I Just Don’t Get It

Rush Says the Republicans Will ‘Sweep’ the Democrats.

Rush Limbaugh’s Really Bold Prediction About 2014 Midterm Elections

“I think the people of this country are gonna sweep Democrats out of office every chance they get, every opportunity they get — and I think there’s plenty of evidence for it right now,” Limbaugh said. “You don’t have Henry Waxman and these people retiring unless they know.”

Well, Rush missed another possibility.  The Democrats are all retiring because they know they have finally completed the ‘fundamental transformation’ and, now, Congress simply won’t be needed.  Obama will just continue to rule by decree.

Besides, even if the Democrats are retiring because they think Americans have turned on them, it won’t matter.  The Republicans are still going to just give Obama whatever he wants anyway.  Obama demanded a clean debt limit increase, and this is what he got:

House Passes ‘Clean’ Debt Ceiling Increase, Without Conditions – Here Are the 28 Republicans Who Voted for It

Senate Passes No-Strings-Attached Debt Limit Increase – See Who Backed Ted Cruz’s Strategy and Who Didn’t

Yeah, electing Republicans will solve everything – not!  It just lets us believe we can ‘throw the bums out’ when all we’re doing is shuffling our executioners.

When are we ever going to learn that we have to destroy their power base, and that means destroying BOTH Party structures.  Oh, well, I know I have lost this argument.  Too many people think the way to defeat evil is to become evil and change it from within.


Good luck with that… 😦

21 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Get It

        • I think you just put your finger on the real root of the problem: even those who claim allegiance to the founders do not understand God was the foundation of what they accomplished.

        • That we have to surrender all hope to have any hope?

          Yeah, sorry, but if that is your reality, I’m getting off your train. You’re going over the edge and I would prefer not to have to join you.

        • No…. what you perhaps don’t get is this…:

          The ONLY people who are talking about Constitutionality….the ONLY people who are talking about the importance of Faith and God….the ONLY people who are talking about the Importance of Natural Law as it relates to the Constitution and our rights………….. Are Republicans.

          NOT ALL republicans. But people see who is and isn’t on the right page ( NOT the one’s who are asleep…we’ve talked and agree on them). So…… America has degenerated into such a Polarized environment that virtually NO DEMOCRATS even give voice to those Principles…..and haven’t for YEARS !!

          What conservatives and like-minded folk see are ONLY SOME of the Folks within the GOP pressing those Principles.
          And yes they are aware of the Back-stabbing LIARS Like John Cornyn ( Texas) Lisa Murkowski ( Alaska), Jeff Flake and John McCain ( Arizona), The POS-Marco Rubio ( Florida), Kelly Ayotte ( New Hampshire), McConnell in Kentucky…..John Boehner in Ohio, Orrin Hatch in Utah, McCarthy,…Lindsey Graham in SC… and Ron Johnson and etc….and Etc… People are aware of these RINO GOP LIARS.

          So they are not supporting the GOP…..they are supporting those they feel ARE on about the principles they believe in………..and as much as it may rankle you…..those folks are all within the GOP…… Sam Brown in Texas, Mia Love in Utah, Matt Bevin in North Carolina and others.

          • Don,

            Those same people — not many but a few, just like now — exist within the Democrat Party. They existed within the NAZI Party and the Communist Party. Where did that get them?

            I do not understand — well, no, I DO understand why people cling to their Party as ‘the only answer” to this problem.

            What i DON’T understand is how those same people can point to history and lecture their friends on the Left, the whole time missing the lesson history teaches about trying to ‘rescue’ a recalcitrant Party. I would beg you to remember how and why the GOP was originally formed and learn from that. 🙂

            • I was able to name some in the GOP who DO share the values you espouse……….. NAME those democrats who do, otherwise…..

              And my point was that those who are supporting the likes of Matt Bevin ARE NOT supporting party politics…….. Your point seems to be anyone supporting ANY REPUBLICAN is supporting the Party and not simply supporting the Candidate.

              And as always you Diss the GOP and basically give the Democrats a pass……or offer no solution excep”wharever you do people DON’T VOTE Republican”. Beck and others are vetting Republicans as we speak …. basically because there are NO…ZIP …ZERO…NADA…..Democrat candidates who promote the Constitution …. and that is just a Political Fact today.

              • “Your point seems to be anyone supporting ANY REPUBLICAN is supporting the Party and not simply supporting the Candidate.”


                How many “good” candidates have been elected and then gone wrong when they get to D.C.? What do they ALL have in common? The PARTY!

                So, if I send a MINORITY of ‘good’ people to a ROTTEN system, all I have done is strengthened the rotten system.

                You tell me to be ‘practical’ and deal with reality as I find it. Well, there you are, practical, reality-based math. Now show me where my calculations are bad/wrong?

                  • November would be a good time to star pushing TRUE Independent candidates. IF we survive until 2016, MAYBE that will give enough momentum to break the Party system.

                    Otherwise, I don’t see any hope for the future. After all, we ‘thought’ we were making ground under Reagan, and again under Newt, when — in reality — it was just a game to make us think we were making a difference until the momentum shifted again and the Progressive line could proceed without worry about opposition.

                    i know people dismiss him, but Quigley’s argument explains what we’ve been seeing since 1980. Were it about anything other than politics, that would be good enough to put a lock on his assertion, but because it deals with politics… Well, the notion of conspiracy theories is a beautiful tool for the establishment 🙂

                    • NO !!!…………… NOW is the time to start pushing Candidates…independent or otherwise. NAME SOME !! Otherwise what you are saying STAYS as an accademic excercise. Waiting til November or October is a Strategy for losing.

                      I think we DID make a difference under Reagan….and to a certain extant under Newt ( he stopped Clinton’s momentum )…..but SINCE then, the lack of Attention and Understanding on our part led to a deterioration.

                      IF there were indentifiable INDEPENDANT candidates I would be behind them….but the fact that there aren’t and that YOU can’t even identify any Speaks VOLUMES about your approach to November 2014. ( Even CDE has recently said DO NOT vote for those who call themselves Libertarian and esp who claim to be part of the Libertarian Party )……. because he learned from the Cuccinelli race.

                      AT THIS TIME ….for November 2014…. we all have to vote for the Best candidates available…..and as I said above those are all currently within the Republican party.

                    • Yes, they are — and that is why the direction the nation is heading will NOT change, even if the Republicans sweep the whole thing.

                      By now, I would have expected you’d know and understand how efficient the system has gotten at manipulating and directing our opposition so as not to derail their agenda while allowing us to vent our frustrations. BERNAYS, my man: it is all about manipulating us.

                    • Like I said …Academic.

                      You give no practical solution ….. except oppose and sit home. This is a strategy of defeat….however self satisfied it might make you personally feel.

                      So I say it again….. WHO do you want people to vote for ….. name NAMES. Otherwise you are just endorsing a Strategy that gives the field to those you claim to be against ………. And I know you are smart enough to know this.

                      Therefore with out substantive answer to me very direct question ……. the Business as Usual solution is what you are advocating.

                    • I have answered this before. You are using a leftist tactic right now and it is beneath you.

                      I have also explained that I know my role. I am not a prac-ap sort, like Madison was. I AM the theoretical side of the game, as Jefferson was when he started out. I have yet to mature to the point Jefferson became.

                      ALL THAT SAID, I do have a suggestion:

                      Vote for ALL the people you just mentioned, just get them to run OUTSIDE of the Republican Party. And see how many more you can get to join your candidates in doing the same.

                    • What I’m saying is, I have researched ( and am continuing to do so) those who ARE running…..and identified those with the same or similar beliefs about Constitutionality and such. And they all are in the GOP…… so Have you read, or heard or seen anything from the “Jackasses” that fit these beliefs ?….If so DO get their names out there……… Because at this point there don’t seem to be ANY Democrats that are even giving lip-service to Principles.

                      And my point about being Pro-active and not waiting til the last minute is crucial…..because we ALL have to wear many hats ….. your main hat doesn’t have to be Prac-ap but you ( we ) can’t ignore that either.

                      Actually researching is NOT a leftists tactic BTW …. but thanks for asking .. ;- ).

                    • No….. It’s not.

                      When the Left proposes unconstitutional ideas mixed with “it’s for the children” and it’s then opposed and then they say “What’s your Idea then”……THAT is a leftists tactic.

                      When we ask , How do we affect a Change with the material at hand, WHO do we vote for that has principles ? And the argument is put forth…”fine but they’re running WITHIN a party platform, which is the problem”, Then we ask “Who do you suggest then” ? That is not the same thing……it is different, it is a question asked amongst like-minded folks as to practicle, actionable ACTIONS to take going forward.

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