The Lonely Heart Queen

Being that I consider myself quite the Casanova, sans the package, I thought it would be kind of fun to put my skills to the test. As everyone is very well aware, Valentine’s Day is on our heels! I decided that I would take this silly quiz to prove my prowess as a she-wanna-be-a-he-man. I got one correct. WTF?

In my defense, I’m a lover, not a quiz taker. Please note the abominable title which they have bequeathed me. This characterization is just so wrong on so many levels…………… which is why I added queen to it.

Look, cut me some slack, here; there were 10 questions!!! Before you go mouthing off, you Valentinos; I would simply ask that you take this 10-question quiz:

I’m very curious to see how you boys score. Naturally, I’ll have to deduct a point or two from you all as I know you shall cheat. I think you better have those silly Cadbury Eggs ready…..although lingerie’s always a nicer alternative……

Dive in, lover boys! I get the feelin this’ll be the Lonely Hearts Club!

16 thoughts on “The Lonely Heart Queen

  1. I see you’ve come up with a quick and most valuable excuse in order that I don’t deduct a significant amount of points! Let’s face it: Zuckerberg can’t handle me. I will give you time….tick-tock-tick-tock….is your heart racing, yet? Let me say it with feeling: Tick-tock-tick-tock……….is time on your side? (Sorry, I just think everything’s a bit more fun with a sense of drama.) Oh, I’m sorry that you had that nuclear meltdown at work today….glad you’re okay!

    I will give in to your demands……………..for a price.

  2. I got 4 = wallflower….no surprise . 2 ex-wives, however
    As the old song goes
    If all the young girls were like bats in a steeple,
    and I were a boy bat ,
    there’d be more bats than people………

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