The Man-Made California Drought: Progressives destroying jobs one industry at a time

In 2009′ purposeful actions were initiated and are continued by the Federal Government to destroy an entire industry and its jobs for individuals and their families.  Independence not only for those individuals who own(ed) farms directly, but all Americans at every grocery store in America with higher food costs.  When an entire industry, farming, is destroyed, not only are those farms destroyed with their owners, but the industries servicing and supporting the individuals working in that industry are destroyed.  Many different levels of jobs for individuals and their families are provided by the farming industry.  From the actual farms who employ manual workers themselves, to the local “CO-OP” storage facility, to the John Deere tractor and “Pickup” dealership and their mechanics who service all the machinery for the farmers.  Jobs lost, gone, forever. Additionally, don’t forget the the multi-faceted “mom and pop” businesses providing services to all the individuals who are employed by the various service providers.  Many different individuals from many industries lose their jobs when an entire industry closes down causing those who seek employment to move elsewhere.  From school teachers who are laid off because there are fewer students in classes, to the local hair dresser, cafe, small pharmacy, and hardware store.  Of course the old lineage “media” didn’t share with America what those they support were and are doing.  I’m sure if this was reported, it was “Crony Capitalism’s fault” or some other finger pointing as Progressives are expert at doing …  

Utah recently explained how Progressives are tearing down America’s achievements with his post “The death of the Pyramid Builders“.

Joe explains how Government can/will control the masses with Redistribution has crossed the Rubicon all downhill from here.

More than half of America’s fruit, vegetable, and nut supply is/was grown in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

How is the leviathan going to control food resources?  By making food production less abundant.  San Joaquin WAS the food basket for the United States providing more than half of America’s fruit, vegetable and nuts supply before the Obama administration began the destruction of dams and dikes there.  This was the production BEFORE the Obama Administration began destroying America’s croplands:

California’s Central Valley: Producing America’s Fruits and Vegetables
Americans will see higher prices for produce as historic California drought continues

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 5, 2014 –California’s Central Valley is the state’s agriculture hub, producing over 360 products. California is the sole producer of more than 13 fruits, vegetables and nuts including walnuts, olives, clingstone peaches and sweet rice. California is also the nation’s largest dairy producer with over 1/5th of the Nation’s dairy.  Years of man-made drought coupled with this year’s lack of rainfall have increased food prices around the Nation.Today the House will act on legislation to provide relief to farmers and help return water flows to the Central Valley. H.R. 3964, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act, is a comprehensive solution that would restore some water deliveries that have been cut-off due to federal regulations and environmental lawsuits, ensure a reliable water supply for people and fish, secure water rights, and save taxpayer money by ending unnecessary and dubious government projects. Learn more at PDF of this document
Contact: Committee Press Office 202-226-9019

Man-Made?   More accurately described as:

Progressive-Made !

From the House Committee on Natural Resources and Chairman Doc Hastings comes this:

The Man-Made California Drought

California’s San Joaquin Valley is the salad bowl of the world, providing the majority of fruits and vegetables for the entire nation. But, with another man-made drought looming, the San Joaquin Valley is in danger of becoming a dust bowl unless immediate action is taken to change policies that put the needs of fish above the livelihood of people.House Republicans have a bipartisan, comprehensive solution to end future man-made droughts, bring job and water supply certainty to the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys in California and decrease reliance on foreign food sources.

Get the Facts:

Fallow farmland in California's Central Valley.

  • California’s water storage and transportation system designed by federal and state governments includes 1,200 miles of canals and nearly 50 reservoirs that provide water to about 22 million people and irrigate about four million acres of land throughout the state.
  • In May 2007, a Federal District Court Judge ruled that increased amounts of water had to be re-allocated towards protecting the Delta smelt – a three-inch fish on the Endangered Species List.
  • Because of this ruling, in 2009 and 2010 more than 300 billion gallons (or 1 million acre-feet) of water were diverted away from farmers in the Central Valley and into the San Francisco Bay – eventually going out into the Pacific Ocean.
  • This man-made drought cost thousands of farm workers their jobs, inflicted up to 40 percent unemployment in certain communities, and fallowed hundreds of thousands of acres of fertile farmland.
  • Unemployment remains at a regional average of 17%. With current precipitation at near-record lows, the same regulations will be imposed pushing unemployment even higher.
  • The Pelosi-led Congress did nothing to reverse the plight of the San Joaquin Valley and even obstructed repeated Republican actions to reverse the situation. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act reflects Republican promises to avoid another man-made drought.

H.R. 1837, The Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act:

  • H.R. 1837, The Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act, is a comprehensive solution that would restore water deliveries that have been cut-off due to federal regulations and environmental lawsuits, ensure a reliable water supply for people and fish, secure water rights, and save taxpayer money by ending unnecessary and dubious government projects.
  • The bill could create up to 30,000 jobs, generate up to $300 million in expedited federal revenue, and save American taxpayers and ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Highlights of the bill:
    • Restores water deliveries to communities by codifying the historic, bipartisan State/Federal agreement known as the “Bay-Delta Accord.”
    • Reforms punitive federal laws, the Central Valley Project Improvement Act and the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act in order to provide fairness to ratepayers, promote transparency and accountability, and save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.
    • Allows water users to pay off federal debt early.
    • Protects and secures private property and senior water rights.

Click on the title above or go here to get more information.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Never forget, these are purposeful actions taken to knowingly destroy all individuals and numerous small businesses in the way of farms and all the business who provide services to those farms.  Not only are the generational family owned farms bankrupted/unemployed and many layers with thousands of jobs to low tech workers unemployed, but the reduction in food supply is increasing our prices at every local grocery store for all Americans.


Remember to place blame where blame lies.  Upon the bureaucrats who are taking action and following the orders of their political bosses.  Progressives.


13 thoughts on “The Man-Made California Drought: Progressives destroying jobs one industry at a time

  1. People would be wise to tke you seriously, Texas. The Feds have already started to wage war on food charities and private gardens. The ONLY possible (i.e. reasonable) connection is at the heart of your post: they want to control the food supply so they can use it to control the people.

    This is also connected to all the military training exercises perdicated on ‘food riots’ in recent years.

    Put the pices together, folks. It’s no longer the stuff of ‘conspiracy theory:’ not when so much of it is coming together so quickly and clearly before our very eyes. Now its a matter of courage: do you have what it takes to accept and face the truth…or not?

    • Your words Joe….. “they want to control the food supply so they can use it to control the people.”

      Kinda sorta like the Ukraine in the late 1920s -30s huh ! History repeating…it just doesn’t repeat exactly, and each time it’s more costly .

  2. For many years now Californians would see the signs from farmers as they drove up and down the 5. The farmers were begging Feinstein/Boxer to reverse their “green” stance on the smelt and save the state from agricultural ruin. Smelt-75, Farmers-0.

  3. Bravo, Texas!

    A very good link between my post and Joe’s. This is entirely a man-made disaster. The CVP was designed to withstand a 5 year drought and the fact is that without it, the San Joaquin Valley would end its productive use and revert to the desert that it naturally is.

    The ultimate failure of “progressivism” lies in their simultaneously held beliefs that while humans are too stupid to act in their own best interests and make the “right” decisions on their own due to the complexity of life, there can exist a human authority above the individual that can understand this complexity and can never make the wrong decision.

    • Utah,
      Thank you and glad I can help,
      You and Joe laid the groundwork while a friend of mine who use to live on lake Texoma has been getting reports from his friends on Lake Texoma. Apparently, lake Texoma is “drying up” like never before in its 70 year history.

      Lifetime locals believe Texoma is being purposely drained. Texoma is currently dropping feet every day when water usage is at seasonal lows….

      Because Lake Texoma is so large and has been so “stable” for so long, it is the back-up water source for most of the North Texas municipalities…

      These are not coincidences.

      • While I was writing the post about the extinction of the “progressive” pyramid builders, I was marveling at the complete contradiction of the left in trying to be humanist in theory while being anti-humanist in policy and practice. Like I said, the only redeeming quality of the “progressives” in the 20’s and 30’s was the construction projects they left behind, projects that had enduring value – these modern “progressives” want to exterminate people they deem not worthy and herd the rest into the cities. This is nothing less than the re-emergence of the fear of overpopulation as portrayed in Paul Erlich’s 1968 book, The Population Bomb.

        • This is not a complete “contradiction”. These current progressives are liars. They are post WWII Communist inspired haters of America and are working towards our destruction as every single “regulatory” decision made kills an industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

          Coal powered electricity,
          Gulf deep water drilling,
          energy pipelines,
          farming and water, and even

          Resources, the control of resources is how wars are fought and won.

          Progressives are at war with Liberty and freedom: free enterprise: and taking control of and limiting every resource.

          Progressives hate American ideals and values. They are wielding power to the purposeful detriment to everyone but their “friends”, whom they give dollars to, knowing there will be no return on the “investment”. Solar panel mfg., wind farms, Chrysler/Jeep, etc. Anyone one who gets in their way will be destroyed. The American individual is on their list.

  4. Like the “drought” in California that is being caused not by “climate change” as the President claimed, but by poor water management policies mandated by the EPA and a federal judge, the flooding in the UK is similarly caused by poor decisions by humans, not retribution by Gaia.

    Records show that etween December 1993 and Febuary 1994 around 20 inches of rain fell – five inches less than during the same time this year…and they had no flooding.

    What changed?

    The environmental lobby in the UK got dredging halted for decades to “protect” an endangered mussel.

    There is a neat graphics feature that shows the differences in the flood plain between the 1960’s and today.

  5. If I may use stronger language:

    Purposeful mismanagement.

    The purveyors of ignorance claim “global warming”! oops, I mean “climate change” ! “Our intentions are good, we just didn’t spend enough money. So we will give ourselves a raise and make more of the same decisions based upon completely contrived numbers….” After all, what could go wrong? It’s those “deniers” fault for pointing out our mistakes. If no one knows about the mistake, did a mistake occur? Logic like “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound?”

  6. Don’t forget about the California Legislature Wizards of Smart who dreamed up the wonderful idea of MTBE in
    our fuel! Best estimates are half (50%) of California well groundwater contaminated or affected by the MTBE

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