(Snickering in the Peanut Gallery)

Did you read my recent post about Capitalism?  I received some pretty firm push-back from several of my friends over that post.

Say, in a totally un-related subject: have you heard the privately owned, totally ‘free market,’ Capitalist corporation known as the NFL is threatening the people of Arizona?  It seems that the NFL is threatening to wreck financial harm on the people of Arizona if they do not agree to run their businesses the way the rulers of the NFL decide they should.

I’m sure glad this is coming from the ‘free market.’  I mean, if it was the Attorney General of the United States telling the States they don’t have to enforce State laws if they don’t want to, that would be open tyranny.  But since it’s the private market telling the States what to do, that’s OK.

[OK, to you get the title now?  😉 ]


5 thoughts on “(Snickering in the Peanut Gallery)

    • Don,

      OK, so you think this is funny, but you just made my point. Suppose Sulu had the power of the Enterprise behind him, but he owned it — privately. I guess you would be ‘OK’ with his threat then because he is just a ‘private Capitalist???’ See> 😉

      • On the contrary I don’t think Sulu and his band of Intergalactic Fairies making THREATS to the people of Arizona is funny at all.

        As to your anti-Capitalism connection …… There is no Capitalism , as We pointed out in the thread below. There hasn’t been since…a long time….and it’s getting worse. I would suggest you look at the works of Antony Sutton.

        • Don,

          The ONLY requirement for Capitalism — PER THE DEFINITION — is that the ownership of the means of production reside in private hands. Ergo, we DO have Capitalism.

          What we do NOT have is a free market.

          My whole point is that Capitalism does NOT equal free market. And this post just helps to hammer home this point.

  1. No.

    As pointed out below, if you have the kind of deep governmental intervention and control that has been present for quite a while in the US….and is increasing….then you don’t have Private onership of the means of production. If you DO have that ( Private Ownership)…..decisions by, of and for the government WRT that means of production and its allocation would be impossible or at least an oxymoron.

    If the government can regulate ( EPA, OSHA, Dept of Education, DOT etc , etc ) the business and / or its decisions as to allocation of Resources ( Capital if you will )….then you DON’T have Capitalism. One can ( and MANY DO..even here… ;- ) ) PLAY with words…… Crony Capitalism….Fascism….. Corporate Welfare… and other Terms. Claiming these are Capitalism and thus purporting to show that capitalism fails by virtue of these examples. What these in fact ARE is the Antithesis of Capialism……. they are abridgements of many many Principles….of True Free Markets and as I say of the very basic Tenent of OWNERSHIP of Property ( Capital). One does not truely own…is not Truely a Private owner of that which the government and its “Cronies” control through so-called “laws” or Regulations.

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