Federal Government destroys 2nd largest agricultural producing county in the world

Federal Government to divert all water to the ocean this year.  

As noted here, in “the Man-made California Drought, progressives destroying jobs one industry at a time”, the federal government is taking every regulatory action it can to destroy jobs and raise the cost of living for all individuals in America.

  • Capitalism is not destroying these jobs by moving them overseas.
  • “Crony-capitalism” (a misnomer and oxymoron) is not destroying this community.

 These are purposeful actions taken by the Federal Government.

On 21 February 2014 local news station, 23 ABC News in Bakersfield, California finally relates truth in Kern County, California:

The federal government typically gives water to help …

It’s not just bad for our crops, … it’s bad for business.

In Kern County 1 out of every 2 jobs is either directly or indirectly supported by agriculture.

Last year, Kern County received just 20% of what is considered normal from the Federal Government.

Today the U.S. Bureau of reclamation is expected to provide little, if any (water).

The Federal government is making sure … this water is flowing right into the ocean…

We not only feed our community, this state, this nation, we feed the world.

We are the 2nd largest agricultural producing area in the world.

You could soon be paying the price at the supermarket.

4 thoughts on “Federal Government destroys 2nd largest agricultural producing county in the world

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  3. If I was a farmer in California I would only sell food to customers in Red States. After all, Michelle’s garden at the White House should feed the masses in DC.

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