Can You See the Matrix?

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: The Role of ‘Self-Protection’ in the Process of Indoctrination

Have you ever seen the movie, The Matrix?  If so, can you see it around you now?  In the series, people live in a fantasy world, an alternate reality they create which is designed to keep them docile and in willing submission to the illusion.  This way, they do not wake up and revolt against their robotic slave masters.  Well, we live in such a world.  It’s true.  This is not a ‘conspiracy’ theory, nor is it an over statement.  I know it is true because the people who have created it said it is true.  What’s more, they explained how they would create it and, once you read what they have said and take a look around, you will see the evidence of their success all around you.  Only those of us who are in tune with the intangible aspects of this universe that the majority deny exists will ever sense there is something wrong with this illusion.  For them, they are content to live in the illusion.  They feel safe there.  Sadly, the more those who know there is something wrong try to wake up, the more they place themselves in grave danger.  You see, the system can’t afford for you to wake up; it either has to convince you to go back to the illusion…or it has to eliminate you.  That is the price of taking the red pill: the truth will set you free, but it may also kill you in the process.  So, do you want to see evidence that the illusion is real?  If so, I must warn you first: once you see it, there is no going back…

“Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy.”

–John Dewey

Why did Dewey say that?  Because anyone who is thinking for themselves has thrown off the shackles of whatever indoctrination he has been subjected to and is now a threat to the system.  So why should we care what John Dewey thought?  Because he was one of many men who designed the system of indoctrination that now permeates every aspect of our lives.  Dewey is the father of the modern American public education system – the same education system our ‘elite’ keep their children from attending by sending them to real schools, where they are educated and not indoctrinated.  Dewey matters because he was also one of those arrogant people who felt he could boast about what he planned to do and that the rest of us were to stupid to realize what he was saying or do anything about it.  On the latter count, it appears he may have been correct.  This is what Dewey did not want you to start thinking about for yourself:

If you do not read the rest of this one, you are missing one of my better posts.

3 thoughts on “Can You See the Matrix?

    • grosir,

      Thanks. Thanks for stopping by. I just hope I help in some way. Please, feel free to comment on anything I ever post. In spite of how it may appear, I am not looking to make everyone see things the same way: just trying to get us to all think for ourselves. 🙂

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