Who Should Vote?

If adult children should be able to stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26 years-old, should we rethink at what point a person reaches the age of majority?

The original ratified form of the U.S. Constitution contained no definition of who could vote and who was restricted from doing so other than that they be a citizen and it was generally accepted in most states, only non-Negro men with real property-usually of at least 50 acres of land or sufficient wealth for taxation were permitted to vote. Un-propertied men and women were denied the franchise of voting.

Over the succeeding years, though the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the right to vote was extended to every citizen over the age of 18 (with the 26th Amendment). Doing so, all voters are assumed to be equal.

There was a reason that the original act of voting was restricted to men, property owners and those with sufficient wealth to be taxed. As common to the culture at the time, men were more likely to be formally educated and if they had property and wealth enough to pay the taxes, it was felt that those who pay the bills should have a say in how their tax dollars were spent.

There is a danger to the American Republic posed by what is now called the “low information voter”, there can be little doubt that a vote cast in ignorance is a tool to be manipulated by those interested in disinformation, but how to end this danger is a matter of delicate debate.

What should be done?


  • The age of majority of the voting age be increased? If so, to what level – 26 to match Obamacare? If you are too immature to have your own job and insurance, are you too immature to vote?
  • A citizen be required to pay taxes before being allowed to vote and if so, how much tax liability is enough? Should a non-taxpayer be allowed to decide on matters of government spending?
  • A natural born citizen be required to take and pass the same citizenship test that is administered to naturalized citizens before being allowed to vote? If you can’t pass a basic civics test to prove you know how government works, should you be allowed to control it with your vote?
  • A citizen be required to pass a current events test before being allowed to go to the polls? If you know nothing about the challenges we face as a nation, should you be allowed to put people in office who are going to act on these challenges?
  • All of the above?

Should voting be a right of every citizen regardless of level of comprehension of how the electoral system works and what the important issues of the day are?

I know it sounds discriminatory but I do not think every citizen is capable of the level of understanding of the candidates, the issues and our system of governance to cast an informed, effective vote at the national level. The level of overall ignorance of basic reality of many segments of our population is stunning and one has to assume that the rate of ignorance of domestic and international politics is even greater.

Recent elections indicate that people are willing to vote based on emotion, race, slick marketing or simple ignorance of the real issues. We also saw the emerging power of the “Free Sh*t Army”, people who were voting for the person and party based on getting “stuff”, those groups essentially using promises of taxpayer funded government largess to buy votes.

A recent poll found that 36% of Americans believe UFOs are real and another found that nearly half of all Americans say astrology, the study of celestial bodies’ purported influence on human behavior and worldly events, is either “very scientific” or “sort of scientific.”

So, you tell me if these people should be allowed to elect a president and a government and decide on major policy issues.

I don’t think so.

I’m sorry to admit it but I do believe there is such a thing as being too dumb to vote.

9 thoughts on “Who Should Vote?

  1. I have been making a similar argument for years . Many would act as I was some sort NUT.

    It is surprising how many of the same people are saying virtually the SAME thing now !

  2. Only taxpaying citizens should be allowed to vote. They’re the only ones with skin in the game!
    I’d even be happy to go as far as allowing those who don’t pay taxes to vote, so long as they weren’t collecting any form of gov’t welfare or redistribution (like the earned income credit)…But allowing leeches to vote is insanity & will be the death of us..
    And I’m afraid this is something that can never realistically be remedied. We live in a society that seems to invent new ‘constitutional rights’ daily they feel they are entitled to..And of course, these so called ‘rights’ always come at the expense of someone else.
    Sadly, I think we’ve come to the point that the entire thing – (meaning the American experiment), that it will have to completely collapse & be rebuilt from the ground up for any such ‘reforms’ to ever take place.

    • Tabitha,

      You are correct.
      No one who doesn’t have “skin in the game” should vote.
      In a sense those who DO have skin in the game are effectively being Nullified in their votes. The insanity you describe is, in essence, making those who don’t have skin in the game ( the Takers ) into the majority deciders, if not the sole “deciders” in how the product of the society is spent.

      In other words the Producers are becoming de facto Slaves to those receiving entitlements….welfare etc. We are working to support The goobermint, those on Entitlements and Corporate Welfare.

  3. Personally, I prefer Utah’s set of standards, based on learning and intelligence to yours, as one’s ability to vote should not be subject to the whims of business and economy. Intelligence and knowledge can never be taken away
    Utah, I would be dishonest not to confess that I have thought along the same lines. My wife used to take care of two brain-damaged women; neither was capable of cooking or holding a conversation more advanced than how hot or cold it was. Cathy took them everywhere, to the store, to the doctor, to the polling booth… . The hitch-hiker with the EBT card really bugged me; this guy was never going to hold down a job, he told me so. But he is apparently Always going to get X amount a month, and the best that can be said is that at the money will get circulated..

    Maybe we can let the willfully ignorant have a couple of non-voting members of the House. That way, their voice will be heard and entered into the Congressional Record. Come to think of it, they ‘re already well-represented, in both Houses and all branches.

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