Putting it another way…

LESSONS IN APPLIED LOGIC: Why Obama’s Lawlessness Matters to You


I have been posting here and on The Road to Concord to try and draw attention to the growing tyranny coming from the Obama Administration.  For whatever reason, people don’t seem to care that Obama is violating the laws of our nation, his oath of office and the Constitution.  I am not alone in trying to explain this threat.  Others have been joining me in the effort to wake this nation.  But, try as we might, it doesn’t seem to be having any effect.  So I thought I would try to explain it in another way: in a manner that is both shocking but also true.

If Obama can change the Affordable Care Act whenever he wants; if he can ignore the immigration laws; ignore the bankruptcy laws; ignore the laws dealing with posting rewards for the head of private citizens; ignore the election laws; ignore the laws dealing with race-based crimes: if he can just ignore these laws whenever he feels like, then what else can he just ‘ignore?’

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