BitCoin, Wut?

Oh dear …


Mt. Gox website says all transactions closed “for the time being”


Mt. Gox Halts All Transactions in New Bitcoin Setback


19 thoughts on “BitCoin, Wut?

  1. Say Waa ???………………… Company said their business was ” At a turning Point ” .

    REALLY !!!

    So BitCoin is BullShit……. Say it ain’t so …..Oh by Gosh By Golly…It’s time time for MistleToe and Holly !!

    Ha HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…….. But I would never say “I told you so ” ….. ; – ) .

    • “Scams-are-Us” has done stuck again….taking the hopeful and the gullable with them. It’s good it’s sooner rather than latter so fewer people get sucked in and hurt.

      Augger and I and countless others were told our Concerns were warrantless ( Kinda like the new Obama/Holder NSA-IRS powers right ….warrantless). I said the “value” could be $1,000,000 one day and ZERO the next……which kinda defines “No value at all”.
      The Mt. Gox Gobbledy-Gook sounds like a Run on the Bank….which oddly enough also temporarily values your deposit at “zero”. Re-opening with a new “Valuation” of their choosing.

      Such is the way of ALL fiat schemes and any transaction system where the medium of exchange is defined and controlled by a few and not based on the Objective valuation of the Majority. Which is why the Constitution had in it coin of Au and Ag. It was an attempt to avoid this problem as well as inflation directed at boom and bust business cycles.

                • As the list below will hint….perhaps it is time for Americans to review what Ephesians Chap 6 says about “principalities and Powers”.

                  Andrew Jackson……… Attempted (twice)…. 1835

                  A Lincoln…….. Success……..1865

                  James Garfield……Success…. 1881

                  John Keneddy……. Success….. 1963

                  Congressman Larry P. MacDonald ….trying to expose hidden holdings and intentions of the International Monetary Interests as they opperated in the US. Killed when Korean flight 007 was ” accidentally” shotdown by the Soviets on
                  August 31, 1983.

                  Others in Gov’t who were vocally against the “BanK’ that then ended up.. “Accidented” ………. Senator John Heinz, Plane Crash April 4, 1991………….. The NEXT DAY….. Former Senator John Tower also killed in a “plane Crash” April 5, 1991………….. Both were on the Senate Finance and Banking Committee and were Vocal Critics of the Federal Reserve System.

                  • Don’t know if that’s the Bible choice I would’ve chosen, but Chapter 6:9 comes close. Regardless, you understand where I’m comin from. I was Mrs. Garfield in the fourth grade. I had to wear a bustle. I never recovered.

                    • I’m sorry to hear that for your sake. Child brides are for the most part illegal in the US….and besides he had been dead for nye 100 years at that point.

                      I don’t doubt that you never recovered ….. :- ) .

    • “Quite frankly, I don’t know why you’re standing and cheering about it.”

      No cheering, but I feely admit that after having endured countless lectures about the merits of BitCoins as well as my “lack of insight” because I would not buy in to the scheme … well, sometimes good old fashioned “I told you so” is just feels good.

      … suckers!

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