“Progressive” Contradictions

I was thinking about the inherent contradictions present in “progressivism” like:

  • Progressives believe that while an individual is incapable of managing his own life and knowing what is best, a government made up of individuals do and can.
  • Progressives believe that the problem with life is that it is impossible to plan and then set up government to plan it.
  • Progressives believe that for an individual to be truly free, he must have every aspect of his life controlled.
  • Progressives despise and distrust business corporations and yet want everybody to love and trust the largest corporation in America – government.

I’ll throw it out to the readers…what are some you can think of?

2 thoughts on ““Progressive” Contradictions

  1. I would venture to say that a progressive’s world view, is that we are all evolving to a better and better state as beings.Were as the conservative view is that people are prone to corruption, without discipline ensuring a society does not erode, like many great societies before us. It is the same line of thinking which says do not discipline your children, or never tell them no: with the idea they will grow up with a greater sense of self esteem, and everything will work out beautifully for everyone. This of course is prosperous, al you have done is create a society filled with lawlessness!

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