A Must-Have App

Yesterday, Mr. Kells downloaded an app from the Windows store for me. I don’t know how one goes about installing apps, but it must come with ease if you are comfortable with a computer (I’m not.)

Anyhow, this app is called Informed American. I’m still discovering more and more as I try and figure it out (I have yet to figure out the FB), but what I’ve seen so far has been quite invaluable.

This app is basically centered on congress and their votes. You may focus on certain senators, representatives, bills, &c. that are in debate and see who voted for what, as well as seeing everyone’s votes (or the lack thereof.) You may also read the bill. I’m sure there is more you can do, but I’m a newb (as my son would say.)

When I asked Mr. Kells how much this “app” set us back, he told me it was free. Ka-Ching! (They’re playing my song, and I’m gonna dance! Yeah, baby!)

Once again, this Windows app is called Informed American. I say the more the merrier (informed Americans, that is.)

13 thoughts on “A Must-Have App

  1. Now THAT sounds like a very useful tool for a Constitutional Republic ! There should be no excuse of ignorance of what Congress is doing on the part of younger voters. Is it for i-phones/i-pads only ? or for Regular desktops too ?? Is it real-time or after a vote has occured ?

    BTW ( whose the babe with the High-Hair in Ur Pic ?? )

    • Don, it is on my computer, but Mr. Kells did that. I think you must google Windows Apps, and type in Informed American on the search? I don’t know what will happen after that, but hopefully your computer will not self destruct.

      My gravatar is a representation of Maria Cosway.

      • Cool !

        She looks pretty good for an Old Chick of 200 + years ! I guess only her hairdresser knows for sure….. ;- ).

  2. I use OpenSecrets.org for all my Government information, Congress, donations to Politicians, pending Bills, etc.

    Very informative for identifying who gave how much to which politician.

    When I checked the Ap, said for Windows systems? Is it available for Macs?

  3. Just tried to get this app for my IPad, but Apple store doesn’t have it. I love Apple, but hate their politics.

    • Perhaps if your computer is Windows….don’t worry; I won’t tell Mr. Kells! It is quite funny watching the dispute between the B-I-L’s. Two are with Windows, two are with Apple. Oh, brother! 🙄

          • Well the SQL – UNIX “wars” 1969 -1974 with a slight turn toward OS2 in the early 80s ( and specifically the OUTCOME of those wars)…. sorta—kinda determined the way user interface was determined for us. Excluding the XEROX-PARC 1960s Technical achievements in Relational-Data bases and hardware such as the Mouse and touch-screen.

            Keep in mind I cut my teeth on a PDP 11/03 so there is bias …… but the eventual simplicity and power of being able to Control computer function at a deeper level for all end-users was replaced with surface applications . Now those are quite Good….even fantastic. But the power to utilize your Computer at the level of System applications via UNIX/XENIX was quite phenominal…..without having to go to the assembly language level.

            I understand this seems a little obscure to some….. but the level of control I’m talking about allowed you to interface with others computers especially Text-Editor functions, while at ther same time creating your own truely unique Data-managment system…… and yes think security, speed and any other creative Data-management function the user could think of. While at the same time being able to problem solve at even the Kernal level.

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