Socialists: To Be Frank, They’re ALL Insane

INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: The Persistent Delusion that Socialism can be made to Function


I call this insanity for a simple reason: history has condemned socialism.  No matter how many times it is tried, it has always failed.  It always will.  Socialism cannot work for a simple reason: it contradicts Natural Law.  Yet, no matter how much clear and irrefutable evidence is presented, there are people who insist that socialism is the ideal.  These people insist that the only reason it has not worked is because it has never been tried by ‘the right people.’  The implication here is that all those before were not ‘smart enough’ to make socialism work, but the current round of advocates are.  And there is the insanity.  These people are no smarter than anyone who came before them.  In fact, evidence suggests they may be less intelligent.  They are certainly less wise.  But then, socialism is about one thing and one thing only: control of other people.

Now, if you happen o be one of those who are going to argue that I am the one who is wrong; if you are going to argue that the free market is the real problem; save your breath.  We have not had a free market since the early 20th Century, so anything you try to tell me about how the free market has failed is going to be undermined by the fact that we have had some form of socialism for more than 100 years now.  And socialism undermines the free market.  The reality is that the only reason our nation has not failed long before now is because there were strong remnants of the free market still operating within this growing socialist economy.  But we are now seeing the result of these socialist ideas.  As the last vestiges of the free market are strangled and die, the historic result of all socialist economies is finally starting to manifest in America.  [The Simple Reason Socialism Always Fails, The Socialist Myth, Why Socialism Failed]

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9 thoughts on “Socialists: To Be Frank, They’re ALL Insane

  1. Joe: I posted something on this theme a few months back, and yes, Liberal/Progressives are insane, both by Einstein’s definition of insanity as doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results, and by most modern definitions of schizophrenia. The schizoid personality disorder today manifest itself by a consistent failure to connect with objective reality, but rather the tendency to substitute a distorted vision often driven by internal “voices” and fantasies. Like, “Obamacare is working!!!” Or “Business and political interests are preventing Obama’s economic policies from succeeding.” How about, “We need to trust the Syrians and Iranians to keep their word as honorable negotiating partners.” Or, “Israeli hostility is preventing peace with the so-called Palestinians.” Or, “Getting legal guns out of the hands of honest American citizens will magically reduce the levels of violent crime and violence where a criminal employs a gun.”

    This list can go on and on and on, but the Lib/Progs “rebut” these facts (which by the way is impossible to do!!! One can rebut logic but never objective facts) by claiming there is no such thing as objective reality. The Lib/Prog position is ultimately that each American citizen possesses his or her own private little reality, which is ultimately inaccessible to others, unless we decide to sit in a circle for hours, lightly humming cum by ya, while each of us shares his or her inner feelings about GDP growth. Listen to Libs on TV interviews and you will hear them refer to “my reality” fairly frequently. Sound crazy…it is!!! CDE

      • Under your link above to ” The Simple Reason Socialism Always Fails ” there is another article titled…. “What if Americans Rebel against ObamaCare” ?

        This is what I was talking about on the Threads below…….. There will probably have to be some form of Thoreauian or Ghandian Civil Disobedience……refusing to follow Unconstitutional laws. Both amongst “We the Peopel” and supporteed by the State Governments !

  2. You guys all say too much on this subject. hehehehe. Here’s all you have to say in one simple and succinct statement …

    Contemporary liberalism comes with a concomitant disorder.

    … it’s called insanity.


    -Augs, your one stop shop for blunt force trauma politically choleric punditry. 🙂

  3. And I thought (believed) all Liberal/Progressives were solipsistic!

    I like your “Politically choleric punditry,” -Augs, my kind of exploratory blunt force trauma examination?

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