A Sure-Fire Line for Leftist ‘Cuties’

FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: You have a Natural Right to be a Bigot

My motivation for writing was sparked by the current  story dealing with the Arizona law to make it ‘legal’ for people to deny service based on religious principles.  That we even have to consider such a law should be enough to condemn this nation, but – sadly – it isn’t.  Worse, we don’t even understand that we are arguing for slavery and not for liberty.  You have a Natural Right to be a bigot – period.  But you also have a Natural Right to discriminate, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a ‘hater’ if you do.  In fact, if you are one of those who have accepted this absurdity that ‘discrimination’ makes you a ‘hater,’ then congratulations: you are a bigot and a hater!  But for those of us who understand this issue, we are nothing more than a private citizen trying to live our lives without having others using government to force their beliefs on us.

I usually like to post the definitions of the words involved when I write about matters such as this.  But I am not going to do that this time.  Instead, I am going to use absurdity to make my point (if you have read “Brave New World,” this illustration should be familiar to you).  OK, here it goes:

Read the rest, its Liberal Logic gold.

12 thoughts on “A Sure-Fire Line for Leftist ‘Cuties’

  1. Since the ever-increasingly yellow Jan Brewer vetoed the law we need to reflect on those who were most vocal in seeing it go down.

    Romney…..John McCain….and..Jeff Flake………… This was a big RINO Progressive-GOP Win.

    • DOn,

      I understand the political spat here, but to me — my philosophical pure self 🙂 — the law shouldn’t even be necessary. Next we’ll need to pass laws that protect our ‘right’ to breath without permission from the person next to us.

      Oh, crap! We’ve already done that — in a manner of speaking (2nd hand smoke laws…)

      See how far we’ve slid down that slippery slope?

      • I understand what you’re saying….and I understood Texas and Utah below. But I think this was originally proposed as a reaction to what is happening in the State of Washington and New Mexico.

        And as such it represents Push-back. The next step will be a Baker or Photographer is targeted in Arizona…..then they will sue and Force them to support the Gay agenda, just like in those states. Then what will Brewer do ? And Romney, McCain and the rest of the RINOs…..why let it go to the SC of course where they will “RULE” in favor of the Progressiveagenda and strip away the 1st amendment and other rights in one fell ruling.

        The States HAVE to push back….. to NOT do so now, is merely an application of the RINO mantra….”we’ll fight later….this is not the hill to die on”

        On and On and On and On ….America goes with this…..and it does nothing in the end but support the VERY process and the very ideology You and I and Texas95 and Utah and CDE etc all abhor. So….While it “shouldn’t be necessary” ( And I Agree ! )….I wonder though that maybe at this time laws like this ARE necessary. As they are trying to assert ( or more properly Emphasize and understandingof) our Fundamental Natural Rights…..the 1st Amendment and the right to associate as we see fit…or NOT !

        Further supporting this would have / should have been done to excercise the 8th and 10th Amendments. If someone…some States don’t START calling the Government’s bluff on these….there is nothing left.

        • Should be 9th and 10th Amendments.

          Cases in point here would be Calif and Texas ( although there are others)….where the People voted and the so-called “law”, and so-called “Judges” say no…..and that’s supposed to be the end of it !

          Either we have States or we don’t !!! It’s as simple as that I’m afraid.

        • Personally, I think we should all just start telling these libs to “give it up” every time they accuse others of being bigoted (just make sure you keep the company of cute libs is all 🙂 )

          • WRT the Veto…..

            I guess what I’m saying is….* If everyone turfs this to the Supreme Court, they are saying in essence ‘we give up…the Constitution doesn’t matter’ *
            And in fact the only power in the US is the Federal Courts….The President, the Speaker of the House and the Leader of the Senate, Cabinet appointees and the Heads of the Non-elected Government agencies and that’s it……and their Banker Financial supporters of course.

            Since we all seem to give them legitimacy, I think this pretty much describes what’s become of America. We hide behind the allusion of the 1st Amendment….. but its’ destruction is Clearly on the Horizon. No one listens anyway and now those powers don’t even want to be annoyed with the existance of opposition voices.

            WRT Leftist Cuties.

            Perhaps Augger and Utah have demonstrated great prudence in not putting together a RULE 5 Leftist Cutie Post….with Randy ( Richard) Rachel or whatever he/she calls herself this week and her Fellow “sisters” Featured. … ;- ) .

            • Don,

              Give up the State governments and make them “Counties” of the Federal government??? Why, DUH! This is what the Progressives have been after this whole time. It’s called centralization, my man. You know this 🙂

              • Yeah …. I know that.

                That’s why I have the position on this Veto I do……………… Even though I have GREAT respect for you guys, Have to Finally strongly disagree with Brewers Veto….. ( And the GOP Establishment’s RINO position on it ). The Republican Leadership is in FAVOR of Big Centralized Government and Progressive Policies……… THAT is why they act to undermine the States and undermine the 9th and 10th and ultimately the 1st Amendment.

                • Don,

                  There may be a little confusion on the Arizona story. I never really took a position on that bill one way or the other. I addressed the governing principle underlying the story, not the story itself 🙂

  2. By the way Joe……….. Michele Bachmann just said last half-hour tonight …(Mark Levin)….

    “The Mission statement of the United States is the Declaration of Independence !! “…………. So Keep up Posting your Articles wrt this.

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