Good Night, John Boy

There are Marxists in America who are undoubtedly quietly cheering an unholy convocation of destructive forces. We are experiencing an infantilization of young adults, a decline in religiosity, and an expansion of federal involvement in all areas of society topped off with the worst economic “recovery” in the history of recoveries. This unholy alliance of societal discord seems a perfect overlay of the communist sonnet of violent revolution. As Bill Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” In this staging, the players are a helpless underclass, a corrupt class of rich, fat-cat capitalist banksters, “income inequality” and a lack of “social justice”. In their minds, this is a perfect scenario for the final defeat of the capitalist American hegemony and the glorious global triumph of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Maybe – but then maybe not.

There is no argument about the decline in religiosity, that the federal government continues to grow and consolidate power and that our economy is experiencing a “recovery” that for many, does not qualify as one – these are all matters of polling and statistical reality. What can only be predicted is the impact on society that the infantilizing of adults will have.

Obama’s policy strategies are the equivalent of scorched earth – if he can’t have it the way he wants it, nobody will have it. If economic growth can’t come as a result of “green technology”, then ye shall have no economic growth. Some people, and I include myself in that camp, think that the targeted economic neglect is actually part of his policy – since the segments of the economy that have been proven in the past to generate significant and immediate economic growth are those disliked by Democrats (fossil fuels being chief among these), instead of supporting them, they attack them through regulation or simply ignore them.

Perhaps it is in response to the total inability of the Obama administration to get any aspect of the economy moving that they attempt to create a “new normal” where humans can be considered “pre-adults” until they are 26. I was that age in 1985 – I had been married for 4 years and my wife and I had a newborn. We were both degreed, had good jobs, two cars, a home and a mortgage. My grandparents were married and in 1911, had the first of their six children – when my grandmother was 18.

This infantilization of the young adults will undoubtedly have another effect on the economy. As parents provide financial assistance to these adult children, they will start to delay contributions to their own retirement and as they retire, will drain their own retirement assets.

All of this seems to spell nothing but doom.

I was thinking about the life my grandparents had raising kids during the Depression with no Obamacare, no Social Security, no food stamps, unemployment insurance or disability when Ralph Waite’s death this past week tripped a trigger in my head. Waite continued to work in TV but he was probably the most famous for portraying John Walton, Sr., the patriarch on the long running series, “The Waltons”, a series set against a Depression era backdrop.

People often wonder why Americans aren’t out in the streets about these things like they are in the Ukraine and in Venezuela – but that isn’t our culture. We tend to internalize first, turn to our families next and then to churches and God before the protests start. The last major movement to be successful in cultural change, the civil rights movement, followed this same path.

It is possible that the revolutionary Marxist process Obama is pursuing will have an opposite effect to what is intended.

It is possible that the stress placed on society by Obama and his “transformation” could well lead to a similar process to what we saw in the Depression era, a “Waltonization” of our culture. We could well see a resurgence in the “family” – extended families living in the same household as a matter of economic necessity, a return to religion and God as people realize that man and his government does not have all the answers. If we do see these changes, then we will begin to see the same civil unrest and organized efforts for change as were evidenced during the civil rights era.

Americans of the Depression era supported the “progressive” policies of the Democrats and FDR because they were promised that those policies would forever prevent such an economic cataclysm from occurring again – that we are living in a period that is the same in all but name is proof that FDR was wrong. Modern “progressives” have more tools to hide disaster than FDR had but the people feel it. They know the truth.

The Democrat’s attempts to “fundamentally transform” America may well work – just not in the way they intended.

Good night, John Boy.


7 thoughts on “Good Night, John Boy

  1. Personally, my family is the opposite of how I grew up. My dad moved away from the nest (family and relatives) and moved several times to foster a career and raise his family. The only time I ever saw a relative was on summer vacations and we had to drive 1000 plus miles to get there.

    Today we have been able to keep our children close and plan if at all possible to keep it that way. We see the time coming where it may take the extended family to make ends meet and carry on a “Walton’s” life style.

    In addition, I do not want to live around those that voted for BHO or espouse a progressive agenda. Why, because I know they will not be there when needed, have no real concerns about the welfare of others and would likely rob you blind. If I can’t leave a $100 bill on the table for weeks at a time and it’s still is there when I need it your not welcome.

    Once we get back being able to live with the windows open, doors unlocked, keys in the ignition and children playing without fear of abduction I’ll get rid of my toy’s. Until then don’t trespass or cross that line that threatens my loved ones. It won’t be a Walton moment.

  2. Obama so much as admitted that (your reference to Green technology) in his interview with Bill O’Reilly. The saddest part? The flippin actress spoke better than he in defending why not to install the Keystone pipeline. (Still disagree with her, but she was far better spoken…)

  3. Michael: Great, meaty post, and it will take a while to unpack it fully! I must, however, differ with you on your apparent concession that America has become a substantially less religious nation. I’ve researched and written on this topic elsewhere (galloping senility is currently blocking exactly where) and I believe the Liberal/Progressive meme of growing American irreligiousity is part of a broader pattern in which the Utopian Lib/Prog world is promoted early and often as if it has already arrived. By repetition the Obamites seem to think they can change both history and things we have all seen and heard with our own eyes and ears. “It was not my Red Line in Syria.” is but one example of this approach being used as a tactical tool, but the strategic application is even more insidious.

    In the Obama Utopia homosexuals comprise over 10% of the overall US population, meaning 33-million Americans prefer a homosexual life-style. You will recall that several months ago we outed a bogus study promulgated as having been performed by academic researchers at UCLA, which purported to document a wildly exaggerated percentage of homosexuals in the US population. It turned out the “UCLA Research Center” that sponsored the “study” was actually a privately funded “institute” located within the UCLA Law School and established by a wealthy homosexual activist, and that the “academic researcher” was a marginally credentialed hack who cranks out “academic studies” that prove whatever the funder wants “proven.” Discovering what had really happened took some digging, which I was able to do because of my misspent youth as a university professor, dean and provost, but other than RNL-readers (actually only the three who actually read my posts and comments), the average media sycophant or American citizen could not have sorted the wheat from the chaff and would likely have eventually internalized the Obama Utopia claim that homosexuals are five times their actual number in our nation today. That is how the consciousness of a people is gradually reshaped.

    On the recent studies about religious faith in America today, I took the time to drill down a bit in the Pew and other studies that are being cited in the media and discovered manipulations of the results similar to the “UCLA Homosexuality study.” What has essentially been done, not so much by the Pew researchers but by those “interpreting” the results for intellectually marginal media types, is that the categories of the responses have been redefined, so that those who do not indicate a regular affiliation with a specific religious faith have been reclassified as “Atheists,” rather than what they are, which is people who have a somewhat vague belief in a Divine Being, but who choose not to associate with a specific organized religious group or faith community. These non-religious theists have been a major group in America since Colonial times, which was why the First Great Awakening, and the Second and the Third and the Fourth, according to Nobel Laureate and economist Robert Fogel, attracted so much attention as they occurred, because most Americans since our beginnings have viewed spiritual issues as profoundly personal, rather than institutional. But in the coming (God, help us!!!) Liberal Progressive Utopia (Obamaland???) most Americans will be atheistic materialists, so the Pew studies “actually” mean we are already headed in that direction.

    Soviet “Science” was greatly respected by past generations of American Liberal/Progressives, largely because it was science in the service “of the People,” which actually meant “in the service of the State,” which actually meant “in the service of the Nomenklatura,” the privileged Soviet Aristocracy that inherited the opulent and decadent live-styles of the Pre-Revolutionary czars and their Aristocracy. Liberal/Progressive “Science” serves the emerging American aristocracy, comprised of fat-cat corporate “leaders,” dishonest politicians and the media and glitterati, who sing from the Obama songbook. Americans are overwhelmingly hetero-sexual (98%), religious (mostly Christians and Jews), and descendants of European ancestors (upwards of 70%). Most violent crime is committed by African American adolescents and young males, and virtually all inter-racial crime is perpetrated by Blacks against Whites, including the recent “Knock-out Game,” incidents, which were hidden by the Holder DOJ and the media until a single White-on-Black incident appeared. As Andy Grove, one of my business heroes, wrote decades ago, “Only the paranoid survive.” Count me among the paranoids, but there is a pattern to all this, don’t you think??? CDE

    • Charles,
      Nice response.

      “… the categories of the responses have been redefined, so that those who do not indicate a regular affiliation with a specific religious faith have been reclassified as “Atheists,” rather than what they are, which is people who have a somewhat vague belief in a Divine Being, but who choose not to associate with a specific organized religious group or faith community.”

      It is my belief our founders purposely emphasized an individual and independent relationship with their Creator which is why they so carefully chose their words when they wrote and spoke about “the Creator”. God in non-denominational terms. Our founders believed in God, not necessarily the “popular” or “ruling class” version/vision of “god”.

      I’m surprised only categories were redefined. They could have withheld or manipulated the “data” as has been done with the temperature and ice cap measurements purported to support “global warming”.

      • Utah/Texas: To be a religious person in American has never meant what it meant in Europe, where my Quaker and Puritan ancestors in England and my Roman Catholic grandparents in Ireland, were all persecuted for refusing to worship in the Church of England, So formal affiliation with recognized “church” bodies does not constitute actual belief in America and it never has. My main point is that, as Texas stated, there are dozens of issues, too many for me to list in my earlier comment, where the Liberal/Progressives and their media and academic allies are literally substituting an ideologically constructed fantasy world for the reality of events.

        As another example, global warming is not “settled science” as Our Dear Leader claimed in harsh tones during his latest TelePrompTer reading to the nation, for two reasons. First, real science is never “settled” because it is always based on the best available evidence at the time it is being evaluated. Second, the best available evidence on global warming is that it has been a massive scientific hoax perpetrated by profiteers like Al Gore, and dishonest academics who were caught five years ago cooking the books on global temperatures over a multi-year period. The earth’s ambient temperatures have varied greatly over the last 10,000-years, and there has been no increase in temperatures for the last 17-years and counting, with no indication of any impending disaster or even crisis. Progressive science bears incredible similarities to Soviet and Nazi “science,” or “Science in the service of the People,”

        Utah…you are right that earlier “Awakenings” have often occurred during times of great change in the nations where they took place, and the impending degradation of the quality of life under Obama in America could be such a triggering event again. The constant dis-information spewed by the Obama White House really concerns me, and I tend to focus on it whenever it rears its ugly head. CDE

    • CDE: We are, no doubt a religious country but the Pew and Gallup polls do show an erosion in religious affilliation – the problem is not necessary that we are less religious, it is the less religious people seem to be concentrated in the seats of power and prosecute their agenda as if everybody was like them.

    • My point was not to argue whether the US was more or less religious per se, just to note that the possibility that a spiritual awakening might occur if and when families come back together due to economic realities and the rank and file figure out that Leviathan is not a benevolent god, rather it is a spiteful demon.

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