama’s SOTU indicates that he plans to “go it alone” via executive orders to implement them, intending to “inflict on his fellow men a bondage, one hour of which is fraught with more misery than ages of that which he rose in rebellion to oppose.”

The GOP has every right and responsibility to stop him.

74 thoughts on “We Were Threatened Last Night

  1. MR,

    Sad but true. No red blooded American Patriots left in the Senate or House to oppose Obama. All hail Caesar.

    If I were House Leader there would only be one vote held while Obama sets in the WH, impeachment. Then we would board up the windows in DC and go home and spend time with real American’s to prepare for 2014 and 2016 elections.

    Then we could watch the economy recover as business’s realized there would be no new mandates while the lunatics run the asylum. It’s time for drastic action to save the Republic.

    • The point?

      What was the point in trying to stop the NAZI’s from killing the Jews? I guess — had you lived in Germany at the time — you would have said it was best to sit back and wait for a majority…

        • Kells,

          We impeach in the house and stop all further legislation in the House until he is gone. That’s my answer.

              • So you’re telling me he will not be able to issue EO’s if impeachment proceedings commence? Truly, I really don’t know the answer to this. I’ll google it as you seem to speak in tongues.

                • Sure he will, and you impeach him AGAIN!

                  The answer is to do the right thing. Follow the law. Make the case — WITHOUT Party politics. Point to the law and what is right.

                  Eventually, you start voting to censure Senators who refuse to convict and seek ways of removing them. Start State recalls. Take their vote from them in the Senate. If necessary, make the case that they are violating their own oath to the Constitution.

                  As for the President, you start using the law to fight back. if he gives an unlawful directive, the States need to refuse to comply. And the Congress needs to start taking whatever LAWFUL action it can to shut him down.

                  But, if we keep doing what we are doing — and that is just talking and then saying you have to wait for a majority — then Obama will win and the last vestiges of liberty in this land will be extinguished. Do not make any mistake about that because THAT IS THE END GAME HERE! Control!!!

                  • Strategically, I think it would be best to let him dig his own grave. If he issues an EO on gun control, there is already a senator from Texas who has vowed impeachment proceedings. Now, you’ve got a win-win situation with most Americans as they already hate the ACA, and they love their guns.

                    I guess my theory is striking while the iron’s hot. Currently, I predict a good portion of D’s to be exiting the senate this year…..but with impeachment proceedings due to the 2nd amendment; it would be the coup de grace.

                    • If you do not oppose his actions, it will not be a grave he is digging but a throne he is building.

                      As for the D’s leaving, I will keep telling you this — because it is true. You could have ALL R’s in the House, Senate AND White House and they will STILL spend wildly and enact unconstitutional tyrannies. You needn’t go any further than the first few years of Bush to see this is true.

                      You are placing your faith in a Party, and that means you have already lost.

                    • kells: That sounds a bit painful, but as a libertarian, I support your right to do as you please as long as you do not infringe on anyone else’s freedom. Now my friend Joe may have another view!!! CDE

                  • Joe: The threat of impeachment may have more value than the actual action, at least until the Senate is secured next fall. To move sooner risks giving the Prog’s a victory in retaining the Senate next fall, which would remove the threat of impeachment for Obama’s final two years. BHO is nobody’s hero. He is a very typical Liberal/Progressive authoritarian bully!!! He feels invulnerable at the moment because he has been using the IRS, DOL, DOJ, EPA and other Federal goons to harass his political opponents. Congress and the courts need to stop that and then the GOP and the rest of us need to help him understand he could become the first sitting US President to be successfully impeached. But the risk must be real, not merely rhetorical. Fall 2014 is not far away. I intend to do everything I can do to help the GOP capture the Senate, and expand their margin in the House! Then the impeachment threat will be serious and my guess is that Our Dear Leader will go quietly. He is a petulant, authoritarian ideologue and my theory is that his drug abuse during his teens and twenties left him with an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. He also seems to be missing other body parts, but that will likely remain unsubstantiated, unless Reggie Love comes clean!!! CDE

                    • CDE,

                      You have demonstrated that you will be reasonable with me, so let me ask you a dead serious question.

                      Where is your evidence to suggest that, IF the Republicans hold the House and win the Senate, that they will actually vote to impeach AND convict???

                      Looking to HISTORY, I simply don’t see ANY reason to trust the R’s any more than the D’s. And I am VERY concerned for those who do. So, show me where and WHY my skepticism is misplaced, please.

                    • CDE,

                      Alternatively……. IF the GOP were to show a REAL backbone NOW…..like Joe and Chhelo have suggested…..then a GOP sweep would be pretty much assured !!

                      It makes one wonder if in fact the GOP Establishment Leadership LIKES a 60/40 or at best 50/50 split…..just like they WANT illegals to have Citizenship for their Chamber of Commerce Croney Capitalist campaign Donors……. because they will then be assured of Lobbying jobs after they leave or are booted out of Congress…………….. Think Trent Lott !!

                      I, Like you, will be fighting hard for a GOP victory…….. but I believe like Joe that without Conservatives like Cruz, Lee, Amash, R Paul elected….. we will be in the same spot we were in under Bush. Something BIG needs to happen……Article V Convention of States at the same time as election of TRUE Constitutionalists. And right now and in the past 40 or so years there have been NO Democrat Constitutionalists !!!!!

            • Kells,

              The Republicans control the House. All they have to do is vote no to anything that would further destroy our freedom and liberty. Real easy.

        • Then — at the very least — we are doing the right thing. If you do not show the world what is right, then it will believe that the way things are is what is right. This is why you must NEVER compromise on PRINCIPLE!!!

          Compromise is for how we exercise/achieve that principle, but it is NEVER about giving up that principle — EVER!

          And duty is doing what you are sent to do. Duty is a principle 🙂

  2. It always amazes me how people think you can negotiate with evil. If we just wait a few more days, weeks or months it will get better. Kind of like waiting for a disease to go away without medical attention. Obama and the progressives are no different than a cancerous growth. They will destroy anything or anyone in their path until the host dies.

    Is this what you want for your loved ones. Just set back and do nothing and watch this Republic rip itself apart. Allowed to grow the USA will be another footnote in history which is littered with the corpses of those that sat back while evil ruled the day.

    All of human history supports the above and it can’t be denied.

    • chhelo,

      There is an easy answer to that question:

      Because people who know what is right refuse to stand up and speak out. Silence in the face of evil is to become evil.

      So, if ‘good’ becomes evil by remaining silent, then how is the world to know the difference between good and evil? It won’t; it can’t. So it will naturally assume that evil IS good, and there you go: you are down the tipping point of the slippery slope and on the way to hell…

  3. Michael: All of us who love our nation and the liberty it protects have a duty to oppose Our Dear Leader and the authoritarian policies he espouses. We’ve seen this all before, and not that long ago!!! TR, Wilson and FDR, all Progressives, found the US Constitution “frustrating” and “confining,” and talked about the need for stronger, more efficient leadership in the form of an authoritarian, all-powerful Sumpremo. Only Wilson’s stroke and FDR’s death, and the eventual GOP resistance prevented each of them from grabbing power for themselves. Obama is reaching the same point, and all freedom loving Americans must recognize and act to stop his power grab. CDE

    • For Historical perspective….during FDR’s Dictatorial Power Grab…… there were Democrats who oppossed him on Constitutional grounds !!…………The Democrat Party today has morphed into a Far Leftist Extremist Party.

      • Don,

        The D’s today are Marxists, the R’s today are Fascist. Where are the people representing the side of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS ND LIBERTY?

        We gave the R’s the House, Senate and WH, and they spent more than AN Administration in history to that point, they gave us the Patriot Act, TARP and said they had to destroy the free market. Go ahead and give them another chance if you want, but I will have no part of it. I have seen what the R’s stand for, and ANYONE who hitches their wagon to the Republican Party stands for the same — ANYONE, Rand Paul, Cruz and Lee included.

        I know you will disagree, but it is sort of like Operation Valkyrie. Those officers who plotted to kill Hitler might have thought they were doing good, but they were STILL fighting against the Allies the whole time they were plotting, which means they were STILL supporting the NAZI regime. Same thing here. These guys can tell themselves they are trying to change the Republican Party, but they aren’t.

        Again, look to history. The solution is in how the GOP was originally formed. A small minority broke away and stood for what was right and within 10 year, their new Party was in control. That new Party is the GOP. But even then, even if we repeated this move, the problem remains: all I hear about is Party, Party, Party. I’m done with Party. I want PRINCIPLE, and that can be done WITHOUT Party.

        So count me traitor to your Party, but do not count me traitor to the cause of liberty. I’m not the one on the outside looking in on that accusation…

        • Marxists ARE Fascists….and versi vicie……

          Operation Valkyrie’s Military participants planned to extricate Germany from the war . Remember the Prussian Officer Corps was distinct and in many ways in opposition to Hitler from the beginning.

          I think you are wrong about ” ANYONE, Rand Paul, Cruz, and Lee included “…. there ARE constitutionalists ……and they feel that 3rd party at this time will lead to overwhelming Democrat wins.

          And they may be the Kernal of what will be become a re-do of the Proto-GOP. And you said before that you were going to support the Democrats…or WHOEVER was NOT the Republican Candidate, so we all know your strategem now.

          • Not quite. Marxists believe in open borders, Fascists tend to be nationalistic. Sound familiar? Open borders = open immigration = Democrats. Nationalistic = closed borders = Republicans.

            Valkyrie did NOT plan to ‘extricate’ Germany from the war. Their plan was to obtain peace with England/America so they could try to handle Russia. The Germans NEVER wanted to end hostilities with Russia. That aside, the illustration still holds.

            Next, Party is nothing more than community organizing by another name. You are coalition building. That means you are centralizing power. If the power is in the hands of people who disagree with your agenda, all you do by staying in their ranks is give them more power to wield against you. So, what we see with Paul, Cruz and Lee is just another form of self-deception.

            Now, when was the last time we saw a Party ‘re-done?’ Even the Democrats are still basically the same as they have always been. They still seek authoritarian power. So you can’t say the Progressives ‘took them over,’ especially when it was Wilson who decided to morph the Party toward Progressivism. And what sort of change was that — really? They were already Marxist/Socialist in form, so Wilson really didn’t do anything more than give them a new name.

            So again, where is the model of a Party being changed from within? I don’t see it in American history.

            • The GOP is FOR open borders today….so I say again Marxists = Fascists. There is no way in Hell that anyone can argue the GOP is FOR closed Borders….going back to Senior Bush.

              No, there is no Self-deception., When Lee ( as in his speech after Obama’s “State of the Coup” speech ) says something that jibes with my understanding of the Constitution and how America is supposed to work….I agree with him….Same with Paul when he filibustered against Drones…same with Amash when he brought up the NSA vote….he would’ve won BTW if the revelations had happened a few weeks earlier ! No self-deception…..agreement on issues and approach to Constitutionality.

              It’s not a matter of the party changing from within really …. it is rather a matter of Constitutionalists using the Platforms of power to get elected. As I said we may indeed be seeing the beginnings of a NEW structure with New leadership. At the State level is where we may be able to see effective change outside of Party Politics…..which will morph onto a national stage by virtue of its successes on the State level.

              Likewise to your question…Where in American history has there been significant political wins WITHOUT a Party structure.

              Yes, well the “War” started away from the CCCP. To wit….the Rhineland, Czechoslovakia ( think Skoda works), Austria, Poland then France…..then the inevitable Anglo-Franco push-back. The attack on the CCCP was part of a much larger push. The grasp for lebensraum ( esp territory gained in 1917 and given back in 1919 ) was a tenet of the NAZI platform and “philosohpy”….but it was not shared uniformly across the German officer class.the
              At any rate the wehrmacht High Command was smart enough to know that a separate peace was NOT going to happen. Their goal was to extricate Germany with some degree of honor from the war…..and avoid another WWI disaster.

              The Drang Nach Osten was a lost cause from the moment France was invaded …….. noone would have believed ( and rightly so) that the Reich would be satisfied with Soviet only territory. And they would have been terrified of the Nazi owned Russian oil fields. Although they might have liked the idea of two Socialist Hell-hole dictatorships trying to annihilate one another.

              • OK, DOn,

                You win. Have at it — you and the R’s. Save us. I’ll be here in a few years to remind you that there were people who tried to warn you the R’s were your enemy and you were empowering them.

                It’ll be a lot like all these people who are just finding out the people who warned them about Obamacare were right, too.

                • OH Joe,

                  You win. Tell us who to vote for in the 2014 Midterms ….. Please name names.

                  I am looking at supporting Steve Stockman ( R) Texas….Louie Gohmert ( R ) Texas…. Brown for State Office in Texas….. Dr Milton Wolfe for Senate in Kansas….. Matt Bevin in South Carolina ( R )….. Abbott ( Maybe) ( R) against Wendy Davis in Texas…… Perhaps Lee Bright ( R ) against Lindsey Graham in South Carolina….. Amash ( R)….Lee (R) in Utah…..Paul ( R) in Kentucky…… Cruz ( R ) in Texas.

                  This is January, I will add more names as the year progresses .

                  So please tell me WHO you are supporting ? and Please tell me ( and I mean this genuinely….not rhetorically) WHO in the Democrat Party I should look at……and Who in the “Libertarian” arena…..and WHO in the Non-Party alliance I should look at and support……………………
                  Since you seem to advocate a Vote FOR anyone without a (R) after their name. Or perhaps you are suggesting a Vote for No one …..sitting out and not voting at All ???

                  I am not being Snarky…….. What practical action are you sugessting ? WRT to pulling a lever. As you know there is great agreement with you about the GOP-Progressives.

                  Either we vote for Candidates ( and support financially) we think are Constitutionalists ….or…
                  We all just sit out entirely………………………. Which are you suggesting.

                  • Don,

                    Vote for whoever you’d like. All I know is that Washington was correct when he told us Party politics would lead to ruin. If you are supporting a Party, then it becomes Party uber ales, not the nation or liberty.

                    However, if Parties are ended, then you get closer to the way our system was intended to work.

                    So, keep attacking me because I refuse to contribute to the very thing that has caused a large part of our problems. I’ll keep trying to figure out how to make things work without relying on the traps. But I have already admitted this is not my area of expertise. Quite honestly, I was hoping ‘doers’ would take the points I’ve made and run with them as they have talents better suited tot he job than I. I — as you and others have noted — am a philosopher. Operations is not my strong suit, figuring out where we should be going and where we should avoid is what I do best.

                    • Joe,

                      I asked a very specific and Honest question.

                      WHAT do you suggest as to practical action ?……. Vote for anyone NOT A REPUBLICAN….or DON’T VOTE AT ALL ….. or VOTE FOR those who seem to be true Constitutionalists….. of either party or no party……and if so WHO do you see as such.

                      It is not about attacking….it is about forward action…. and is a genuine question…. who in Florida for instance ??

                    • OK, fair enough. I would vote for the following and in this order:

                      1 — CHRISTIAN, and not just because they call themselves Christian. They have to speak it and show that they are trying to actually live the faith by their actions.

                      2 — Someone who CLEARLY demonstrates that they know and understand the DECLARATION is more important than the Constitution.

                      there is no 3rd option. Anyone claiming allegiance tot he constitution that does not show one of the two qualities I just listed is no good. You see, the Progressives have already demonstrated that — without the two traits I listed — the Constitution CAN be used to run a Marxist nation.

                    • GOOD !

                      Now have you any prospects that meet this…. seriously? Have you heard anyone speak who you think is close. Your #1 I can believe would have quite a few genuine candidates.

                      But what about #2 ??………. I’m not sure I’ve specifically heard that espoused or articulated. Although I think some believe they are saying this when they mention the Constitution….. But it needs to be Specifically Articulated, I agree 100 % with this.

                    • Don,

                      NO! There are none that I can think of off hand that have demonstrated EITHER of my two requirements. I’m serious about this. Can you think of any?

                    • Joe/Don: While I prefer my list better because it is more detailed and specific, I don’t see a lot of conflict with Joe’s qualification requirements. The one exception I would make is that I will not limit the candidates to a particular flavor of Christianity. I find reasonable, rational people of all religious beliefs are capable of governing effectively, given they possess integrity, intelligence, humility and appropriate experience, along with the other beliefs on my earlier list. I’ve also found the same qualities missing from some people who claim to be followers of Jesus, so I am skeptical about requiring that as a show-stopper. It is the quality of the individual that makes for an effective leader, in my experience, but that is my experience. CDE

                    • CDE,

                      Apparently, you did not read my qualifications very carefully. Either that, or you are just looking for a reason to ‘pick around the edges’ of my comment.

                    • Hi Joe: I apologize since my last comment was a response to an earlier post of yours. It appears we are in essential agreement on any religious qualification for public office. For my part, I often find myself starting a comment and then getting distracted by business requirements, so that the discussion sometimes more on quite a bit before I return to my original ideas. So mea culpa, or something along those lines!!! ;>)) CDE

                    • CDE,

                      Let me see if I can do pull this off so you’ll understand. OK, in my best Sgt Bakanovic voice:

                      Thanks, now, what were we talking about? Huh? What? Whadyasay? I don’t remember any of it?

                      There, did it work? 🙂

                    • WRT to the second, not specifically as I said. But I think they BELIEVE they are saying it when they call for supporting and returning to the Constitution. I also don’t believe many are as sophisticated as you are about the issue. In other words they are making assumptions without being explicit about the Declaration. I think many Constitutionalists view the Bill of Rights as encapsulating the essence of the Declaration…..Life, Liberty, Property etc… Not advocating anything….just my take on their ( Constitutionalists) persepectives.

                      WRT the 1st…. Yes I believe Lee, Cruz and Paul are genuinely Christian . Would you NOT support Amash because he is Jewish ??? I also believe Gohmert and Allen West are genuine Christians. There are others .

                    • Don,

                      I will bring down a lot of hate from many Christians for saying this (not to mention Jews), but I do not see a difference in faith between Jews and Christians. Christ said they are the same so, to paraphrase Kells here, that’s good enough for me. It’s just that the Jews are still being stiff-necked (God’s word for them, not mine).

                      As for the people you mentioned: ‘maybe’ The catch is, do they mention God publicly in their campaigning? If not, then no — because that indicates they are embarrassed by our Savior. I do not mean they speak about their faith among other Christians, for who fears to speak in front of friends. But do they stress the need for God in this nation when they are in the general public? I have no memory of them doing so, but I would LOVE to be wrong.

                      Finally, I know I have lost this argument, but I do not think these people understand the differences between the Constitution and Declaration anymore than the AVERAGE “Conservative” knows the difference between what they believe and what the founders believed.

                  • Don: It is too early for me to have a list for November, although I generally support and like the people on your list or at least the ones I know reasonably well. One caution to all…please do not vote for anyone running on the Libertarian Party line!!! As a longtime libertarian, I do not question the motives of most but not all of those running on the Libertarian Party line, but I do question their common sense. Given our current political system in America, a vote for a Libertarian Party candidate is effectively a vote for the Progressive running in the same race, and we cannot afford those kinds of mistakes!!! I encourage all of my American Conservative and libertarian friends to consider a small set of questions this fall.

                    1. Does the candidate support individual freedom and resist government intrusions in our lives?
                    2. Does the candidate support free trade and the right of American citizens to be secure in our private property and free from excessive taxation.
                    3. Does the candidate understand what drives economic growth and why Obama’s policies are so disastrous for our nation and for individual Americans?
                    4. Does the candidate support the principle of limited government, and is he or she willing to work to begin dismantling the Progressive Leviathan that is strangling our economy and destroying jobs and opportunities for individual American citizens?
                    5. Is the candidate realistic about the enemies of America and the active threat they pose to our nation and its citizens, and does he or she recognize the critical role a strong American military plays in protecting us all?
                    6. Does the candidate have a strong track record of honesty and personal integrity, even if we do not agree with every policy they support?
                    7. Does the candidate support the right of every American, regardless of age, to be secure in his or her own person and safe from threats to his or her life, safety and privacy?

                    For myself, I will add the question of whether the candidate accepts the scientifically supported principle that life begins at conception, which is strongly held belief that is rapidly becoming fact.

                    I regard my questions as being asked to determine whether a candidate adheres to our Founders’ principles as delineated in the Declaration and the US Constitution. If they do not, I will not vote for them, regardless of party affiliation. CDE

                    • Good list !

                      Honestly though have you found even ONE potential Candidate who even meets a Minimum of your List ?? This NOT an advocacy of the Republican Party ….. just an honest question, because I haven’t found any.

                    • CDE,

                      That should have been even ONE DEMOCRAT candidate that meets….. was on the phone when I typed my question.

                • By the By I KNOW the GOP establishment is our enemy. I will NOT be supporting George P Bush in Texas NOR Senator Cornyn for instance !! Both Establishment GOP RINO-Progressives.

                  But the Democrats are a Communist Monolith ……. and the only politicians who are NOT seem to be CERTAIN Republicans.

                • No Joe,

                  I don’t think you have lost the Argument. Not to be polyannish or adopt the Current Liberal phrasing….but mentally, things really DO have a time of “evolving”……… and the sense you are are conveying about Hobbsian definitions of Conservatism mixed with the embedded Progressivism within the GOP, ARE ( in my view) having an awakening. Folks who call themselves “Conservative” rather than Republican today ( who expressly “I am a conservative…I am NOT a republican ) are expressing a deep internal realization of a difference between how they feel and what they see as the GOP. The move of former GOP to “Independents” is another sign.

                  There is no doubt that your understanding about the Declaration vis a vis the Constitution is far deper than the Candidate s and many in Congress. As well as the understanding of folks like Larry Arnn and the TP.This might explain the many TP candidates from 2010 turning. The TP didn’t get that these Candidates really “didn’t get” the major issues surrounding a return to Constitutionlity ?

                  I have heard Cruz, Lee and Paul mention God in their talks ….. though not at every public venue.

                  • Don,

                    Thanks, I actually needed to hear that. And as for Cruz and the gang, that is GREAT news, as well. I honestly have not heard them mention God, so I welcome what you’re telling me.

                    now, as to the Declaration, let me write something on that. I think it’s time to do it again. :-/

                    • Today Beck said on the radio that Levin had been e-mailing him…..he mentioned being excited about a Coming together between them and Hannity…..he even made a verbal gesture to Rush.

                      A meeting of Levin, Beck and Hannity ( and of course their combined AUDIENCES ) would be really fantastic. And if Rush came to the table that would be great Too. ( I recognize and respect your stance on Rush…. I’m just trying to talk about the 3 – 4 Guys talking together and the Optics and excitement it would bring ….not bring in polemics at this point).

                      But to get back to Beck and Levin, I was really encouraged by Beck’s feelings about their new-found Dialogue…..as they say United we Stand and Deliver !…….. Divided we are surely defeated.

                    • Don,

                      I heard it. You can find the clip on TheBlaze.com I am as excited about this as one can get. It could REALLY help the cause.

                      However, did you catch the part about how people worked behind the scenes to keep these guys at each other’s throats? Beck has not named these people, but he has made it know they are inside the GOP and were once thought ‘friendly’ to “Conservatives.” And just today, Rush was pushing the ‘what the GOP has to do to win’ Party line.

                      In short: Beck and the boys shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Rush to help them. It is more likely he will soon be attacking them.

                    • No with Levin there….if he’s not into it….he will just be silent.

                      Did you also catch his luke-warm respose to the GOP reponse….saying in essence he worries that She’ll be “seduced” by the RINOs…..then today Levin quoted Her saying they (GOP) will help the President and be a Year of Action too !! So he called it and Levin confirmed it. He definitely wasn’t on the GOP Establishment’s side then !
                      She is the 4th ranking in Leadership.

                    • Don,

                      Yes, I caught that. I guess the point I am trying to make, and the thing I am getting from Limbaugh, is that — IF he was in the same camp as these other three — his condemnation should be thorough and consistent, but it isn’t. One minute he is bashing the RINO’s, the next, he is telling people GOP ALL THE WAY!!! I understand I could be wrong, but this sort of double-talk is the very thing he used to tell us Clinton did to keep his people on the Democrat reservation. Well, if I take those old critiques and apply them to what Rush is doing now, they apply equally to him. So, if he spoke the truth then about Clinto double-speaking, what should we take away when Rush does it?

                    • He is definitely waffley with respect to Direction. I do agree he seems to be trying to do two things at the same time….Keep the Tea Party front and Center as the TRUE Conservatives and condem the RINOs while at the same time trying to Cajole the leadership with words! Instead of telling his listenership to just get behind efforts to Dump the Establishment Leadership he rails against.

                    • Don,

                      Well said. Now — and be honest with me, please — doesn’t that sound more like the way the GOP leadership operates than the TEA Party (and TRUE ‘Conservatives’)?

                    • Yes…………… It isn’t as the Founders envisioned. But , at this time,to not do so would leave ONLY the Democrats with Campaign Money….. basically another “Tactic” like sitting at home and not voting which sweeps the Progressives of both Parties in without opposition. ( Which is what they WANT….they want us to just LEAVE the Field and insure one-Party Rule ).

                      In that sense I’m not sure it is what the Founders envisioned either …….. so I will comtinue to support those I have some faith and belief in.

                      And I agree about the Out-of Country Donations !!! ………… But Americans supporting Americans is NOT the same as Foreign intervention.

                    • I wish you could see how easily you justify “I can’t beat them, so I have to join them — I’ll just do it for ‘my side'”

                      Don, you will never show people that what the Left is doing is wrong as long as you do it in turn. Instead, you teach them that not only is it OK, but you are not as good at it as the people who do it best (i.e. the Left).

                      As for the agreeing that foreign nations shouldn’t donate to campaigns but Americans can: if you donate to a campaign in another State, you ARE a foreign State donating to their campaigns. NO DIFFERENCE! You are just rationalizing it as different — unless you no longer think the States are sovereign…

                    • Since you mentioned “Boner” and Kells…and she is an advocate for all things “gay”…..

                      I would say….viewing his “performances”…..Boner is definitely “Conflicted” about much….. :- ) .

                    • I understand your Philosophical stance …. and have a lot os agreement with it.

                      But fact is you haven’t addressed my 1st paragraph that started with ” Yes … “

                    • DOn,

                      I thought I did. If you are going to claim that you have to do what the other side is doing to beat them, then you have joined them. Now you are just fighting for your piece of that same cake. hence the rift between Fascism and Communism (or Democrat vs Republican).

                      Or, to put it another way: two wrongs do not make a right.

                    • Absolutely Joe.

                      He was in my list above. I can’tvote for him either….. but I WILL be sending Contributions. Anyone can.


                      Maybe a Post should be created with the purpose of Links to possible candidates for STATE Or National Offices ?….Since we can support even if we can’t vote ??

                    • Don,

                      You see, THAT is something that has gotten us in trouble. Why should we be able to give money to someone whom we cannot vote for??? Should we let the Chinese contribute to our elections (I mean, aside from Bill Clinton, that is)?

                      This is one of the areas where I believe “Conservatives” break from the founders. It is the reverse of taxation without representation. In this case, you are inserting yourself into an election that will directly impact people OTHER than yourself. It is also a passive acknowledgment that we are no longer a federation, but a National government where the States are treated as little more than counties.

                      In short, donating to a campaign when you cannot vote for the candidate is meddling in the affairs of other people. It is a violation of Natural Law. And that goes DOUBLE for corporations and any other artificial entity — since they can’t vote, period.

                    • With respect to your/my Rush comments…. No, not exactly….. I see your point but I see him as conflicted. Now conflicted because of his Friendships in high places and his belief that 3rd parties don’t win versus his knowing that the Establishment GOP is selling the GOP and the country out.

                      When someone calls and says they,re not going to vote GOP or it’s getting very Hard to votre GOP anymore…..his response is pretty much…. ” Hear you ! “…..not well we have to keep on keeping on. So for me he is Conflicted….that’s just me.

                    • Fair enough.

                      Now, if I wanted to be snarky (this is more for Kells 😉 ), I would ask you, “Does that mean Boehner is just ‘conflicted?’ hehehe 🙂

                    • This should have been replyed HERE.

                      Since you mentioned “Boner” and Kells…and she is an advocate for all things “gay”…..

                      I would say….viewing his “performances”…..Boner is definitely “Conflicted” about much….. :- ) .

                    • Again….should have been Here !

                      Yes…………… It isn’t as the Founders envisioned. But , at this time,to not do so would leave ONLY the Democrats with Campaign Money….. basically another “Tactic” like sitting at home and not voting which sweeps the Progressives of both Parties in without opposition. ( Which is what they WANT….they want us to just LEAVE the Field and insure one-Party Rule ).

                      In that sense I’m not sure it is what the Founders envisioned either …….. so I will comtinue to support those I have some faith and belief in.

                      And I agree about the Out-of Country Donations !!! ………… But Americans supporting Americans is NOT the same as Foreign intervention.

                      Addendum…… Just heard Beck say he is speaking to the Texas Parker County GOP…..Said “I am done with the GOP !!! ” Understand I am with him on this. And I agree 100 % about GW Bush and his prosecution of Ramos and Campion ( the Border Patrol Agents)

  4. He made sure he mentioned gun control. It was only once this time instead of the 7 in 2012 but after the midterms he has nothing to lose. I say bring it on, I’m sick of waiting anyway. Molon Labe

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