Beck Gets One Wrong!


Yesterday, Glenn Beck went on a ‘rant’ about the need to defend and preserve the Constitution being the key to ‘saving’ America.  He is wrong!  The key to understanding the principles of liberty is not found in the Constitution.  They are found in the Declaration of IndependenceThe Constitution is just the “how” of America; the “what” and the “why “of this nation is found in the Declaration.  But it takes some effort to understand why this is.  Unfortunately, our schools not only don’t teach it anymore, they teach misinformation based on lies and intended to prevent students from learning the history behind the Declaration of Independence and how the principles and ideals expressed by it were used to create the Constitution.  And although this information is readily available to those who want to find it, the average American doesn’t bother to look for or read it.  Our society has all night for television, Xbox and their smart phone, but little time for the principles that make all those things possible.  Well, if you care to learn, I’ll do my best to provide you with the Cliff Notes version of what you need to know to understand why the Constitution cannot and will not protect us.

If both of these documents were lost to mankind for one thousand years and then re-discovered, the Constitution would not be enough to provide man with the information he would need to govern himself the way our founders did.  However, the Declaration of Independence would provide enough guidance that man could find his way back to the nation our founders created.

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5 thoughts on “Beck Gets One Wrong!

  1. I heard that Too.

    I think he MEANT what you say……. but it is good to have you say it Clearly because maybe if said enough times it will resonate and more peole will say it directly.
    You often hear folks say “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights “. They THINK it is stated in there.
    In Fact the issue of “Equality” that the Progressives have mangled and warped into “Social Justice”, is ITSELF in the Declaration… “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created EQUAL, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable rights,…” There you have Equality and the recognition of the Creator in the same sentence and intimately related !!

    Thus the Progressives avoid the Declaration entirely.

  2. Beck’s position is pretty well established, and known at this point. I’m with Don. I think after a kazillion radio, television, and other shows/speeches, all off the teleprompter unlike our dear leader, Beck is likely to mis-speak here and there.

    • Augger, Don,

      With respect to both of you gentlemen, I have been listening to Beck for more than a decade now. Please remember: I started out HATING this man. I thought him a tailend-clown ( 😉 ). So I have listened carefully over the years. If he has EVER connected the Declaration to the Constitution, I cannot remember it. So I disagree with the two of you.

      Truth be told: I think this is an area where Glenn is not as well versed as he should and needs to be. I wasn’t — not when I started out. Glenn suffers from the same indoctrination we all do. Lifting up the Constitution is a way of deflecting the focus from where it needs to be, so this is what our Right-wing masters have taught us to do. And we have learned our lesson well — as Beck illustrates.

      But, as Don points out, NONE of what people think the Constitution protects is protected by it. The Constitution protects NOTHING! It merely chains down government — that’s it. The “protection” is in that sentence Don cited: where our rights, equality and THE CREATOR are all connected. We could throw away the constitution and live by the declaration and still be better off than we are today…

      But you can’t do it the other way around, as we see so clearly by modern history 😉

      • Yes…….But the saving grace, in a way, is that the issues….Life, Liberty, Property rights….endowed by our Creator….equal through God…. Free will …all protected by our Republic and our Constitution ….. all of these are within the general understanding and belief as to what our rights are and what the Country means. Amongst those who are not Brain-dead of course…… I’m not talking about those.

        But among those who ARE aware, the Necessary step of Connecting the Declaration BACK into the Discussion….including artiiculating its vital importance ( even as a stand-alone Document as you mention) is not insurmountable. I would argue that it is probably one of the easier tasks…..which is why Blogs like yours and Utah’s can be effective.

        A lesson from the Progressives…………… Repeat Repeat Repeat………. I really believe the message will get out !

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