The Death of the Pyramid Builders

There is something important in the nexus of Obama’s announcement of the proposed $1 billion “climate resilience fund” and the modern state of “progressivism.” This fund is designed, as the Washington Post says, “to help communities prepare for the effects of climate change and to fund research and technology to protect against its impact.”

It isn’t the expense. It is the sentiment.

It signals that the “progressives” have given up the belief that man actually has dominion over the earth.

Obama traveled to Fresno, in the San Joaquin Valley of California, an area that is responsible for the production of over half of all fruit and vegetables sold in the United States to officially announce that surrender.

Historical American “progressives”, while certainly favoring the central planning and control brought about through socialism, were builders. They created Art Deco adorned monuments to their power, but these were monuments that were created with productive use in mind. Through their brand of socialism, they aggressively pursued actual human progress – perhaps the greatest of these “builders” was the patron saint of American “progressivism”, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Under FDR and in the throes of the Great Depression, some of the most massive construction projects were undertaken, most with the goal of harnessing the raw forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. Hoover Dam, the Grand Coulee Dam, Fort Pack Dam, the Overseas Highway connecting Miami to Key West, the Lincoln Tunnel and the Triborough Bridge (renamed the Robert Kennedy Bridge), LaGuardia Airport and even the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park were part of the “progressive” construction boom.

Perhaps most significant was the creation of the massive river impoundment and rural electrification program started after the federal charter of the Tennessee Valley Authority in May of 1933. At the end of the dam building project that followed, 29 hydroelectric dams had been built to supply electricity to the rural Southeast.

Also in 1933, The Central Valley Project (CVP), a federal water management project in the state of California under the supervision of the United States Bureau of Reclamation. Designed to provide irrigation and municipal water to much of California’s Central Valley by regulating and storing water in reservoirs in the water-rich northern half of the state, and transporting it to the water-poor San Joaquin Valley and its surroundings by means of a series of canals, aqueducts and pump plants created one of the greatest agricultural booms America has ever seen. The agricultural industry in California not only provided food, it provided jobs for thousands of Californians (and also more than a few illegal immigrants as well).

Now, the great “progressive” tradition using government for the progress of humankind is over. In a dual quest to cement the undying support of the radical environmentalist lobby and to save a three inch long minnow called the Delta Smelt from being turned into sushi by irrigation pumps, the contemporary “progressives” now wish to use government to issue laws and regulations to arrest actual progress. Instead of using government power to harness nature for human benefit, they now want to use government as a piggy bank to collect and disburse taxpayer dollars to pay Americans not produce, to not progress and to prevent humans from bending nature to our will for the betterment of our nation and our people.

If there ever was a redeeming quality to the early to mid-20th Century “progressive” movement, it was that it actually sought real progress. There is no doubt that government funded, private company executed projects like the Hoover Dam (that was actually finished years ahead of schedule due to private sector efficiency) have yielded true value to America unlike the Keynesian “stimulus” projects of the Age of Obama. Obama spent that 800 billion and it yielded nothing of lasting value except a few bike paths and a lot of happy Democrat donors and lobbyists.

Now that Obama has signaled the end of the “progressive builders” and given in to defeat through creation of this billion dollar payoff fund, there are no redeeming qualities to contemporary “progressivism”. We don’t need a national sugar daddy to pay Americans to sit in their kitchens and wait patiently for extinction so the Delta Smelt can live.

“Progressives” are no longer pyramid builders. They are as extinct as the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

It is time for this ideology to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

44 thoughts on “The Death of the Pyramid Builders

  1. And to think I ate a tomato sandwich today. Oh, my comment is in reference to CA being the largest supplier of tomatoes, and those farmers who are currently freaking out because their water supply has been held up by the govt.

    For the life of me, I do not know why the govt. does not invest in an industrial-sized aquaponics system. Kill a few birds with one stone. It’s what I’d do if I won the lottery.

    • Today’s Progressives are enslavers. Destroyers of prosperity, dreams, and self determination. When a person is made to spend all their time and thought just trying to survive, then they are no longer able to help their fellow man/woman. “Humanity” is kicked to the curb as every individual is singled out and forced into a corner struggling for their next meal.

      Hurting and inflicting pain upon good people by mandating the closing of national parks and stopping cancer treatments is pure evil. These actions are purposely taken as they are on the list of; “how can we cause as much inconvenience and pain as possible?”

      Actions such as;
      Allowing the black panthers to prevent white people from voting;
      Preventing the attainment of energy resources in our oceans while grieving billions of American dollars to other countries to attain their own ocean energy sources;
      Allowing US diplomats and soldiers to die while watching on drone camera;
      Knowingly destroying drinking water supplies by causing a man-made droughts by purposely draining reservoirs;
      Manipulating earth’s temperature data and claiming there is global warming;
      Raising tax rates to cause job and wealth producers to flee America thereby hurting “the people”;
      (Do I really need to continue with a never ending list?)

      The progressives are actively stealing everyone’s wealth and giving to their supporters by printing money and creating a “debt owed” by the federal govt.

      A group of people encouraged (and satisfied) to sit at home, and then argued they are entitled to someone else’s propriety will never produce anything;
      For themselves, much less for others or society.

      History will show these people to be the destroyers and thieves they are.

      What are true Americans going to do?

      When are Americans going to awaken to the lies and actions so evil they are/were thought to be impossible?

      Wake up, point out evil everywhere it is hiding and taking action, and say “no more!”

  2. Utah, you must have found this page… .. I thought that your dismissal of the stimulus results was the addition a few bikepaths was a bit off the mark; turns out that you put one in the bull’s eye.

    the list is full of cosmetic ‘feelgood’ projects, pretty much as you described it. the average project looked to cost an average of 2 million, and most of the improvements are indeed helpful to some small extent.

    However, weren’t we being warned about the state of our infrastructure? Wasn’t the word out there that the nation’s bridges are crumbling like cheap cookies? I saw no bridge repair jobs in that list; maybe smaller jobs put more people to work (probably more opportunities for local pols to skim a little). But we now have pretty approaches to still-compromised bridges, and we are still looking at a repair bill we can afford even less than before the stimulus was initiated.

    I am truly disappointed, for all of our fighting, you know that I want what I feel is best for our country, Utah. Upkeep is highly important, essential might be a better word, and politicians of all stripes should recognize that. The short description of the GOP used to be that they could run for office, they just couldn’t run the office. Obama’s team is helping to bipartisanize that bit of wisdom, by wasting fantastic amounts of money on paint and trails instead of taking care of business.

    I am still a Progressive, I want the country to be able to compete with other nations, I want our schools and teachers to be up to the task of preparing our kids for the coming ‘interesting times’. I just wish that there was a party that felt the same as I.

    • Melfamy?

      Hurricane Katrina is the perfect example to illustrate what modern day democrats are;

      Thousands of people died as a result of the dikes not being repaired.

      The politicians in charge for DECADES received Hundreds of millions of dollars to repair and improve the dikes.

      Hundreds of millions of dollars were received by people in Louisiana to improve and make safe the dikes; but the work was never completed as promised.

      Result; people died. And the democrats who caused this pointed at George Bush and said this is your fault Mr. President.

      Ray Nagin is merely one example/symptom of progressives’ culture of destruction and theft…

      Every Democrat controlled jurisdiction is corrupt, wasteful, and in debt beyond what will ever be repaid.

      And now Obama’s regime has taken Chicago and New Orleans corruption nation wide.

      What “a dream” to support and advocate.

      • I worked on the River in and around New Orleans for 33 years, and I never saw a levee breach. The break in the levee on the 9th ward side of the Industrial Canal was caused by a breakaway barge that should have been towed into the River.

        The Corps of Engineers has channeled the Mississippi’s flow straight out into the Gulf, disrupting the natural replacement of sediment lost to wave and wind action in the marshlands. Thus the land in Southeast is sinking faster than it can be replaced.

        This has been going on for decades, right? So how can you blame one party? There have been Republican governors and Presidents during this time, why do they get a pass?

        • Culture of corruption.

          Regardless of party. I am an American patriot attempting to re-learn and share the honest principles of righteousness and liberty to any honest individuals who wish to improve our predicament.

          Melfamy, you will continue to be discounted as long as you continue with your sideways “attacks” which insinuate “it’s ok for democrats to lie cheat and steal because republicans also “lie, cheat, and steal”.

          In Louisiana’s “culture of corruption” I’m sure every honest person was “chewed up and spit out”…. Regardless of party.

          As an example of progressive tactics and dishonesty;
          Bush was never responsible for Louisiana’s decades of corruption and theft. The nationwide democrat and media repetition that bush was to blame for Katrina death and destruction is a “culture of corruption” that must be held accountable. Your support of their culture and self describing as a Progressive means you identify with and support their agenda and their methods of achieving their agenda.

          This is why you are “thumbed down” by so many others.

          • You are projecting onto me, Tex. I have never blamed Bush for the poor response, except to note that FEMA response time was indeed slowed by the bureaucratic framework of Homeland Security, into which department FeMA had been placed. Heck, Brown, did a good job in florida the year before, when FEMA was more nimble.

            Nagin was unready for such a storm, probably too busy collecting ‘thanks’ from various private sources.

            The media also hyped the situation at the Superdome, which was never as bad as claimed.

            I hate corruption, neither party is immune. I do not excuse it, but I do feel the need to point out to you people sometimes that certain human behaviors cross party and religious divides. Crooks and their abettors need exposing. Kerry brought down Clark Clifford for corruption, for one example of dems cleaning their own house

            • Everyone else please notice melfamy’s use of
              “You people” in his response to me.
              Group think and indoctrinated attacks. Melfamy may not even realize he does this. So he projects onto my comments an “enemy group’s”, maybe Republican, tactics and agenda … To be defeated …

              I’m a classical liberal in the spirit of our founding fathers who penned and signed Americas declaration of independence. Of course for Progressives’ to achieve their destruction of liberty and enslavement of “the people” they must destroy all remnants of honesty and righteousness and a rule of law where all “men” are not only created equal, but treated equally with one rule of law for all; not different rules depending on which group you belong to.

              For instance, It’s ok for democrats to lie, cheat, and steal because there was a Republican who once lied, cheated, and stole.

              No, to lie, cheat, and steal is always wrong. Any politician who does so should be held accountable regardless of the color of their skin or party affiliation.

              So a purposeful lie “you can keep your doctor and insurance if you like them” while writing regulations to prevent it, should be held accountable, even when the liar is a democrat who happens to be of half African descent with brown colored skin.

              • By ‘you people’ mean the regulars in here, Tex,
                As to the supposed lie of Obama’s. he said this before the AFA went into effect, and his statement referred only to policies in place before that date. from Politifact….

                Later, Obama spoke more specifically. In a speech to a joint session of Congress in September 2009, Obama said, “If you are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who already have health insurance through your job, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or the VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have.” We concluded that nothing in Obama’s proposal proactively forced such changes, and the bills clearly intended to leave much of the current health care system in place. So we rated the claim True…

                The article is in depth and interesting, check it out”

                • “I am still a Progressive,. . .” Melfamy

                  Notice the tactic of supporting and helping “a side” by pointing to irrelevant particulars and “looking past” the overall big picture by attempting to place blame somewhere other than where the blame belongs.

                  Attempting to “forgive” the Louisiana “culture of corruption” by attempting to place blame on un-related entities.

                  Attempting to “forgive” Obama for the multiple known and purposeful lies used to perpetrate an overall lie upon the American people.

                  No Melfamy, you knowingly support liars and thieves when you continue to “play their game” and use their tactics and lies.

                  Progressives founded themselves with lies.

                  Woodrow Wilson and other Progressives explained from the beginning the American Public would never accept an American style of Communism, so they would call themselves “progressive”.

                  Progressives are liars and purposeful deceivers. They founded themselves as such, and they continue to be what they were created to be. Brings to mind the story of the frog and the scorpion crossing the stream doesn’t it?

                  • What it brings to mind is what a fool I have been to try and engage you in an intelligent and respectful manner. All you have done, in response to facts and evidence, is insult me.

                    You are the one using the tactics of bullies and liars throughout the years, attempting to silence intelligent discussion and thought, because your philosophy of greed and nativism cannot hold up in the light of day,. The other purpose of your senseless is to agitate and stir your masses with buzz words and the repetition of outright lies, coupled with an irritating denial of proof thst you have no familiarity with the truth or honesty. Open and honest debate is a stranger to you, as is comity and respect for the beliefs of others. In short, you are not worth my time, you are as stupid as Dusty, have a blissfully ignorant day.

                    • Mr.Cobb your participation and tenacity is admirable!

                      It’s uncertain what label or description is appropriate for the commentary presented on this site. The content of the original post has merit and is of interest. The discredit assigned to recent supposed participation that indicates influence in a process or appropriation is amusing and detracts little from the author’s intended message; a harmless jab.

                      Predictably, as is the norm for this site’s commentary, contributors (some) attempt intelligent discourse that quickly diminishes into ad hominem drivel that requires an intelligent inquiry of a (the) contributor’s prior participation(s) of a site’s various discussions. Damning is the best description available of most commentary presented “here” and, as such, the condition dissuades participation “here” except by those that seem enamored at their perceived ability to assign blame, slander and discredit one another and continue along their “individual’ liberty filled existence while ignoring the absurdity associated with such.

                      Example: Classical liberal – what better way to distance one’s self from the shortcomings of others: be they people, parties or philosophies. This description allows a commentator the luxury of independence derived from the spirit that forged the US. What better mantra can a contributor present than that of the desire to go about one’s business unfettered by action(s) of the state while achieving the rewards associated with liberty? Well, if it all sounds too good to be true, chances are…

                      It appears this “classical liberal” is more of a hypocrite than that of a truly liberated freedom seeking individual. As a slight matter of convenience this contributor wallows in the protection, prosperity and advantage afforded by the very state so despised. Much like you Mr. Cobb, this freedom seeker is, or has been, the direct beneficiary of a state sponsored monopoly. It appears as though this classical liberal, through selective compliance of principle(s), is compelled to attack others for which he is equally associated with: the benefit of government intervention when it comes to maintaining a society..


                    • Perhaps this comment can be used as an example of why sheer volume of important sounding words has no relationship to logic, reason or validity of a position. In this case, it could be argued that there is actually an inverse relationship.

                      Cutting through the childish snark, the point of this diatribe seems to be that because a classic liberal exists in a world where “progressive” forces have created a state that builds things that the classic liberal has no choice but to accept, this somehow invalidates the classical liberal position.

                      Perhaps I can clarify – before one can wallow “in the protection, prosperity and advantage afforded by the very state so despised”, one must be taxed to pay for these wonders before the munificent state can provide them and by virtue of these taxes, the classical liberal is actually paying for these wonders to exist.

                      Classical liberals are not anti-government, nor do we believe that government can have no value, but we are against government operating outside its ken. We are against the idea that a right for one implies an obligation from another. A “truly liberated” individual is not one that looks to the state for comfort, sustenance or succor because the state exacts payments of reduced liberty in exchange for the “gifts” if gives.

                      The point of the post was to indicate how “progressives” try to occupy the mutually exclusive territory of being humanist and anti-humanist at the same time, something that is an impossibility and self-contradictory.

                    • I’ll play “Boss”:

                      Your defense of, and association to and with, “the noblest cry that has ever resounded in the planet” demonstrates principled commendable commitment.

                      Attempting to establish one’s perceived supeior position based on a belief or philosiphy seldom establishes or guarantees victory prior to debate. You know the drill; I’m a christian, therefore what follows is indisputable. Or, I’m the POTUS, therefore what follows is in the best interest of all the world’s creatures and fauna. Etc. What’s to debate?

                      Together with others of differing philosiphy and beliefs rent is extracted to finance the follies of the state. The advantage gained at the expense of another is dependent upon one’s vantage point; How does “this” best serve one’s self interest? It’s called an agenda. And, with certainty, the situation adversely affects one to the benefit of another.

                      I don’t visit this space often anymore. It’s nothing personal for there’s often enlightening goings on here. But, it’s the SOS; Present a point and gang rape all who dare question or debate. And, it’s often done in the typical European fashion of dominance through force. I find it odd that many unquestionably yeild to the enlightened roots of the “founders” while ignoring the “logical” reality that things change. There’s no longer a gulf protecting us, isolating us or presenting us an advantage over and above the rest of civilization. Contrary to its intended design, the gene pool is being diluted and the melanin levels of the US are changing to the disparity of those once comfortably in control. Reduce or remove controls that were established through millenniums, effectively used to steer the masses for advantage, further erodes a once favorable position.

                      Y’all can piss and moan waiting for the cows to come home all ya want. I could give a flying expletive because it’s not going to change the dynamic. Y’all definitely serve a purpose though: y’all enable division ensuring further erosion of the liberty held so dear. Even amongst your “core” group! Bravo!

                    • @ wetheverite:

                      Whether you understand or realize “the Progressive” tactics does not matter. I never attacked Melfamy personally. I only pointed out what his arguments were. I continued to come back to the point that to truly understand America’s situation, “we” as a people must look to the basis, the foundation, for those in leadership positions. “We” as a people must realize, “once a liar, always a liar” can never be trusted. This maxim holds true for those who are controlling the government just as it does for a business partner or a lover.

                      Melfamy wished to ignore this thesis while attempting to go down rabbit trails he created, of who was claimed to be at fault by those he supports; never admitting those he supports are in fact, the entities responsible for the specific disaster.

                      The specific disaster or “wrong” does not matter. What matters is the known course of repeated conduct.

                      We Jeffersonian/classical liberals understand, America has been brought to “the Rubicon” by the Progressives through intentional deceit and fraud and lies.

                      Federal government bureaucrats are lying about everything from what the unemployment rate truly is, to the historical record for earth’s temperature data, to the IRS illegally intimidating law abiding citizens, to the NSA recording everything, to who is at fault for the dikes not being properly repaired and constructed in New Orleans, to “you can keep your doctor and insurance if you want.”

                      The leviathan (the federal government) is going to collapse of its own weight if it continues on the same course of actions.

                      THIS is my point: those in government are responsible for all of the ills America is facing now. More of the same will only worsen the conditions, which is occurring now. And when the collapse occurs, I want as many people with their eyes wide open as possible …. not a bunch of beggars saying “ok”, I’ll do anything for a scrap of food…

                      To declare we Patriots are “eating our own” for refusing to “play word games” and argue fallacious arguments is ridiculous.

                      We patriots are re-learning America’s “buried” and “lied about” history (by the Progressives) to learn what the foundations were that made America the “shining city on the hill” and the most prosperous nation of all time with the highest standard of living for the poorest among our society. And now we realize, those in government are purposely making all of us individuals poorer on purpose, to starve us in to submission and servitude/slavery.

                    • Tex, I am sure that you are a hard worker, a good businessman, and fine parent and husband. But when it comes to politics, you are abysmally ignorant, capable only of regurgutating Joe’s idiotic rants and inaccurate historical trends

                    • Melfamy,
                      To accuse me of mimicking “Joe” is a compliment. Thank you.

                      The progressives currently in power are haters of America and are working towards America’s destruction at every single “regulatory” decision. Every decision kills an industry and/or hundreds of thousands of jobs.

                      Coal powered electricity,
                      Gulf deep water drilling,
                      Obtaining resources on federal lands,
                      energy pipelines,
                      farming and water, and even

                      Resources, the control of resources is how wars are fought and won.

                      Progressives are at war with Liberty and freedom/free enterprise and are taking control of and limiting every resource.

                      Progressives are wielding power to the purposeful detriment of everyone except their “friends”, whom they give dollars to, knowing there will be no return to the community for the public debt incurred. For example: Solar panel mfg. bankrupt, wind farms monies go overseas, Chrysler/Jeep now Italian. etc.

                      I choose to look at what the Government actions actually are, and then ask the question “why”?

                    • Where are you getting your information?he Gulf has never been busier and the deepwater sector is the fastest growing,
                      I own stock in a very profitable pipeline company that has built two pipelines in the last several years, and none of the industries you mention has died.
                      You publish too many untruths to be credible, stop your shameless lying!

                    • Melfamy?
                      resorting to name calling? right on time….

                      I didn’t know the Keystone pipeline had been ok’d, that’s not what news reports state.
                      Utah, who has worked in the energy industry for decades has written several essays with supporting links explaining, as compared to before Obama, basically no new deep water permits are being granted by the US Govt….The Atlantic and Pacific coasts with huge reserves have not been “opened” either…

                      One of the largest land energy reserves in America has been “discovered” in the 4 corners region under federal lands. Was that area recently opened up to energy exploration unbeknownst to America?

                      Only privately owned areas energy reserves are being developed .

                      NASA, when was it fully funded again after the death of our Space Shuttles? Last I heard, Obama was paying Russia more money to take our astronauts to the International Space Station now that our Space Shuttles are in museums… and Space X, a “privately” held company is launching satellites into orbit… 10’s of thousands of workers were “laid off” and that doesn’t include the “domino” effect of private contractors who lost their jobs as a result…

                      CHRYSLER, did you not get the “411”, Italy’s FIAT now owns controlling shares of Chrysler/JEEP now making the entity an Italian carmaker, NOT a US automaker. OOPS, I forgot to mention, the US federal government gave FIAT $12 billion to take Chrysler off of US stockholder’s hands… Heck if American taxpayers are going to pay $12 billion dollars to give something away, why wasn’t it at least given to other Progressive Democrats who live in America? Why allow the company to avoid the higher US taxes by being moved to Italy?

                      COAL, you haven’t heard with the new regulations being implemented now, 50% of America’s electric generation plants are in danger of being shut down and no more new coal fired plants will be built.

                      Oh, and by the way, the Federal Government, after Obama became President, began creating a man-made drought in America’s breadbasket for fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

                      Another “job loss” purposely caused by the Obama administration: Last December, 2013, it became public, Obama is going to give Russia $1 billion US to provide Afghanistan with Russian helicopters. And to top matters off? It is documented Boeing could have provided more capable, cheaper to operate helicopters, built with America workers, for less per unit cost. And that is from the “Huffington Post”:


                      How apropos this new came to light on December 7, “Pearl Harbor Day”.

                      And obviously you didn’t see the last CBO report estimating 2.5 million fewer jobs than without government controlled Healthcare:

                      Melfamy, keep up the “namecalling” that works well… close your eyes, cover your ears, and scream as loud as you’d like, but it won’t change reality…
                      (my apologies to all for my tone if it offends, but there is a long history of Melfamy “going off” on anyone who argues against him.)

                    • This is the reason that I no longer read or respond to any tripe this misanthrope posts. This is also the reason he is no longer welcome to post here and was tossed out by me. He showed his true colors by attacking my family in a vile and disgusting manner, so Texas is absolutely correct, there is a history here…and not a very pretty one.

                    • listen, I had some work doe on my eyes yesterday, I would love to refute your every baseless allegation, but it hurts to read, so soak in your ignoance for a day, ok? sorry, gone

    • I read it — and your drivel. Thumbed you down too — because your fallacious argument deserves it. So that puts the lie to another of your self-serving assertions. But not to worry, you’ll just reject this, too — like you do everything that refutes your self-delusional comforts.

      • Joe, didn’t Glenn Beck recently express regret re the tone of division that he helped foster in this country ? For once, I urge you to listen to the man!

    • Knee-jerk Socialist/Entitlement receiver responses like this …..while not amusing…..are nonetheless all too predictable.

      This essence of this (your) usual Left/liberal response is this….. those who ( 25 at recent count ) down voted your article and comment must be because they didn’t read it…. otherwise they would have seen the “Wisdom” of the Governments own words…..the fact they didn’t up-vote me just prooves how superior the Statists are…. (thus the need for Controlled Elections Right !?)

      I didn’t down-vote you….but I should have…… People did because they don’t agree with you nor your .Gov propaganda, which of course is what is NOT to be allowed in the Government -intrusive socialist State.

      • Don, attempting to shed light on the inaccuracies spouted by professional right-wing propagandameisters is useless, I now see. You see any explanation as an attack on your precious preconceptions.
        What amused me about the thumbs-downs was the fact that I was agreeing with Utah, and I was not sucking up about the Up-Arming post; Utah has become a very persuasive writer. I still got thumbed-down, which means that I was being thumbed, not what I was saying.
        Therefore, you have my opinion that few actually read what I wrote, or that the lot of you are functionally illiterate.
        I know that isn’t true, except for maybe Dusty,, so the non-reading hypothesis stands.

        • Your reputation preceeds you Mal-famy. You have treated people here in a Vile manor on more occasions than I can count.

          Joe, Utah, CDE and all of us have had and continue to have Disagreements…..even strong ones. But about the Core….about the basics we agree. And we always respect each other “person” for want of another word.

          I said this to Joe before…..there are a lot of people that read this blog that NEVER comment…even once. And many are obviously no fan of yours ….. for good reason it seems.

          • . And many are obviously no fan of yours ….. for good reason it seems.

            Yeah, they can’t handle the truth!

            Utah doesn’t want me here, I don’t blame him,he can’t take what he dishes, and I make you and tex and B look like the pseudo-intellectual lying dullards that you are.

            To the one or two of you who are worth a shit, stay in touch!

            • Typical Liberal….Typical Socialist , Entitlement receiver……typical Taker……

              If the majority don’t like your comments….your Ideas, it’s because THEY can’t handle the Truth. When in fact it is the opposite………….. YOU can’t handle the truth they are telling you.

              • That is hilarious, as I have busted so many lies in this room I could retire as a whistleblower. You all hate to be told that you are wrong, you are downright childish about getting caught in lies, you, Utah, Joe, Tex et. al are pathetic!
                Bye now, don’t forget to breath

                • The only lie here is you.

                  Enjoy your Retirement on entitlements provided by the rest of us who work. You keep saying Bye…..but hang around like an inner thigh rash …………. come to think of it, just like the Socialism and mohameddanism you worship.

                  • I have not taken a dime from Uncle Sam, I saved and invested rather smartly, shitbird, why don’t you shut up about those things of which you are ignorant.
                    Stop talking to me, dullard, I hate long goodbyes!

                    • Uh huh….. sure yah did ….. a regular Bernard Baruch……… LOL !!!

                      At any rate I already know the skinny on this one……. Guess Ur gonna have to have the last word again …

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  4. from the Washington Times

    Top television and radio host Glenn Beck said in an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News that he regrets some of his time at the cable network, when he hosted his own show, and admitted that he ratcheted rhetoric that helped drive a political wedge in America.
    “I remember [my time on Fox] as an awful lot of fun and that I made an awful lot of mistakes,” Mr. Beck said on Fox News on Tuesday night. “I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart.”
    He also said if he could hit the rewind button, that he’d focus more on uniting, not dividing.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

    that’s your hero, Joe, telling you to stop being a jerk! Are you listening,? You sure as hell need to, so do your loyal subjects.

    • You are as always…. disingenuous.

      He is clearly refering to method…..NOT message. As even a casual perusal of his subseguent shows indicate. He hasn’t backed down on message AT ALL …. in fact his basic message has been refined and reinforced.

      • Maybe you are functionally illiterate after all. I never said that beck had changed his politics. But one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar, is what Beck was getting at; something that I have been telling joe for two years. In other words, Don, you guys could be right as rain, but all people are going to react is your vitriol and radical worldview
        But you self-righteous muleheads will more likely throw Beck under the garbage truck, as that is what happens to anyone not towing the fine you guys walk.

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  6. One last kiss….
    Utah, you called me a coward over and over in a vile and vituperative comment. Of course you were hiding behind a keyboard, like the typical right-wing commando draft-dodger you are. No one remembers that, or they think that “whatever the great Utah does must be right, because he never admits an error”. Nope, no one suggested that you had maybe crossed a line, shown your true colors. Think B’s 180 rule, Utah.
    I regret dragging family into this, Utah, I really do, but you were a POS to write what you did. and you will always be a POS. Have a nice forever, your site has become rather pedestrian, repetitive, and boring. I tire of refuting the same lies over and over

    • HA Ha Ha Ha……. what a piece of muslim work you are !!!

      You’re “tired” of repeating Ur-self…………. Yet Here are Again………………………

  7. For someone that hates loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong goodbyes, good old Melfamy is sure sacrificing himself at the altar of long goodbyes on this one.

    Looks like his long standing vile mouthed, stir-er of foul stuff is catching up to him on this forum.

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