A ‘Special’ Kind of Stupid

FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Government Can’t Make End-Runs Around Your Rights

It is a sad thing that the nation which brought self-government based upon the rule of law in alignment with Natural Law no longer understands the principles upon which it was founded.  We have people in the former Soviet States – where the principles of self-government and liberty have never really been known – fighting for their liberty, yet here, in the supposed land of the free and home of the brave, we are selling ours for promises of free stuff from a government we know must first steal it from us before it can give it to us.  It’s insanity, but then, how else can one explain how a once proud and freedom-loving people would so willingly accept government tyranny other than to say we have all gone insane?  What am I talking about?  I’ll explain – after you read this story:

The Face of a Student Suspended for What His Dad Left in His Car

Administrators at Northeast High School suspended David Duren-Sanner, 18, after officials found a knife inside the car he had driven to school last Thursday — a vehicle that belongs to his father, a commercial fisherman.

The fishing knife was discovered during a random search.

OK, if you are one of those who will read this story and think there is nothing wrong with it, then congratulations: you are one of the insane!  But don’t worry; I used to be among your number, so there is still hope.  If I can wake up from this stupor of indoctrination, I’m sure you can.  You just need someone to help you see what you have been conditioned to overlook.  It all starts by understanding what ‘public property’ really means.

Read it to the end, that’s where I explain the ‘special’ kind of stupid 😉

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