Another Message from Me to the Republican Cruz H8ers…

I hear incessant calls for Cruz to conform, that he just needs to learn to work within the system, that this is all about tactics and Cruz has no legislative strategy…but like I have already posted – why is it Cruz that needs to change and how are tactics going to matter when the GOP can’t even articulate a strategy?

What if Cruz is right?

I happen to think he is right…and no, I don’t care if he is in it for self-promotion.

I would consider that a detriment if you could point out one member of Congress who isn’t concerned with self promotion to some degree. Hell, 75% of them think that is what their jobs are…

You H8er folks don’t understand Cruz’s role in all this – he is an insurgent, unfortunately an insurgent inside his own party, and insurgents don’t need a strategy – their sole and only purpose is to cause enough disruption to expose the weakness in the order they are trying to change.

I just would like the Cruz H8ers of the world to tell me how acquiescing to an old order in a broken system changes anything but the speed at which we arrive at a progressive (Democrat) endpoint.

Yeah, yeah, I know – we have to get elected to govern. Those words have issued forth from my considerable piehole, too – but what good is electing people whose only goal is to assimilate or are too weak to buck the current “system”? How is that a recipe for change?

I see how barrels of ink and gigajoules of electrons are expended telling us day after day how much Cruz is hated by both Democrats and Republicans – shouldn’t that by itself tell you something? Why isn’t that a red flag? Shouldn’t you be questioning your loyalty if you are agreeing with a Democrat about anything?

I was going to write something – but when something is already done that expresses your position, why reinvent the wheel?

May I present DrewM from the CPAC award winning Conservative Blog of the Year, Ace of Spades HQ, writing in a post titled: A Plea To The GOP: Enough Already! Stop Talking About “Tactics”. The Country Needs More From You:

“Team GOP keeps talking about how conservative insurgents don’t understand tactics and how we all want to get to the same place but disagree on tactics. “Tactics” is the new “electability” (which itself is really a tactical concept) and we all know how well that worked out.

Tactics exist to advance a strategy which in turn is the plan to achieve a goal. This focus on tactics is masking a major flaw in the Republican party…it has no overreaching goal let alone a strategy for achieving it. Republicans lack a reason for being beyond winning elections and enriching the various donor and political structures that exists in its orbit. There is simply no Republican vision for the country, no coherent ideological vision that it presents to the country as a viable alternative to the Democrats.

The Democrats can broadly be said to have a vision for America that is based on an ever growing and more powerful public sector (especially at that the federal level). From that basic vision all other things flow. What is the corresponding vision from the GOP? It’s clearly not the opposite. No one seriously suggests that the overreaching vision of the Republican Party is to shrink the government at every level and to minimize its impact on the lives of Americans. At best one could argue that the GOP wants to present a somewhat less grand vision of the role of government in people’s lives. And they certainly want to be the ones running that slightly smaller beast. But actively shrink it? There’s no evidence of that. On the other hand, there is quite a bit of evidence that the GOP is quite comfortable with increased spending and the scope of the federal government as it exists.”

There’s more over there…

11 thoughts on “Another Message from Me to the Republican Cruz H8ers…

  1. Cruz is an enigma…..the left and the right are scared to death of him. I reckon he’s either that squeeze of lemon or that teaspoon of sugar in your tea. I do believe Cruz is on my page; an unsweetened fella with no frills.

  2. Cruz scares “both sides” because he represents a TRUE ‘second choice.’ He is doing what I have been advocating for a while: rejecting the system.

    Unfortunately, Rand Paul is starting to argue that we need the system. He said it on Beck’s show, no less. I would think that is flirting with grabbing the third rail, but what do I know…

  3. Good Post Utah…..Good post over at the ‘Ace of Spades’ blog.

    It is Clear to all honest thinking and rational folks of whatever party….to all with Eyes to see and Ears to hear…that the GOP Party Leadership represents no appreciable difference in their basic approach to the issue of Government size and especially Government over-reach. Their lack of Serious attention to the IRS scandal and their Silence on Obama’s executive over-reach are shining examples of this.


    I must admit I wasn’t sure WHAT Rand was getting at …. it seemed to me he was trying to please all comers to the table. It sounded like an attempt at being a “Moderate”……. Maybe I had my Blond wig on or something, but I’m just not sure I got what Rand was trying to do.

  4. Ted Cruz is a breath of fresh air, but to understand his motivations one must look to his immigrant father. Kids of immigrants carry within them the beatings, starvation, lack of freedom & general horrors their immigrant parents experienced & they appreciate the safe haven the US offered. Unlike Obama, Cruz is one of us, only better.

  5. They told Reagan to stop challenging Ford in 76, and accused him of weakening the GOP as well.
    I am tired of the RINOs. I am tired of hearing how only moderates can get elected, despite the fact that the annointed moderates the GOP establishment keep throwing at us keep losing to blatant marxists. Perhaps if the modern GOP learned from Reagan’s greatest talent – that of having an actual set of policy goals, clearly defined and enthusiastically put forth without shame and without the half-hearted measures the RINO candidates use in losing – we would begin the long hard work of re-establishing the constitutional republic our founders designed, and which the leftists are working feverishly to destroy.

  6. Like all the others, Cruz will ultimately break all of our hearts. Why? Because he carries an “R” behind his name.

    Just wait for it …

    • What if he were to Become “independent”…..or as Beck said today while trying to distance the Conservative McCain / Boehner crowd from the Constitutionalists…..he became a “Constitutional Conservative” or a “Small Gov’t Conservative” ?

      Do you think that would have EFFECTIVE legs ??

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